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AFK Arena Guide: Tips to get Dimensional Heroes in the game

Acquire the premium Dimensional Heroes easily in the game

AFK Arena, an idle RPG by Lilith Games, offers a wide range of heroes to choose from. To maintain balance, some heroes are kept from becoming too overpowered. However, one exception is the Dimensional Heroes, who are exclusive and harder to obtain if you miss your chance during their events. While the game gives players ample time to acquire a Dimensional Hero, missing that opportunity may mean facing a higher cost later. This guide will show you how to obtain Dimensional Heroes, whether or not you miss a Dimensional event.

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How to get Dimensional Heroes in AFK Arena

1. Getting one for the Team

Lilith and AFK Arena would usually release a collaboration or crossover with some games or even anime series that could allow them to put a main character of the said game or anime into the game. Not to mention, that a few of the Dimensional Heroes are well-known figures in stories and lore all across the world.

While the game would usually hype up the announcement through social media and more, they would also give out a rather long timeframe for players to claim their own Dimensional Hero. With the timeframe being about sixty days, it gives players the chance to farm upon resources that they would need in order to convert them into their own Dimensional Hero. These resources consist of Hero Coins, Guild Coins, Labyrinth Tokens, and Gladiator Coins.

team one dimensional afk arena
Image via Lilith Games

These are the common resources that are usually left untouched by players unless they do a lot of heavy spending in the store. The difference with this way of getting a Dimensional Hero is that players can actually own that hero.

One thing to take note of is that players should be aware of the timeframe given by the game when it comes to Dimensional Hero events. With sixty days as the allotted time for players to farm up resources, the game would then prompt players that during the last seven days, they could exchange those resources for specific Dimensional. I’ve found that you can still farm resources to get your Dimensional Hero even up until the very last second of the last day. It takes some planning, but it’s worth the effort to secure such a powerful hero for your team.

2. Purchasing from the Store

For about some time now, AFK Arena has considered what the players wanted and needed in order to move past certain stages. They have since then implemented a new part of the game wherein players could purchase Arthur and Merlin hero stones from the store. The difference of this is that players would have to reach up to sixty hero stones of each Dimensional Hero there to unlock the hero for them to use.

That would mean that players have to purchase the fifteen Dimensional Hero stones four times. Not only that but there is a specific cooldown period that allows players to wait before they can purchase the same item again. However, there is also the option for players to use their diamonds in order to refresh the cooldown period and purchase the other hero stones needed.

And when it comes to the price of those fifteen hero stones, it would cost players a total of sixty thousand Labyrinth Tokens for each purchase. Even though it might seem costly, I’ve found it worth it to secure Arthur and Merlin. Arthur is an excellent utility tank, and Merlin is a strong sustain support hero. Both of them can give your team a significant boost and help you advance through tougher stages.

3. Renting from the Garrisons

The Garrison feature in AFK Arena is a useful addition that lets players borrow Dimensional Heroes from friends or other players for an entire month. By doing this, you get a chance to use powerful heroes without needing to permanently unlock them yourself.

To garrison a Dimensional Hero, I have to exchange some resources for Dimensional Stones, which means a bit of planning is necessary. I found that budgeting your resources was crucial because using the Garrison feature can become quite costly over time.

Image via Lilith Games

One limitation I encountered is that each month, you can only exchange for a maximum of 200 Dimensional Stones. However, the Garrison feature does come with a perk: after using it six times, any further garrison is free. This reward makes it a great long-term investment because you can eventually get unlimited access to the heroes you want.

But of course, the game has put in a rather steep price and a few restrictions. However, there is still a good side to this, as players would be able to garrison Dimensional Heroes for free once they have garrisoned them for a total of six times. Anything past the sixth time would always result in a free garrison for players and they could still call those Dimensional Heroes as their own.

Final Thoughts

Dimensional Heroes in AFK Arena offer exceptional power and versatility for team building. Whether providing crucial utility or serving as primary carries, they significantly boost any team’s performance. If you miss out on a Dimensional Hero event, Garrison can be a good fallback option, even with the associated costs. In addition, Dimensional Heroes can be found in the store, although it requires saving more resources. In my experience, the cost is well worth it for heroes as strong and versatile as the Dimensional ones.

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