Mobile Legends Franco Guide: Best Emblem, Build and Gameplay Tips

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Franco is one of the most picked tanks in the current meta. His popularity increased a lot after being used by pro teams to delay the enemy Jungler’s buff. Franco has one of the best hard crowd control in the game, he has the ability to chain CC single targets and it is good enough to turn the team fight in favor of the enemy core getting hooked. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will take a look at the best emblem, spell, build, including tips and tricks to dominate every game with Franco.

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Skill Analysis 

Franco has three active skills and a passive skill like most of the other heroes in-game. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will also talk about these skills to use in certain scenarios as well as skill combos to be able to play Franco to his maximum potential.

Passive – Wasteland Force (Buff)

franco passive

If no damage is taken within 5 seconds, Franco gains 10% extra Movement Speed, restores 1% Max HP per second, and begins accumulating Wasteland Force (up to 10 stacks). Franco will consume all the Wasteland Force stacks on his next skill cast, increasing the skill’s damage to up to 150%.

Skill 1 – Iron Hook (CC, Damage)

CD – 15.0/14.2/13.4/12.6/11.8/11.0

franco skill 1

Franco launches an iron hook in a designated direction. The hook will snag the first unit [stunning them for 0.5 seconds, then] dealing 400 – 650 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and dragging the unit back to Franco [stunning them for another 0.5 seconds].

Skill 2 – Fury Shock (Slowed)

CD – 7.0/6.5/6.0/5.5/5.0/4.5

franco skill 2

Franco lashes out, dealing Physical Damage equal to 300-450 plus 4% of his Max HP to nearby enemies and slowing them by 70% for 1.5 seconds.

Ultimate Skill – Bloody Hunt (Burst, CC)

CD – 45.0/40.0/35.0

franco ultimate

Franco suppresses a designated enemy unit for 1.8 seconds, and then hacks them for 6 times continuously, dealing 50–70 (+70% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage with each hack.

Skill-up method for Franco

Unlock the first skill first followed by his second skill. Unlock ultimate at level 4. Prioritize upgrading his first skill and Ultimate whenever available, and maximize second skill at last. Skill 1 >> Ultimate >> Skill 2.

Best Emblem set and Spells for Franco in Mobile Legends

Two different emblem sets are very popular for Franco in Mobile Legends. Custom Tank Emblem and Custom Support Emblem, try them out and find what suits your play style.

Custom Tank Emblem

This emblem setup gives more physical defense and deals a low amount of magic damage to nearby enemies.

Custom Tank Emblem for Franco MLBB Mobile Legends Franco Guide
Custom Tank Emblem for Franco
  • Firmness (+3)
  • Fortress (+3)
  • Concussive Blast 

Custom Support Emblem

This emblem setup gives extra movement speed along with mana and HP regen and also the talent reduces the spell cool-down by 15% which can be very useful when using the flicker-hook combo.

Custom Support Emblem for Franco  Mobile Legends Franco Guide MLBB
Custom Support Emblem for Franco
  • Agility (+3)
  • Recovery (+3)
  • Pull Yourself Together

Battle Spells

Flicker is the best spell for Franco. Flicker can be used to use Ultimate on the enemy core by surprise or pulling an enemy into the tower or near his allies with a hook. Hook and Flicker is a very popular combination.

Best Builds for Franco in Mobile Legends

Franco can build like most other tanks in the game. Although he is not very strong and tanky like most other front-line tanks, has very low damage tanking capability in the early to mid-game but his survivability scales up as the game progresses into the late game.

Best Builds for Franco MLBB Mobile Legends Franco Guide
Best Builds for Franco

One can try many builds on Franco. All which one needs to do is to just follow the enemy’s pick and then decide the role on the battlefield. We have set out the following template to try out with Franco on the battlefield.

