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PUBG Mobile or BGMI Guide: Comparison between all the in-game Maps

Players experiences a grand Battle

Battleground Mobile India or PUBG Mobile is also known as BGMI has five classic maps which provide enough options for every player to choose according to their preferences. These maps are Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Karakin, and Livik. Players experience a grand Battle Royale gameplay and to enhance their knowledge about the maps, here is the complete comparison between all the classic maps of BGMI. Thus, read further and know everything about all the BGMI maps and choose the best map to get chicken dinner every time when you jump off the plane.

Comparison between the best maps in PUBG Mobile or BGMI

1. Erangel vs Sanhok

Erangel and Sanhok, both the map have been designed to provide the best ever experience to all the outstanding players. Be it an aggressive player or a rank pusher, both maps are qualified enough to hide a rank pusher and give areas for hot drops. Erangel provides a complete set of terrains full of grasses, hills, and waterbodies whereas Sanhok’s much of the land is underwater.

BGMI Erangel Vs Sanhok bgmi maps comparison
PUBG Mobile or BGMI Maps Comparison: Erangel vs Sanhok

Some areas are covered with forest in both the maps where players can take covers and have an intense fight or some of the players can just be prone in the grasses and hide and shoot. But, the grasses in Sanhok are thicker and longer. It becomes difficult for other players to find out the hidden one whereas, in Erangel, players have to find an area if they want to be prone. Erangel is considered, preferred, and loved by most of the players across the BGMI community whereas Sanhok is preferred those who want to push their rank.

Sanhok map is smaller than Erangel. Therefore, one chicken dinner in Erangel will take 30-35 mins whereas Sanhok will take 20 mins to complete a single match. 

             Erangel                Sanhok
  Best Loot Places  Pochinki, School, and Georgopol  Bootcamp
  Hot Drops  Georgopol, Sosnovka Military Base and Pochinki  Bootcamp, ruins and Paradise Resort
  Map Size  8km x 8km  4km x 4km

2. Karakin vs Sanhok

Karakin map is the newest map in the mobile battle royale. It is the smallest map and even smaller than Sanhok. Both the maps are so small that close-combat encounters are very normal. The average battle minutes for a Chicken Dinner is as low as 15 mins. Karakin hosts 64 players and Sanhok hosts 100 players so it is obvious that you will be facing very aggressive combat in the grassy and damp map.

BGMI MAPS Karakin Vs Sanhok
PUBG Mobile or BGMI Maps Comparison: Karakin vs Sanhok

In Karakin, players can break walls with grenades, to escape or rush whereas in Sanhok, players can camp out in the grass to surprise the enemy with their ammo.

Furthermore, those players who love longer battles with authentic BR experience won’t like any of these maps as these maps won’t demand many strategies. That is because players can be easily killed off due to compressed areas. If we talk about those who prefer playing aggressive gameplays then these maps can fit into their preferences.

             Karakin              Sanhok
 Best Loot Places Bashara, Hadiqa Nemo, and AI Habar  Bootcamp
 Hot Drops AI Habar, AI Hayik and Cargo Ship  Bootcamp, ruins, and Paradise Resort
 Map Size 2km x 2km 4km x 4km

3. Miramar vs Sanhok

Next in the list of comparisons, is the vastest map and a map with very little playable land. Miramar can also be named the Desert Map. This map is completely different from Sanhok. Miramar is deserted with covers equivalent to peanuts whereas Sanhok is completely filled with covers in the form of long grasses, trees, and some cottages. Big rocks in some areas can also not help in hiding as these areas are generally watched by enemies while Sanhok doesn’t have those big rocks.

BGMI MAPS Miramar Vs Sanhok
PUBG Mobile or BGMI Maps Comparison: Miramar vs Sanhok

Therefore, fights are compulsory in both. In Sanhok, close-range fights are very common and in Miramar, long-range fights are very common because players choose a perfect height and get themselves completely ready to award headshots to enemies with snipers and scopes.

