Wild Rift SEA Champions (WCS) 2022 concludes with the six crowned champions from sub-regions of Southeast Asia

Champions have been declared!

Wild Rift SEA Champions (WCS) 2022, involving the teams from Southeast Asia 2022 have concluded today in six sub-regions of SEA. Organized by Riot Games in conjunction with several third-party organizers, the event will now send teams to its regional championship, the Wild Rift Championship SEA 2022. The previous installment of this series was called SEA Icon Series. The just-concluded event has replaced the previous one.

Starting in the final week of February, the events have ended today in each region. Thus, the six champion teams get a direct invite to participate in the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship that is going to start from the last week of this month, in Europe.

Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia WCS 2022: Results


Persis Esports has become the champion of WCS Indonesia. The team won a close victory over ECHO Esports by 4-3. ECHO finished the group stage being champions, but Persis Esports showed their supremacy in the grand final. Winning the trophy will also get them a lion’s share of $20,000 of the whole amount.

Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia WCS 2022
Image via Riot Games

The final started with a defeat for the champion team, but they managed to come back on track after the next few matches, as the team picked up three consecutive wins. The fifth and sixth rounds went to ECHO’s hand and the last round became a do-or-die. However, Persis had managed to get over it and took the title of the champions.


Buriram United Esports, by defeating one of the strongest names in the country, EVOS Esports TH, won the title of the Thai champion in Wild Rift. The Thai edition of WCS started with eight teams and a huge $160,000 prize pool. Buriram had won all the playoff stage matches, without being defeated in a single round, whereas the runner-up EVOS Esports TH had crawled to the finals. The final match was a sweeping win for the champion team, as they won the first three rounds. The next two went to the defeated, but Buriram, taking the sixth round, confirmed a direct slot in the upcoming regional championship along with the crown of the champion.

Image via Riot Games

The trophy, besides the recognition as the champion, brought a decent sum for Buriram United Esports. They took $30,000 home, while the runner-up picked up $5,000 less. However, EVOS still has the chance to book a ticket for the global event, as they also qualified for the play-ins of the WCS Championship.

Malaysia and Singapore

The MYSG (Malaysia and Singapore) version of Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia 2022 started on the 25th of February, 2022, featuring a huge $100,000 prize money. Eight teams from the two countries faced each other in two stages and the Malaysian team SEM9 came out as the champions, whereas, RSG became the runner-up. SEM9 had started its playoffs journey from the upper bracket semi-finals. After winning against Phantom6 and RSG in the upper bracket final, the team moved to the grand final. RSG, being defeated in the upper bracket final, moved to the lower bracket and picked up a victory against Phantom6. Thus, both the finalists faced each other again.

Image via Riot Games

But, SEM9 won once again in the finals. Both teams won a single match in the first two rounds. Thus, the scoreline stood at 1-1. But, the next three rounds were taken by the SEM9 and the result ended at 4-1.


Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) becomes the champions of the Philippines edition. The team defeated FENNEL Adversity by a scoreline of 4-1. RRQ showed a surprising turnaround, as they touched the trophy by rising to the bottom of the playoffs round. Winning the event secures them a place in the WCS Championship, while the runner-up FENNEL Adversity had to participate in the play-ins. Philipines is one of four sub-regions that has a seed for the runner-up. The Philippines edition of WCS featured a sum of $160,000 of the prize money. Winning the trophy covered a decent share of $30,000 to RRQ, whereas the second-placed team took $25,000 home.

Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia WCS 2022 RRQ
Image via Riot Games

In the grand finals of the event, RRQ and FENNEL Adversity had faced each other and the runner-up team picked up the first round in just 16 minutes, by showing total dominance. But, the team failed to carry the momentum and lost the next four rounds consecutively. Thus, the trophy went to the home of Rex Regum Qeon.

Masters Division

The Masters’ division of WCS featured eight teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Similar to most of the other sub-regions, the event featured a total of $160,000. The Masters’ division witnessed an all-Taiwan final, where Flash Wolves had won against ONE Team to lift the trophy.

Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia WCS 2022
Image via Riot Games

The event was all about Flash Wolves’ domination. The champions from the group stage continued their reign, throughout the rest of the event. The team started play-offs from the upper bracket semis and picked a win against QWQ. The two finalists then faced each other in the upper bracket final and ONE Team lost there. Thus, the final became a stage to repay the debts for ONE Team. But, they couldn’t stand a chance against the champions, as the results went horrible for them. A defeat by 0-4 was all the team could have got. However, a total of $25,000 was given to ONE Team as the prize money.


Vietnamese giant Team Flash once again proved their supremacy over the other teams. In the finals of Champions Southeast Asia 2022 Vietnam, a clean victory over CERBERUS Esports pointed out the fact that the competitive ground of Wild Rift Esports was never in the palm of the other teams. After a battle for a month, the event concluded with Team Flash being the champions.

Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia WCS 2022
Image via Riot Games

Team Flash dominated the whole event from the very beginning. However, they met the runner-up in the upper bracket final, where CERBERUS Esports was defeated by a scoreline of 3-0. Both of the teams again faced each other in the finals and Team Flash just raised the scoreline, by taking one more win. The champion team was awarded $30,000.

What are your thoughts on the champions of the six sub-regions of Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia WCS 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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