Clash of Clans: How to beat the 4-4-2 Formation Challenge

Easy three stars!

Clash of Clans brings a football-themed May 2024 season with a series of monthly events for players to engage with. Challenges play a crucial role in these events, adding extra excitement to the gaming experience. The Clash of Clans season is in full swing, and the penultimate challenge, the 4-4-2 Formation, is now live in the game that presents a fun and easy base but of course, for a three-star attack you need to

This challenge is part of Haaland’s Challenge, for which I have created detailed attack strategy guides for all the challenges that have been unlocked, you can check them down below.

I have prepared an all-inclusive guide that will guide you players to three-star challenges with great success, ensuring you reach a three-star attack with this base. So, let us dive into the attack, shall we?

Introducing the 4-4-2 Formation Challenge in Clash of Clans

The 4-4-2 Formation Challenge is part of a new system of challenges designed as part of the Erling Haaland season, where you will encounter plenty of challenging attacks to counter. To complete the quest, you must gather a total of 35 stars, progressing through various rewarding tiers. This challenge marks the seventh step in the series of challenges to fulfill the quest.

Clash of Clans Payback time rewards
Image via Supercell

A basic base in this challenge, with a football pitch mapped on it makes it look like there is a game to play. Like I mentioned all the time and you might find it repetitive if you’ve been following my guides, I’m still sending a reminder that the rewards are a bit different this time as they will be per tiers you collect by reaching particular stars.

How to beat the 4-4-2 Formation Challenge in Clash of Clans

Well, like I mentioned earlier, the 4-4-2 Formation is actually taken seriously, where you have four defenders in Royal Champions, four midfielders in Archer Queens, and two Grand Wardens if I were to explain in football style. But you don’t need to attack from the middle of the pitch, however. You’ll want to begin with your Barbarian King on the right side of the base.

Clash of Clans 4-4-2 Formation
Image via Supercell

He will very quickly destroy one of the Royal Champions, the most powerful hero in this 4-4-2 formation. Deploy a Barbarian Kicker behind the Town Hall to snipe out the Grand Warden Altar, then the Town Hall. The King, of course, has Vamp Stash ability, so he can boost health as he deals it out, so you won’t have to worry too much about him.

Now, focus on the middle section of the base. Deploy two Barbarian Kickers at the bottom, one for each Cannon. After taking down the Cannons, they will move on to the Clan Castle, which is empty. For the central area, there are two Royal Champions to deal with.

If your Barbarian King is approaching them, or as your Barbarian Kickers make their way up the bottom, you can use your six Yellow Card spells to make invisible the Royal Champion closest to the halfway line. You can use the spells again if you need to keep her invisible.

When fewer than nine buildings are remaining to be destroyed, use the King’s ability to clean up the rest. You don’t need to kill the heroes themselves, just their altars, to secure the three stars.

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