Mobile Legends Reddit shares the hilarious ways to die in MLBB

Which one have you experienced?

Mobile Legends has been around in the MOBA scene for a while, and sharing our experiences and laughs with the community has always been a thing. After AP BREN’s recent victory at the M5 World Championship, we’ve picked up some valuable lessons from this memorable event. A Mobile Legends Reddit thread has shared some personal experiences about dying in silly ways, this has always been a part of the MOBA charm. Whether it’s making simple mistakes, funny moments, or more, here are the top 10 dumbest ways to die in Mobile Legends.

In Mobile Legends, funny moments and shared experiences bring players together, reminding us that gaming is about more than just winning. It’s like a global connection where laughter and friendship go beyond the serious gameplay. As we play Mobile Legends, let’s enjoy these funny moments that make the game special.

Top 10 dumbest ways to die in Mobile Legends

1. Dying from Recall Spam

Mobile Legends recall
Image via Moonton Games

Ever been in a match where players treat the recall button like their own personal dance floor, spamming it to taunt enemies? It’s all fun and games until you hit that recall one too many times and find yourself starring in a not-so-epic death scene. It’s an important note to yourself to taunt responsibly, or you might just dance your way into respawn.

2. Hooking or Kicking Tigreal to Your Whole Team

Sometimes we all think that we are all set to be the superhero, using Chou or Franco to nab enemies and bring them to our team. But, you accidentally hook Tigreal, the tanky giant. Instead of being the hero, you’re the guy who gifted the enemy team a buffet of your teammates. This always has been a classic oops moment.

3. Following a Diggie to a Bush

diggie gameplay early game mlbb
Image via Moonton Games

Have you ever ended up tagging along with Diggie, the bird with tricks up his feathers, into a bush? It’s a bit like being captivated by a magic show as you’re the audience, and Diggie is the tricky magician. But here’s the catch, as that innocent adventure might just lead to your dumb death, sending you right back to respawn.

4. Dying from Creeps or Lord

We’ve all thought we could take on the world with minimal HP, only to be squashed by a tiny creep or the almighty Lord. It’s like underestimating a kitten and getting a fierce scratch. The moral of the story is to respect the creeps, or they’ll send you to the respawn zoo.

5. Using Inspire on a Vengeance Belerick

Belerick Mobile Legends Guide
Image via MOONTON Games

If you are feeling all inspired and ready to conquer the world with increased attack speed, hold that thought when facing a Belerick with vengeance. It’s like challenging a cactus to a hug and not the brightest idea. Prepare for a buffet of unavoidable dumbness and a swift journey to another dumb way to die.

6. Using Lou Yi Ultimate Directly to Enemies

Lou Yi with her teleportation is cool, no doubt. But misusing it and teleporting your team straight into the enemy’s waiting arms? Well, that’s not cool, it’s a teleportation fail of epic proportions. It’s like trying to surprise party someone but ending up surprising yourself more.

7. Pushing the Base without Minion Wave

Mobile Legends Luo Yi Late Game Gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

We get it, you’re eager to wrap up the game. But storming the enemy base without minions is like trying to throw a party without invites as it just doesn’t work. This is where your victory dance might turn into a dumb way to die.

8. Using Flicker Towards the Enemy

Flicker is the hero’s getaway plan but it can quickly turn into a facepalm moment. Ever flickered straight into the enemy’s waiting arms? It’s like trying to dodge a high-five and accidentally slapping yourself. It’s an important note to self to flicker away, not towards, unless you’re aiming for the “Best Unintentional Teleport” award.

9. Going against an Esmeralda Hybrid Build

Lolita Mobile Legends
Image via MOONTON Games

If you are thinking you can 1v1 Esmeralda, hold your horses as it’s like challenging a tornado to a dance-off. She’ll dance, and you’ll be left twirling in confusion. Avoid the 1v1 dance floor with Esmeralda unless you’re prepared for another dumb way to die.

10. Hitting a Lolita Shield with Strong Attacks

You see Lolita‘s shield, and you’re like, “I got this.” But hitting her while it’s active is like challenging a mirror to a staring contest as you’ll only end up staring at your demise. Classic dumb move to hit yourself with your attacks. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the strongest offense can be your downfall comedy.

Final Thoughts

These ten funny ways to meet your deaths in Mobile Legends aren’t just lessons as they’re a chance to share a good laugh while battling it out. Winning in Mobile Legends is awesome, but scoring a victory with a side of laughter makes it even more legendary. So, as you navigate the twists and turns of the game, remember, that it’s not just about winning, it’s about having a victory with a smile and turning every blunder into a good experience on the battlefield.

What are your thoughts on the Top 10 dumbest ways to die in Mobile Legends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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