Clash Royale ‘Dagger Dutchess’ Tower Troop: All you need to know

Are you hit with the dagger?

Clash Royale is getting interesting as seasons come by, and the following year has a lot in store for the players. As promised in the Clash Royale 2024 roadmap, the start of 2024 has featured some excitement thanks to the new Tower Troop cards that have arrived. Following, The Cannoneer, we saw the third Tower Troop arriving in the Dagger Dutchess with the April 2024 Season 58 Update. So let us discuss the Tower Troop Dagger Dutchess in Clash Royale.

Tower Troops arrived with the December 2023 update of Clash Royale, although the impression was that this new card type would be coming to the game after 2024, we received our first, and to understand better, an already existing Tower Princess as our first card, separating the Princess Tower as the Princess Card and renaming it as Crown Towers

Dagger Dutchess Tower Troop in Clash Royale


Dagger Duchess Card Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

The Dagger Duchess is a legendary card introduced in the April 2024 update for Clash Royale’s Season 58, and it can be unlocked from Electro Valley (Arena 11). With her introduction to the game, she marks herself as the first-ever Tower Troop of the Legendary Status.


She is a single-target tower troop, but instead of focusing solely on ground damage, she has taken on the role of attacking air units from a distance. She has extremely high hitpoints, however, with low damage output. Her attack starts with a flurry of dagger throws that inflict great damage, but as she exhausts her supply and reloads, the attack slows down.

Dagger Dutchess gameplay
Image via Supercell

Painting the statistics, the Dagger Duchess boasts a rapid hit speed of 0.35 seconds and fires every 7.5 seconds. It targets both air and ground units with her effective range. She comes in handy on the battlefield as a Legendary rarity tower troop. She attacks by throwing daggers, having at her disposal an inventory of 8 daggers. After these are spent, it takes around 1.2 seconds for each dagger to recharge for further use.


Now, to make the most of the Dagger Duchess in Clash Royale by targeting the weakest troops in the game, say Skeletons, Spear Goblins, Evolved Bats for example because of her fast initial attack speed, she is a huge threat to these. She can handle small pushes effectively and it won’t be a problem unless there is a swarm of attacks barraging her, which I will explain next.

What I’ve noticed is that Dagger Duchess plays best in beatdown decks, especially because of her ability to protect herself from her opponent’s pushes at a minimum Elixir cost. Beatdown decks often struggle against cheaper, punishing cards like Miner and Hog Rider, but the Dagger Duchess effectively mitigates those threats, allowing players to commit to heavy pushes with cards like Lava Hound.

Dagger Dutchess strategy
Image via Supercell

Her presence provides a solid defense against medium pushes, but there are weaknesses you can exploit. To counter the Dagger Duchess of Clash Royale by playing high hitpoint units like Giant or P.E.K.K.A, as they can absorb her attacks without taking much damage. Also, in either situation, use such large swarms as Skeleton Army, capitalizing on her reduced DPS once her initial daggers are exhausted.

Cards such as Ice Golem or Goblin Giant come in handy to redirect enemy troops into her firing range. Carefully spend Elixir, especially when two Elixirs are engaged in Double Elixir and Overtime, and make use of defensive cards like Mega Knight to withstand enemy pressure and allow the Dagger Duchess to reload her daggers.

So if you are using her, it is important to manage her ammo effectively, as she becomes vulnerable once her daggers are depleted, leaving her unable to attack until replenished. With proper support to her, she can be a deadly win case with the majority of the decks.

So, that’s all for now about Dagger Dutchess Tower Troop in Clash Royale. What do you think about the new Tower Troop? Does it meet your expectations? Let me know! Till then, read other related Clash Royale articles

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