Wild Rift Orianna Guide: Best Build, Runes and Gameplay Tips

The Lady of Clockwork

League of Legends: Wild Rift has a lot of different champions. Some are tanks, assassins, marksmen, poke champions, etc. One of these archetypes is control mages, and Orianna is one of the best control mages in the game. Control mages have three special characteristics such as having AoE spells and great wave-clearing capabilities. They have a very long-range, to safely poke the enemy laner. Orianna is the literal embodiment of these characteristics in Wild Rift. In this Wild Rift guide, we will take a look at the best emblem, spell, and builds, including tips and tricks to dominate every game with Orianna.

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Skill Analysis

Orianna, as stated before, is a control mage. She can poke very well and keep herself safe from a distance. Being a long-ranged character, she is great to play against melee mid laners like Yasuo and Fizz. She has got quite a few utility spells that help both her and her team throughout the game. In this Orianna guide, we are going to see how her abilities in LoL Wild Rift work and when you should use which skill to be in the best shape in the current ranked season.

Passive – Clockwork Windup

Orianna’s Attacks deal additional magic damage. This damage increases the more Orianna Attacks the same target. Orianna’s ball acts as a focal point for her abilities. It automatically returns to her if she is too far away from it. For her passive, her attacks deal 13 magic damage (13+15% scaling with Ability Power).

Subsequent attacks on the same target within 4 seconds deal an additional 3 magic damage (3+3% scaling with Ability Power). Stacks up to 2 times. This is a useful passive in the mid-lane. When Orianna keeps attacking the same target. she does more and more damage to them. This helps her and gives her an incentive to stick to one target and keep hitting them for more damage.

Ability 1 – Command: Attack

Orianna commands her Ball to fire toward a target location, dealing magic damage to targets along the way (deals less damage to subsequent targets). Her Ball remains at the target location after.

This ability deals 50 magic damage (50+40% scaling with Ability Power) to targets along the way of the Ball. The damage decreases by 10% for each unit it hits (Minimum 50%). The Ball remains at the target location afterward. This is her main poking ability, constantly harassing the enemy and keeping them at bay.

Ability 2 – Command: Dissonance

Orianna commands her Ball to release a pulse of energy, dealing magic damage around it. This leaves a field behind that speeds up allies and slows enemies. When the Ball releases the pulse of energy, it deals 60 magic damage (60+60% scaling with Ability Power) to nearby enemies. The energy field that the pulse leaves behind slows enemies by 20%; and speeds up allies by 20% for 2 seconds. This effect diminishes over time. A great ability to use in teamfights in order to disrupt the enemy.

Ability 3 – Command: Protect

Orianna commands her Ball to attach to an allied champion, Shielding them and dealing magic damage to any enemies it passes through on the way. Additionally, the Ball grants additional Armor and Magic Resist to the champion it is attached to. This ability has both an active and a passive.

  • Passive – The Ball grants 10 Armor and Magic Resist to the champion that it is attached to.
  • Active – When Orianna commands the Ball to attach to herself or an ally, it grants a shield that absorbs 60 damage (60+40% scaling with Ability Power) for 4 seconds. It also deals 50 magic damage (50+30% scaling with Ability Power) to enemies it passes through. This is the best ability to use on the team’s carry-in teamfights.

Ultimate – Command: Shockwave

Orianna commands her Ball to unleash a shockwave, dealing magic damage and launching nearby enemies towards the Ball after a short delay. This is Orianna’s most impactful ability. She can single-handedly change the tide of a teamfight by using this.

Command: Shockwave deals 150 magic damage (150+70% scaling with Ability Power) to enemies after they have been launched towards the Ball. In the late game, this ability can chunk an enemy for a quarter of their health at once. It makes teamfighting easier, and it also enables abilities like Yasuo‘s ultimate.

Skill Up Methods for Orianna

Orianna’s skill level-up order is as follows:

  • 1st Ability (Command: Attack): Level 1, 4, 6, 7.
  • 2nd Ability (Command: Dissonance): Level 2, 8, 10, 11.
  • 3rd Ability (Command: Protect): Level 3, 11, 14, 15,
  • Ultimate Ability (Command: Shockwave): Level 5, 9, 13.

Best Rune Setups and Spells for Orianna in Wild Rift

Rune Setups

Orianna has two rune setups depending on the mid-lane matchup,

Keystone Rune – Electrocute (Against Ranged matchups)/ Conqueror (Against Melee matchups)

Electrocute activates when you damage an enemy with 3 different abilities or attacks in 3 seconds. Ranged matchups are difficult to use 3 back-to-back basic attacks on, so Electrocute helps to poke them and damage them with abilities.

Wild Rift Orianna Guide
Image via Riot Games

Conqueror is way better against melee matchups because Orianna can constantly bully them with her basic attacks, making it easier to stack Conqueror on them. This, combined with her Passive, does a lot of damage to her melee opponent over time.