  • Rapid/ Magic Boots: Franco has great movement speed. Rapid boots give you good amounts of movement speed to move around, position yourself and create plays for your team by ganking and Magic shoes give extra cool-down which is effective to spam his hooks and Ultimate frequently.
  • Dominance Ice: Of the core items for any tank. Best to counter HP regen and life steal heroes. Good for Franco give CD reduction, extra movement speed and improves his chasing abilities with the unique ability provided by the item.
  • Athena’s Shield: Another must-buy item for tanks to tank the burst damage from the enemy mages or magic damage dealers. It increases sustainability by a lot and also helps to stay longer in team fights.
  • Antique Cuirass: It’s a very good item against physical damage dealers. It reduces the enemy’s physical attack when taking damage and also stacks up to 3 times.
  • Immortality: Immortality is one of the best items in the late game. It gives a chance to escape in different situations and gives a lot of HP.
  • Radiant Armor: Radiant Armor is a new item in Mobile legends. It is a great item to counter continuous magic damage. This makes Lolita very tanky against these mages with continuous magic damage.

Mobile Legends Franco Gameplay Tips

Franco is a very fun tank to play, a good Franco player can be very annoying to go against. Some continuous hooks and ultimate can change the pace of the game. To be a good Franco player takes a lot of practice and patience as well as good aiming skills. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our Mobile Legends Franco guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game

Franco has become more popular because of his ability to delay enemy jungler’s buff with his hook. It is very annoying for a jungler to get his first buff to reset again and again and also helps to get an early advantage to his allies; they can play aggressive right from the start when the enemy jungler has lower exp and level.

Franco mlbb gameplay late game mobile legends Mobile Legends Franco Guide
Franco in Mobile Legends

Although it is very effective in the early game, players are now very aware of this strategy and it is very easy to counter Franco’s invasion if the enemy tank or support is an experienced player. Franco has not much to offer in the early game except this hook. So, it’s better to play him as support because he is not very tanky like most other tanks in the game.

Use him to give vision in important areas near any objectives. Always try to hook the enemy damage dealer. You can pick off enemies using Hook, and drag them away from their team into your towers or to your team. Landing this skill almost guarantees a kill for your team. Mastering this skill is vital to your success as a Franco player.

Mid Game 

After reaching level 4 and unlocking his ultimate, Franco becomes very annoying. No one wants to get hooked and suppressed by his Ultimate. Most of the time the hooked enemy has little chance of escaping.

His defense is not that high like other front-line tanks. It’s better to roam around teammates and provide vision as much as possible. While taking down objectives like turtle and lord,  try to get close to the enemy core and he will be forced to retreat, making it easier for his team to take down the objectives, having a lesser chance of getting stolen.

Franco in Mobile Legends gameplay early game Mobile Legends Franco Guide
Franco on the MLBB battlefield

Do not waste your Ultimate on the tanks. Many Franco players tend to make this mistake, they just use ultimate and hook whoever they can and this is a very bad play. After using his ultimate, the enemy team won’t be scared anymore. So, try to hook and Ultimate the enemy Core or the damage dealers like Marksman or Mage.

Late Game 

In the late game, Franco is a great initiator. His movement speed is very high as compared to other tanks. Franco’s first skill is to check the bushes. Sometimes an enemy can get hooked by surprise and he is most likely to die. This will give a number of advantages to initiating a team fight. At this point, he is quite tanky with all his items and sustains a good amount of damage. Use Flicker to catch an enemy by surprise whenever possible.

Heroes that counter FrancoHeroes Franco can counter

Final Thoughts

As discussed earlier Franco has one of the best hard crowd control in the game and possesses the ability to chain CC single targets. In a recent patch update, the developers also made some adjustments to his passive and other skills. They have increased his ability to burst down any squishy heroes with a full combo. Now, he has become more deadly.

However, Franco is a highly skill-dependent hero and it takes time and patience to master him. Good aiming skill is very helpful to being a good Franco player. An excellent pick for rank games, Franco is definitely a good pick for the current meta. These tips will surely help you to guide easy wins with Franco in Mobile Legends. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Franco Guide. Do you prefer to use Franco in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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