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AFK Arena Guide: Tips to get Dimensional Heroes in the game

Acquire the premium Dimensional Heroes easily in the game

When it comes to AFK Arena, there are a lot of heroes that are power crept or even kept at bay in order for them not to be branded as overpowered and change how the game goes. The exception for that is the Dimensional Heroes. These are heroes that are exclusive and hard to get if players would miss their opportunity to grab their own. The game does have a long period of time for players to make sure they can get their own Dimensional Hero, but if ever they miss that opportunity, players still have a chance to get them, but with a cost that could perhaps change their minds about missing another Dimensional Hero event. Here is an AFK Arena guide on how to get Dimensional Heroes whether players would miss a Dimensional event or not.

How to get Dimensional Heroes in AFK Arena

1. Getting one for the Team

Lilith and AFK Arena would usually release a collaboration or crossover with some games or even anime series that could allow them to put a main character of the said game or anime into the game. Not to mention, that a few of the Dimensional Heroes are well-known figures in stories and lore all across the world.

While the game would usually hype up the announcement through social media and more, they would also give out a rather long timeframe for players to claim their own Dimensional Hero. With the timeframe being about sixty days, it gives players the chance to farm upon resources that they would need in order to convert them into their own Dimensional Hero. These resources consist of Hero Coins, Guild Coins, Labyrinth Tokens, and Gladiator Coins.

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These are the common resources that are usually left untouched by players unless they do a lot of heavy spending in the store. The difference with this way of getting a Dimensional Hero is that players can actually own that hero.

One thing to take note of is that players should be aware of the timeframe given by the game when it comes to Dimensional Hero events. With sixty days as the allotted time for players to farm up resources, the game would then prompt players that during the last seven days, they could exchange those resources for specific Dimensional. That would also mean that players can still continue to farm up more resources up until the last second of the last day in order to get their own Dimensional Hero.

2. Purchasing from the Store

For about some time now, AFK Arena has considered what the players wanted and needed in order to move past certain stages. They have since then implemented a new part of the game wherein players could purchase Arthur and Merlin hero stones from the store. The difference of this is that players would have to reach up to sixty hero stones of each Dimensional Hero there to unlock the hero for them to use.

That would mean that players have to purchase the fifteen Dimensional Hero stones four times. Not only that but there is a specific cooldown period that allows players to wait before they can purchase the same item again. Although there is also the option for players to use their diamonds in order to refresh the cooldown period and go purchase the other hero stones needed.

And when it comes to the price of those fifteen hero stones, it would cost players a total of sixty thousand Labyrinth Tokens for each purchase. Giving it a total of two hundred and forty thousand Labyrinth Tokens, that would still be a fair enough price to pay to get players their own Arthur and Merlin. Additionally, these Dimensional Heroes give a huge boost to any team as Arthur could be a good utility tank, while Merlin is a great sustain support hero.

3. Renting from the Garrisons

A rather recently added feature is the Garrison. Players are able to Garrison other Dimensional Heroes from friends or other players around the world. The Garrison works as if renting the Dimensional Hero for a full month. And in order for players to avail themselves of the one-month Garrison, they are required to exchange some of their resources for Dimensional Stones.

Similar to the first way of obtaining Dimensional Heroes, players would have to farm out and save their resources if they would really need some Dimensional Heroes on their teams. While using Garrison to get other Dimensional Heroes is great, it can prove to be quite costly and therefore players should learn to budget and plan out their resources for the long run.

Image via Lilith Games

Not only that, but for each month, players only have a maximum of two hundred Dimensional Stones to exchange for. This may reset for each month, but it would also serve as a limit for players. The purpose of the Garrison feature is for players who have not reached the other Dimensional Heroes to get a chance at having those Dimensional Heroes.

But of course, the game has put in a rather steep price and a few restrictions. However, there is still a good side to this, as players would be able to garrison Dimensional Heroes for free once they have garrisoned them for a total of six times. Anything past the sixth time would always result in a free garrison for players and they could still call those Dimensional Heroes as their own.

Final Thoughts

Dimensional Heroes are quite the powerhouses when it comes to heroes and team building in AFK Arena. Some provide great utility and some become the essential carries too many teams. If players would miss out on a Dimensional Hero event, they could always go for Garrisons even despite the cost of it and those starting out can also go for saving up resources to catch up to the event of Baba Yaga! Not to worry, a lot of players are also able to get some of the Dimensional Heroes right in the store, but would also have to save up more resources, but it is well worth the price to get a hero as strong and as versatile as any of the Dimensional Heroes.

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