In Miramar, players can face Bridge camps by enemies while in Sanhok, players don’t have that much time to camp on bridge because it’s all on their advanced skills that they will survive or not.

                  Miramar             Sanhok
 Best Loot Places EI Pozo, Water Treatment, and Pecado  Bootcamp
 Hot Drops Los Leones, San Martin and EI Pozo  Bootcamp, ruins, and Paradise Resort
 Map Size 8km x 8km 4km x 4km

4 Livik vs Miramar

Livik is considered the most beautiful map among all the other classic maps whereas Miramar is considered as a map for sniping. This is exclusively for mobile BR but Miramar is not.

Livik Vs Miramar  bgmi maps comparison
PUBG Mobile or BGMI Maps Comparison: Livik vs Miramar

Livik map offers a variety of terrain features but Miramar offers some cities, high elevated areas, and sand. Area of Map varies a lot between these two maps as livik is just 2km x 2km whereas Miramar is much more than that. If you can spot enemies in Miramar easily then livik is there to challenge you. Yes, it’s a bit difficult to spot enemies. There is a monster truck in livik which is not in Miramar.

Livik is a much smaller map so it can accommodate only 50 players whereas Miramar can easily accommodate 100 players. 

                   Livik               Miramar
 Best Loot Places Ice Borg, Power Plant and Blomster EI Pozo, Water Treatment, and Pecado 
 Hot Drops Hot Spring, Gronhus and Midstein Los Leones, San Martin and EI Pozo 
 Map Size 2km x 2km 8km x 8km

5. Livik vs Sanhok

Sanhok beats Livik map in size and also in the accommodation of a number of players because Sanhok can accommodate 100 players while livik can hold only 50 players.

BGMI maps Livik Vs Sanhok
PUBG Mobile or BGMI Maps Comparison: Livik vs Sanhok

Players should be extremely alert in both the maps as both the maps face short-range fights. It is advisable that players should find an AR as soon as they land because they may never know when they will turn into a box. Both the maps have a lot and lots of covers but still, every player will be looking for a cover so you can face an enemy anytime, even when you have nothing in your hand.

The maps are small so players should land as soon as possible as you may have an advantage of landing first and getting a good AR before everyone out there.  

                 Livik             Sanhok
 Best Loot Places Ice Borg, Power Plant and Blomster  Bootcamp
 Hot Drops  Hot Spring, Gronhus and Midstein Bootcamp, ruins and Paradise Resort 
 Map Size 2km x 2km 4km x 4km 

6. Karakin vs Miramar

Want to sit in Minibus and take around or want to find tunnels? Miramar offers the players to take a ride of Minibus and a beautiful Mirado. But do that mirado work perfectly? Absolutely not. So, here’s a tip, don’t prefer a mirado, it never works perfectly on the sands. If the player gets stuck in sands with mirado then the player can anytime turn into a box. Miramar is unpredictable yet interesting.

BGM maps Karakin Vs Miramar bgmi maps comparison
PUBG Mobile or BGMI Maps Comparison: Karakin vs Miramar

Now comes the Karakin Map. In this map, players can come across a number of grenades because this map has a tunnel and breakable walls. These walls can be destroyed by grenades so if a player is hidden in a room where there is that wall then he should be ready for an unpredictable rush.

Both the maps are great. Miramar map is best for snipers whereas Karakin is for rush gameplay.  

              Karakin               Miramar
 Best Loot Places Bashara, Hadiqa Nemo and AI Habar  EI Pozo, Water Treatment, and Pecado 
 Hot Drops  AI Habar, AI Hayik and Cargo Ship  Los Leones, San Martin and EI Pozo 
 Map Size  2km x 2km 8km x 8km

7. Livik vs Karakin

Livik and Karakin, both the maps are equal in size but accommodate different numbers of players. Livik can handle 50 players whereas Karakin can handle 64 players. There are differences between their terrains as livik is occupied with various natural areas such as snow, grass, water bodies, beautiful landscapes, and some cities whereas Karakins has a vintage look with broken houses, old cities, and a little vegetation.

