Clash of Clans: How to beat the Trophy Match Challenge

An easy three-star !

Clash of Clans brings a football-themed May 2024 season with a series of monthly events for players to engage with. Challenges play a crucial role in these events, adding extra excitement to the gaming experience. The Clash of Clans season is in full swing, and the tenth challenge, the Trophy Match, is now live in the game that presents a challenging base and of course, so interesting strategies need to be applied to get a three-star attack.

This challenge is part of Haaland’s Challenge, for which I have created detailed attack strategy guides for all the challenges that have been unlocked, you can check them down below.

I have prepared an all-inclusive guide that will guide you players to three-star challenges with great success, ensuring you reach a three-star attack with this base. So, let us dive into the attack, shall we?

Introducing the Trophy Match Challenge in Clash of Clans

The Trophy Match Challenge is part of a new system of challenges designed as part of the Erling Haaland season, where you will encounter plenty of challenging attacks to counter. To complete the quest, you must gather a total of 35 stars, progressing through various rewarding tiers. This challenge marks the seventh step in the series of challenges to fulfill the quest.

Clash of Clans Payback time rewards
Image via Supercell

Town Hall 16 is back with this challenge, and we have a ground attack to make. Like I mentioned all the time and you might find it repetitive if you’ve been following my guides, I’m still sending a reminder that the rewards are a bit different this time as they will be per tiers you collect by reaching particular stars.

How to beat the Trophy Match Challenge in Clash of Clans

If you see a ground attack strategy, simply set your Grand Warden for the same mode. Coming to the attack, you should start by deploying a Rage spell between the two torches near the Town Hall on the right side of the base. Then, place a Giant Thrower on each torch. This will cause the Giant Throwers to bounce through the Town Hall and Builder Huts.

Next, use a Wall Breaker to the left of the Giant Throwers to open up the walls. Deploy a Barbarian Kicker at the opening to target the Air Defense or Tesla, one on the football to target the cannon, and one on the Barbarian statue to target the left Air Defense, which all are situated at the bottom side of the base.

CoC Trophy Match strategy
Image via Supercell

Next up, the business for your Queen. With your created opening, deploy five Healers for the Queen Walk. If you manage to lure all three Ice Golems from the Clan Castle, use a Poison spell on them. Otherwise, just wait for the opportunity. When the Queen starts attacking the Gold Mine, use a Poison Skeleton Spell in front of the Monolith followed by a Rage spell on her, and activate her ability.

Use spells according to your liking here, don’t stress much on the spells, especially Poison Spell. Next up, on the left side of the base, deploy the Barbarian King, Siege Barracks, and Wall Breakers by the Mortar. Spread the Miners in a straight line across the entire left side. Support this push with the Grand Warden, Hog Riders, Apprentice Warden, and Royal Champion.

Use the Warden’s ability and a Rage spell to steamroll through the bottom side of the base, and when you see it right in your attack, press the King’s ability and freeze the single-target Inferno as they move out of this section. Heal over the middle because the Warden’s ability will be falling off. As your troops move toward the back-end Scattershot, try to freeze it. You might need to freeze it a second time.

Use the Royal Champion‘s ability when necessary. Use the Invisibility Spell on either the Queen or the Royal Champion, but make sure not to turn any defenses invisible. You can save the Warden’s ability for the middle section if you want, but if you lose too many Hog Riders early on, it might be harder to get through the base. Well, follow these tips, and you are done for the day with a three-star.

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