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Apex Legends Mobile: How to join/host a Custom Room

Soon, a update will be released to enable custom rooms in Apex Legends Mobile!

A lot of competitive players are eagerly waiting for the release of custom rooms in Apex Legends Mobile, where the scrims and tournaments are hosted among teams. The option to join/host a custom room is currently available to all players in Apex Legends Mobile. However, it is not in a working state for now. In this article, we will discuss where to find these options, and also about a recent update, wherein players are able to play scrims.

How to join/host a Custom room in Apex Legends Mobile

Joining a Custom room

Apex Legends Mobile join host custom room
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Players can join a room, and club with several other players to play a custom match. On the main screen, players need to head over to the More option at the right bottom. Players can click on Enter Room. When it opens a new screen, one must enter the code, which is received by the room host. Once joined, teams can join in, sit in a specific slot and wait for the host to begin the match.

Hosting a Custom room

Players can host a room by clicking on the More option visible on the right bottom of the main screen, and clicking on Create Room, in order to host a custom room. Once the room has been hosted, hosts have to send the code to the players, in order to join the lobby. It can be seen on top of the screen.

Content Creators are getting access to Custom Rooms

Recently, a Twitter user and content creator named Mitek posted a tweet, where he is able to host rooms. This caught the attention of a few Discord community servers, such as FSN Asia, Apex Legends Mobile scrims, etc. These servers immediately contacted him, and at the date of writing this article, FSN Asia has already begun their daily scrims in Apex Legends Mobile, with the help of Mitek. Apart from this, a few content creators and even players have reportedly received access to host custom rooms.

Final Thoughts

Custom rooms are the hype for the competitive players in any game. When the accessibility of hosting custom rooms reaches its maximum, players will witness numerous organizations, while entering the Apex Legends Mobile scene. Lots of tournaments and scrims will also be seen in the run by Tournament organizations. A lot of teams are expected to be formed, and the best of them will get picked up by sponsors, eventually.

What are your thoughts on the tips to join/host a custom room in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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