How the new Enchants introduced in Patch 3.3 will change Wild Rift

Learn about the new enchantments!

With Patch 3.3 just around the corner, many huge game-changing updates are coming. As the new energy radiates out of Valoran City calls the Star Guardian veterans to investigate. In this patch we are getting our most awaited Star Guardian skins including Star Guardian Orianna, Seraphine, Ahri, Senna, Xayah, Rakan, and Miss Fortune; Redeemed Star Guardian Rakan and Xayaha. Moving to the topic, there are three brand new enchants coming this Patch 3.3, this is a huge game-changing scenario for Wild Rift which will impact the competitive scene in a major way.

What are the new enchants coming to Wild Rift

New enchant: Magnetron

Magnetron enchantment is here as a blessing for aggressive players who like to play peeling support choices like Braum, Thresh, Alistar, etc. It will help players to dive right into the fight to look for an engagement with their teammate, or looking to peel for their squishy backline attack damage carry, Magnetron is here and packaged in a way to rapidly get to them and help them out whenever you get there.

Magnetron Enchant Wild Rift new Enchants patch 3.3
Image via Riot Games

It works in such a manner while activating it the player will dash to an ally within 5 range then it will taunt the closest enemy champion within 2 range for 1 second helping the backline carry to escape with ease in crucial moments of the game.

New enchant: Repulsor

Repulsor is here to give a tactical advantage to the mid-laners. Players who love playing diving mid-lane champions like Katrina, Dianna, etc. will love this enchantment. Although riot has decided to put brakes on Yasuo as this champion is not allowed to use his ultimate offense for Repulsor which would have been crazy.

Repulsor enchant
Image via Riot Games

It serves two main purposes, first pushing away nearby enemy divers, and splitting up the enemy team. It will also be used on aggressive support like Alistar, Braum, Thresh, Senna, etc. to initiate team fights. It will knock back enemies within the 3.5 range to 3.5 range away from the caster.

 New enchant: Veil

Similar to Magnetron, Veil is another option for helping out a specific rather than the entire team. This spell will be used widely by support players to help out junglers or tanks as it will give a spell shield for them as a way to either selectively block a specific spell with good timing so that the jungler could make that sneaky elemental dragon steal without eating Ahri’s charms or getting taunted by Gallio.

Veil enchant Wild Rift new Enchants patch 3.3
Image via Riot Games

This enchantment can be used early to deter enemies from using spells on your chosen carry like Darius so that he can get his 5 noxious stacks with ease. On using this enchantment it will grant a nearby targeted ally a spell shield for 3 seconds that blocks the next enemy’s ability.

What are your thoughts about the new enchants coming to Wild Rift with the patch 3.3 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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