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AFK Arena Guide: Tips to get Celestial Heroes in the game

Acquire the premium Celestial Heroes easily in the game

When it comes to getting a definite advantage in any game, there are a lot of things to go through and maybe even go through chance in order for one to get a portion of it. While that may be the case in most games, AFK Arena gives players a lot of chances to make sure they are able to get some heroes that would provide them with an edge, and allow them to progress much easier and faster moving forward in the game. This guide will show players just where and how they could celestial heroes in AFK Arena!

With that, some heroes definitely provide players with a much-needed boost for their teams or even a strong carry for later levels in the game. One faction that seems to be quite the staple when it comes to making teams stronger is the Celestial group. While the faction bonuses that Celestials bring can be quite handy, the Celestials provide more than just that in terms of utility, defense, and, of course, the potential of being a hard carry for just about any team.

How to get Celestial Heroes in AFK Arena

1. Going with your luck at the Tavern

As mentioned above, luck is always a part of getting advantages in games. AFK Arena is no exception to that and also has its own mechanic of luck when it comes to getting those overpowered heroes. Players would always have a small chance of getting Celestial heroes with their summons at The Noble Tavern.

tavern AFK Arena Celestial Heroes
Image via Lilith Games

While the odds are greater through a ten summon, the chances still stay random as a player goes for a ten summon or just one. This option would be best for players who have saved up their common scrolls or even their diamonds as luck would favor those with the resources for summoning heroes at The Noble Tavern.

2. From the Stones

Regarding luck, there is still a way for players to get more Celestial heroes aside from the luck-based summoning at The Noble Tavern. One of these ways is for players to save up their Elite Hero Soulstones from rewards in events or modes in the game, and even from the Merchants section of the game. While its mechanic may be similar to that of the tavern, it has been discussed all over the internet and platforms that the chances of getting Celestial heroes through here are much higher compared to summoning at The Noble Tavern.

Image via Lilith Games

For those players who are just starting out, there are more rewards that give out Elite Hero Soulstones and players could choose to use them immediately and test out their luck. More often than not, players are still treated to the rare instance that an Elite Hero Soulstone would give them a Celestial hero. Then again, this is yet another mechanic that works based on luck again, but could still provide players with more firepower for their teams.

3. In-game Events

For all players in AFK Arena, the developers usually treat them to a lot of freebies but some of those freebies and rewards come in form of events. This is a great way to get players more engaged in the game and also grants them even more rewards to use. Most often than not, there are a lot of times that events offer one copy of an Elite Celestial Hero.

events AFK Arena Celestial Heroes
Image via Lilith Games

A single copy of a Celestial could do so much for players as getting them may prove to be much more difficult than just going through event mechanics like this recent one shown above in the photo. Players are often treated to an array of Celestials to choose from when it comes to events that are yet to come. This is a surefire way to get one of those Celestials, but players should take note that some events may not give out the Celestials players are hoping for.

4. Through the Stores

This may be one of the easier yet more progressive ways of getting Celestial heroes. Players would always come across ways to gain resources over the course of the game. Just like the ones shown above, players are always free to purchase Celestial Hero Soulstones in the store. Each purchase would always amount to one Elite copy of the selected Celestial hero when activated in a player’s bag.

Image via Lilith Games

One thing to take note of is that there is a cooldown period when it comes to repeatedly purchasing Soulstones for Celestials. While one of the two options in the store is limited to only twenty-four hours, the other one would reach up to thirty full days. Though, this would not matter if a player would have some diamonds to spare in which the player could manually reset the cooldown period and keep on purchasing more.

5. From the Stargaze

While there is no set way of getting Celestial heroes in The Noble Tavern, there is a part of it that is more of a surefire way of getting players their favorite Celestial heroes. Once players would unlock the feature, players would be granted a new part of The Noble Tavern that they could use as long as they have the proper resources. Similar to how summoning works in The Noble Tavern, the Stargazing feature takes players to a different part of the Tavern and allows them to have chances at summoning either a Celestial or Hypogean hero.

Stargazing AFK Arena Celestial Heroes
Image via Lilith Games

Players would need to have Stargazing cards in order for them to make even one summon, and from there head to that part of the Tavern and do so. While the cost of diamonds is much more as compared to normally summoning in The Noble Tavern, the prizes and outcomes could be much better in comparison. This Stargazing feature is for more accuracy when it comes to getting a player’s selected Celestial or Hypogean and also utilizes luck. This would still be much more beneficial to go for as more of the prizes could be used by players and can also be used to make their teams much stronger.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to going for some Celestials, it would all be up to the player, though there might be some setbacks, players can always make the most of those situations. While most of these ways rely on chance and luck, it would give players a good challenge on how they should manage their resources and know which Celestial they could go for later on. Players should also be aware of any upcoming events so they won’t miss out on any free Celestials on the way!

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