Clash Royale March 2024 Update: Lucky Drops, Daily Task Rework, and more

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With the current Season 57 ongoing, there is something that will arrive which is sure to excite Clash Royale fans with the latest March 2024 update. Some interesting features are coming in, with the inclusion of Lucky Drops, and a rework of Daily Tasks in Clash Royale. So, let me help in summing up the features as well as the fixes we are having this update.

Clash Royale March 2024 update overview

Lucky Drops

Now, what I am interested in this update is Lucky Drops, and as you can understand from the name itself, it needs us to be ‘lucky‘. We now have the opportunity to acquire Lucky Drops by completing our Daily Tasks, offering new means of obtaining Magic Items through quests.

Lucky Drops Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

Each Lucky Drop requires three taps to open, with every tap giving us a chance to boost its initial rarity. These Lucky Drops come with four rarities, with the potential to upgrade for better rewards through tapping.

The rarities range from Common, with a 20% chance of upgrading, to Rare with a 25% chance, Epic with a 30% chance, and Legendary being the highest rarity. The rewards contained within these Lucky Drops span from Gold, Wild Cards of all rarities, Elite Wild Cards, Books of Cards, Book of Books, to Wild Shards.

Daily Task Rework

Now, this update has introduced a rework for Daily Tasks. Don’t worry, the daily tasks will be the same every day, and so are the rewards, though they might change later on. Previously we could claim these rewards anytime, but now, if you don’t claim your rewards, they’ll expire when the daily reset happens, which is at the same time as the shop reset.

Now, when you play Crown Rush or regular battles, all the crowns count towards your daily task progress. You can work on multiple tasks at once, making it easier to finish them with just a few battles each day. Also, if your inventory is full when you get a special item from a task, don’t worry, you’ll still get it even if you’re over the limit.

Battle Banner Token Changes

Clash Royale Summer 2022 Update battle_banners
Image via Supercell

Another change, albeit unexpected, is regarding Battle Banners. Starting from the April 2024 Season 58, Banner Tokens won’t be available anymore from Daily Tasks, sadly. Instead, you can get them from Card Mastery tasks and the Season Shop. Also, with this update, the cost of Banner Tokens in the Season Shop has been changed.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Alongside the ones I explained, a few more improvements are now live:

  • Path of Legends matches are now viewable on TV Royale.
  • The Copy Deck feature now supports Tower Troops.
  • Deck Builder enhancements have been made for a smoother user experience.
  • The behavior of the Champion’s Ability Button has been improved.
  • Evolved Skeletons will no longer be inconsistently destroyed by spells. This was a problem even I faced, and most of the users had pointed out.
  • The Evolution Star Level for Tesla now displays correctly.
  • Crashes related to collecting Gold rewards in Path of Legends have been fixed.
  • Clan Chat crashing has been resolved, along with performance improvements. A much needed one surely.
  • Path of Legends leaderboards no longer glitch when switching between local and global views.
  • An interaction inconsistency between Tesla and Wall Breakers has been resolved.
  • An issue where a player’s Top Ranked finishes Badge displayed #-1 has been fixed.

That’s all for the Clash Royale March 2024 update! Read other related articles

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