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COD Mobile Tiger Pact event Guide: Tips to get more Tiger Coins in the game

Get Tiger Coins with ease in COD Mobile brand new BR event!

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 2022 has been released with many more to come throughout the year. A host of new features, maps, and events has been added to the game this season. One such event is the “Counterattack Event”. In this article, we have provided all the details about the COD Mobile Tiger Pact event. In this event, players will have to earn Tiger Coins by accomplishing certain tasks and with these coins, they can earn some cool and exciting rewards.

How to earn Tiger Coins in COD Mobile Tiger Pact event

COD Mobile Tiger Pact battle royale event went live with the first season of 2022 on 18th January 2022. The event will run until 23rd February 2022. During this period, players can exchange Tiger Coins (tokens) for Lunar New Year rewards available in the featured section of the game.

COD Mobile Tiger Pact event
COD Mobile Tiger Pact event (Image via Activision)

However, do remember that the event is only available in the battle royale mode of the game so players need to play more and more battle royale matches to earn more tiger coins to unlock the rewards. Once they have entered the match, Tiger Coins can be earned by eliminating your enemies.

Apart from that, Tiger coins can be earned by decorating a Snowman in the aerial corvette area, shooting down Blast Balloons available throughout the map – Isolated and Blackout, and playing arcade games. However, players must keep in mind that they can’t decorate a snowman while outside the zone but they can shoot down the blast balloons. Now coming to the rewards, there are some of the coolest rewards that players can get and here they are:

  • Swordfish, Cool Tiger skin
  • Ice Axe, Cool Tiger skin
  • Type 25, Tiger Ritual skin
  • Rytec AMR, Tiger Ritual skin
  • R9-0, Tiger Ritual skin
  • CBR4, Tiger Ritual skin
  • SCD, Tiger Ritual skin
  • CR56 AMAX, Tiger Ritual skin
  • Razorback, Tiger Ritual skin
  • Thumper, Tiger Ritual skin
  • Combat Axe, Tiger Ritual skin
  • Motorcycle, Tiger Ritual skin

So there you have it, an easy way to get more Tiger Coins for COD Mobile’s Tiger Pact event, and the biggest Lunar New Year rewards you can unlock in the process. The whole event is going to be filled with a lot of thrill and adventure along with satisfying rewards. So jump into battle royale and try to get as many as possible.

We hope you find our guide to COD Mobile Tiger Pact event helpful. In case of any queries drop them in the comments below!

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What would be the best prizes to get?
I’m saving my coins to get the good stuff, but would love an expert breakdown.
If someone can get the stats and benefits on the weapons that would be great. Or more what I would consider as a “guide” as the title insinuates.

Probal Datta

The SVD can be a good choice first. This sniper has two-shot kill power and is a beast in MP matches. Next you can definitely try the highest prize in this event – Swordfish. The Fire rate is very good, meaning it wouldn’t take you long to knock out your opponent.

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