Livik Vs Karakin
PUBG Mobile or BGMI Maps Comparison: Livik vs Karakin

Karakin is recently launched in mobile, earlier it used to exist in other versions while Livik is solely for mobile gamers. Both of these maps are preferred by short-range combat players.  

                   Livik            Karakin
 Best Loot Places Ice Borg, Power Plant and Blomster  Bashara, Hadiqa Nemo, and AI Habar 
 Hot Drops  Hot Spring, Gronhus and Midstein  AI Habar, AI Hayik and Cargo Ship 
 Map Size  2km x 2km 2km x 2km

8. Erangel vs Karakin

Erangel is the most loved and preferred map over any other map. this map is the oldest and exists in every version of PUBG and it is a part of BGMI too. Players love various features that the map offers. If Karakin and Erangel are compared then it is obvious that Erangel wins. Although Erangel doesn’t have some features that Karakin enjoys but still Erangel has never left its topmost position among other maps.  

Erangel Vs Karakin  bgmi maps comparison
PUBG Mobile or BGMI Maps Comparison: Erangel vs Karakin

Karakin has a vintage theme whereas Erangel offers a world with everything such as cities, cottages, schools, apartments, bridges, military bases, containers, mountains, plains, and even beautiful blossoms in Zharki.

Erangle is a larger map than Karakin. Therefore, Erangle includes not of close-range combat but also all kinds of fights.

              Erangel           Karakin
 Best Loot Places  Pochinki, School, and Georgopol Bashara, Hadiqa Nemo, and AI Habar 
 Hot Drops  Georgopol, Sosnovka MilitaryBase and Pochinki  AI Habar, AI Hayik and Cargo Ship 
 Map Size  8km x 8km 2km x 2km

9. Erangel vs Livik

Erangel and Livik both have a vast range of terrains with a lot of different forms of nature so collect your equipment and AR and get ready to experience an occupying BR gameplay. Erangel is the largest map whereas livik is the smallest.

Erangel Vs Livik
PUBG Mobile or BGMI Maps Comparison: Erangel vs Livik

In Erangel, a player can spend quality time while camping with his squad, or that player can rush very house and can look for an intense fight. A player can even snipe with their favorite guns such as AWM and award his enemies with a clear headshot. On the other side, Livik demands a higher concentration than Erangel that’s because of the size and the kind of terrain.

              Erangel                Livik 
 Best Loot Places Pochinki, School, and Georgopol  Ice Borg, Power Plant and Blomster
 Hot Drops  Georgopol, Sosnovka Military Base and Pochinki  Hot Spring, Gronhus and Midstein
 Map Size  8km x 8km 2km x 2km

10. Erangel vs Miramar

The last comparison is between the largest maps of BGMI, i.e., Miramar and Erangel. Miramar is best for snipping whereas Erangel is best for both Sniping and short-range fights. Miramar offers Win94 but Erangel does not. Mirado and Minibus runs in Miramar but not in Erangel. A player will find fewer covers in Miramar but not in Erangel.

 bgmi maps comparison Erangel Vs Miramar
PUBG Mobile or BGMI Maps Comparison: Erangel vs Miramar

Therefore, all those sniper lovers should download Miramar and other players can go for Erangel. Although Erangel is loved and preferred by many players but ones who are nice and decent givers and loves to gift can nicely gift headshots to their enemies in Miramar. 

              Erangel               Miramar
 Best Loot Places Pochinki, School, and Georgopol  EI Pozo, Water Treatment, and Pecado 
 Hot Drops  Georgopol, Sosnovka Military Base and Pochinki  Los Leones, San Martin and EI Pozo 
 Map Size  8km x 8km 8km x 8km

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