Champions Legion Mikal Guide: Best Build, Partner and Gameplay Tips

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Mikal is a Tank/Fighter type hero, who has a quality amount of Stuns, CC, and damage in Champions Legion. With these types of skills, he can easily harass any enemy heroes. Right now in this CL session, he is one of the best tanks or Meta heroes to rank up easily. The best part is, Mikal’s skills are very easy and effective, you don’t even need much practice to master his skill. He is also fun to play type hero. So don’t just wait, spend your quartz in Mikal, and without delaying jump into the CL battlefield of Valhalla. In this guide, we will be seeing these ban-worthy hero skills, items, partners, as well as some tips and tricks on how to play Mikal in Champions Legion.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Champions Legion heroes like Norah, Cleo, and Clawdia. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Mikal.

Skill Analysis

Mikal is a hero that has four abilities which are one passive and three actives. In this Mikal guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Champions Legion, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Passive – Holy Faith


Mikal will heal himself (8 per second), whenever he is out of the combat zone(not dealing or taking any damage). This is the skill which makes Mikal a unique tank, He doesn’t even need mana to cast his skills. If you are low on HP just wait in the bush for few seconds then again, Charge.

Skill 1 – Justice Assault

(Control)(Speed)(Physical) CD- 10/9/8/7/6/5

skill 1

Mikal will get a 30% extra movement speed for the next 3 seconds. In this state, he can leap on enemy unit/creeps while dealing 110/121/132/143/154/165 amount of physical damage and stuns them for 0.5 seconds.

Skill 2- Retribution Halo

(Physical) CD- 12/11.4/10.8/10.2/9.6/9

skill 2

Mikal will release an Aura(energy) from his body in a round-shaped area for the next 5 seconds, which will deal 28/32/36/40/44/48 amount of Magical damage to enemies. This is Mikal’s main skill to deal with free spontaneous magic damage to enemies, so use it wisely during the lane phase.

Skill 3 – Heaven Punishment

(Control)(True Damage) CD- 42/35/28

skill 3

It is Mikal’s most useful skill, after pressing this skill he will leap to the target location and deal 200/250/300 amount of True damage, not only that he will also release a shock wave in order to deal 96/120/144 amount of magical damage to them. This skill can literally turn the battle tide.

True Damage = The damage that you will deal, will ignore the defence of your enemy

Skill-up Method for Mikal

Max your skill 2 first then skill 1 accordingly and Ultimate whenever available.

Battle Spells

Mikal is a semi Tank/Fighter who can deal a lot of damage, so as of now you can use Sprint on him to roam on the whole battlefield very easily. When you combine Sprint and Mikal’s 1st skill, you will have a great movement speed boost(catch an enemy/run from bad situation purpose).In some particular cases, you can also use Daze or Weak, but it completely depends upon enemy pick/Team pick.

Best Partner and Item Builds for Mikal in Champions Legion

Mikal is a hybrid tank, so all you need a thick shield during a team fight. But in order to play him as a duel character, we have to build some specific items on Mikal. In our Champions Legion guide, we will discuss two builds you can try out with Mikal to get the best out of her in CL.

Build 1

In order to increase your survivability use KURA and put your battle points like this to gain extra health and attack damage. But if you want to use any other Pet(DRASH, YOGO) to enhance your damage or slow effect go for it, but KURA will be the best among them. Now set your Beads like this-

Champions Legion Mikal Guide Pet
Kura as Partner
  • Red (Lion Heart, Lion)
  • Green (Tsunami, Blizzard)
  • Blue (Sacrifice, Prayer)

In this bead set, we can clearly see that he got a decent amount of max health and armor penetration damage, which will definitely help him on the battlefield.

Build 1
  • Resistance Boot
  • Ice Walker
  • Umbra Axe
  • Lionheart Cuirass
  • Sacred Armor
  • Triumph Wing

In this item build the 1st two items are core items for Mikal. Ice walker will increase your physical and magical defense while Umbra Axe can deal massive damage to enemies in the early stage. Build shoes according to your need(here resistance boots for an extra magic defense)After that you can build some defense items like Sacred armor and Curiass to boost his HP, Regen. Mikal is a fighter too so build Triumph Wing to enhance his damage. If you are in the beginners’ stage don’t just think about builds, this build is just perfect for you.

Build 2

Build  2
  • Hermes’ Select
  • Ice Walker
  • Umbra Axe
  • Sacred Armor
  • Prophet’s Cape
  • Bloodfury

For this build, we don’t need to change our core items, but here we use Hermes’ boots to gain an extra movement speed while you leaving the combat zone. Building Sacred armor will boost your HP Regen and Cape will provide you an extra magical defense. Then wrap it up with Bloodfury. This build is generally used proper tanking purpose.

Champions Legion Mikal Gameplay Tips

Mikal is a tank with damage abilities, so his skill combos ate pretty simple to use in the whole game, play a little bit aggressive if you are using KURA with him. Do 122 rotation(while playing as a proper tank)with a mage in the mid or go-to plane for a fighter rotation. To understand the whole scenario we can break the gameplay in three phases. Our Mikal guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game in Champions Legion.

Early Game

We are assuming that you are the only tank/fighter in the team, then go top lane, clear the 1st wave of minions, unlock skill 2 to enhance your damage. Then roam in the jungle. Help your assassin to take buff and kill other jungle monsters to level up quickly.

Champions Legion Mikal Guide
Mikal in the battlefield

But if you have one fighter in the team, help your mage/MM in the mid lane and keep an eye on the minimap. Whenever you reached level 4 go to the top lane for a successful gank. Don’t hesitate to chase dot life enemies since you got an extra movement speed and you can use your combos like this-

Skill 1+ Skill 2 + Skill 3

Also try to protect your ADR in this phase, kill minions wave to gain massive gold and exp.

Mid Game

In this phase try to focus on your gold and build your core items, then poke your enemies with your low CD skills. Never let your enemies farm easily in front of you. After farming and building one main item go with your teammates and attack enemies. Also keep that in mind, do not leave your top lane wide open if you are the only fighter in the team. If you find minions approaching your lane immediately rotate to your lane in order to safeguard your tower.

Mikal in Champions Legion

If you are low on Hp in mid-game, don’t panic or retreat to base, leave the battlefield and hide in the bush for few seconds while using your general Hp regen spell. Your hp bar will increase automatically. Help your team to take drake and one sentry if possible. Try to attack squishy heroes, your combos are too vulnerable for can use the early game combos or this combo to shut down enemy mobile heroes-

Skill 2+ Skill 3 + Skill 1 +Skill 2

Late Game

This is the main part where Mikal shines the most, now he can easily dominate the Valhalla field while turning into an immortal battle machine. Try to mark enemy MM, Mage; because they are main damage dealers, or else kill the assassin. Never leave your team at this moment.

Champions Legion Mikal Guide
Mikal in CL

Try to ambush the enemy for a more successful gank, providing vision is another imp thing for him. Your ultimate and skill 1 has an area stun so use it properly to kill enemies. Kill another set of sentry and don’t forget to slain Typhoon. Once your build is done keeps pushing mid to destroy the main core.

Final Thoughts

 It is not possible that you can win every game or every team flights. Many players started to curse teammates or just doing the wrong things after getting killed by an enemy. Instead of that try to mark enemy ADR and stop his farm by killing them several times. Mikal is very hard to counter but a quality no of stuns or CC effect is bad for Mikal. Suggest your teammates to use support heroes such as Loth, Judith in order to protect your ADR and you.

That’s all for today’s guide about Mikal in Champions Legion. Do you prefer to use Mikal in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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