Wild Rift Orianna Guide
Image via Riot Games


Brutal greatly helps Orianna in the early game, with her wave clear. Being a control mage, clearing the wave as fast as possible is very important for her. She can start to roam earlier than the enemy mid laner after clearing the wave, and hence she can help her teammates more.

Hunter – Titan

Hunter-Titan is best used on Orianna as she is not very mobile and hence vulnerable to Crowd Control (CC). When Orianna gets takedowns, her tenacity (tenacity helps to reduce the duration of stuns, slows, and other crowd control effects except for knock-ups) increases, and she can be a bit more aggressive against stronger enemies.

Sweet Tooth

Great rune for Orianna. Helps her gain mana and gold when she is low.

Summoner Spells


The best spell for Orianna is due to her low mobility. Helps her stick to an enemy for a kill, and also helps her to get away in case she is being targeted in a fight.


This spell has great synergy with Orianna’s third ability, Command: Protect. Combined with her third ability, Barrier can provide a really big shield to Orianna or her ally, whoever she uses the ball on. The best spell for her along with Flash.

Best Builds for Orianna on League of Legends: Wild Rift

In this part of our guide, we will discuss the best build for Orianna in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Orianna Wild Rift Build
Image via Riot Games
  • Archangel’s Staff: Orianna loves to spam her abilities, as they are on a very low cooldown starting from the mid-game, so Archangel’s Staff is the best item for her. It ensures that she never runs out of mana. It is recommended to purchase the Tear of the Goddess (It is a component of Archangel’s Staff) when you first recall, as you can stack it up right from the early game and get more mana in the mid and late game.
  • Luden’s Echo: A great item for Area of Effect damage. It builds up Discord stacks up to 100 when you move and cast abilities. At 100 stacks, it deals additional damage to your original target and up to three nearby enemies. One of the best items for poking.
  • Stasis Enchant (Lucidity Boots): The ultimate defense against assassins. Completely negates dangerous abilities like Zed and Fizz ultimates. Also prevents the enemy from targeting you, hence helping to get you out of a tricky situation, or stalling till your teammates arrive. The best enchants for immobile champions, and the Lucidity boots help with Cooldown Reduction for your abilities.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: The most powerful damage item for mages and other Ability Power champions. It is filled with raw power, and gives the user 120 Ability Power, along with increasing their Ability Power by 40%.
  • Void Staff: The best magic item against tanks. Gives the user +40% magic penetration, thus helping to get through any tanks who build Magic Resist items.
  • Morellonomicon: The go-to anti-healing item for Ability Power champions. Prevents the enemy from healing themselves by applying a Grievous Wounds effect to them for 3 seconds. This helps greatly during a teamfight, and against champions that can heal a large amount, like Soraka and Dr. Mundo. Overall a really great item to get against any lifesteal and healing champions.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Orianna Gameplay Tips

As discussed before, Orianna is a control mage. She excels at controlling the pace at which mid-lane plays out in every match she is in. She can also control teamfights with her 2nd Ability and ultimate, as well as protect her teammates with her 3rd Ability. Thus, she can have a massive impact on the game if played properly. Keeping all this in mind, our Wild Rift Orianna Guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid and late game.

Early Game

During the early game, always punish the enemy when they try to go for last hitting minions. Keep your ball in the midst of the wave, and poke from as far as possible.

Image via Riot Games

You can bully the enemy especially if they are a melee champion, and make their early game as difficult as possible. Coming out of the early game without deaths, and with more gold than the enemy, should be the main objective.

Mid Game

Mid-game with Orianna is about teamfights and preventing the enemy from taking down your towers. Always rotate to any fight you can on the map to help your team, but also make sure to watch your towers. Orianna is great at defending them because her wave clear is remarkable, and she can quickly kill larger minions. Also, always watch your positioning in fights. Staying at the back of the fight is very important in order to take advantage of your long-range and Area of Effect abilities.

Late Game

In the late game, try to stay with your team, and use your abilities to their maximum. Always keep track of your Ball, and stay as far back as you can, just like the mid-game. Late game Orianna is very powerful in Wild Rift, due to the small map, as she can roam to side lanes, and also defend towers when needed.

Image via Riot Games

Join as many team fights as you can, and fight for every objective. Being full build is a big power spike for her, and this spike should be utilized to the fullest to harass the enemy at every objective.

Champions that counter OriannaChampions that Orianna can counter
Twisted Fate Annie
Karma Kayle

Final Thoughts

Orianna is one of the safest mid-laners in Wild Rift. It is always safe to blind pick her when you are unsure of what else to pick. She is powerful at all stages of the game and is a good defender as well as teamfighter.

Overall, she is a safe, stable, and dependable champion. If she goes ahead or even in the above lane, then her team has a decent advantage, so try to pick her up for your team, and take advantage of all the tips provided above, to gain ELO and climb higher and higher!

That’s all for today’s League of Legends: Wild Rift Orianna Guide. Do you prefer to use/build her in any other, different way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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