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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Radiant Shards Guide and Tips

Farm Radiant Shards easily in the game!

Radiant Shards are a new type of currency in Cookie Run: Kingdom. They are mainly used for upgrading the Statue of Heroic Radiance or buying new cookie slots in the Hall of Ancient Heroes (which are both unlocked after clearing Stage 6-15 in Story Mode). They’re one of the most useful currencies in the game, so it’s best to look for ways to farm them quickly. This article can give you some helpful tips.

How to get and farm Radiant Shards in Cookie Run: Kingdom

1. Collect from the fountain of abundance

The Fountain of Abundance is one of the best passive ways to earn Radiant Shards. The fountain provides a reward every 5 minutes or so; while this doesn’t guarantee to get Radiant Shards from the fountain, they still have a decent drop rate from it. It’s not uncommon to find 100 Radiant Shards in the fountain every few hours!

Fountain of abundance
Image via Devsisters

To get as many Shards as you can from the fountain, it’s recommended that you focus on the Sugar Gnome Laboratory. The Laboratory has an upgrade that increases the fountain production speed. It’s good to level up this upgrade as high as you can since a more frequent production means you’ll get even more Shards from the fountain.

2. Earn from the Balloon Missions

Balloons are another great way to earn Shards. The higher the World level you explore, the more chances are of you getting a high amount of Shards! A trip to World 14 gives you around 80 Shards, which isn’t bad at all. 

Balloon Dock
Image via Devsisters

Still, it’s worth noting that a World 14 balloon mission would take around 13 hours. Since this is a long amount of time, it’s advisable to buy the Landmark in the shop that reduces Balloon Exploration Time. Try to get it at a high level too. Another tip to make balloon missions shorter is to go to the Sugar Gnome Laboratory and upgrade the two features that decrease balloon exploration time.

3. Perform 45 Wishes daily

The Tree of Wishes is known as the best place in the game to farm coins. However, due to the recent update, the Tree now also gives Radiant Shards every time you do 10 wishes, 25 wishes, and 45 wishes, respectively. Doing 45 Wishes gives you 100 Radiant Shards per day, and if you do wishes during Burning Time (which happens on weekends), you get 300 Radiant Shards instead.

You also get Rarities out of the deal, which is helpful for upgrading your important Landmarks and Sugar Gnome Laboratory upgrades. If you’re not as much of an active player and doing 45 wishes every day sounds difficult for you, then it’s advisable that you still do 45 wishes every weekend, since 300 Radiant Shards isn’t something to miss out on.

4. Buy Radiant Shards at the Seaside Market

The Seaside Market is a helpful shop where you can buy Rarities, Sea Rarities, Goods, and Cookie Soulstones. You can also buy Radiant Shards from it every six hours! Radiant Shards can be bought from here with a random Rarity, which can be either Aurora Bricks, Aurora Pillars, or Aurora Compasses.

Cookie Run Kingdom Radiant Shards Seaside market
Image via Devsisters

Since so many of the options for farming Radiant Shards require Rarities in some way or other (for example, Sugar Gnome Laboratory Upgrades and Landmarks) it’s best that you do your Bear Jelly Trains regularly, since they’re the best source of Rarities.

5. Buy Radiant Shards at the Arena Medal Shop

Doing Arena has many benefits since a high ranking in Arena means you’ll get several thousands of Crystals by the end of the season. Additionally, every time you play a match in Arena, you get a handful of Arena Medals. This currency can be used to buy Ancient, Super Epic, and Epic soulstones, as well as Radiant Shards. You can buy a maximum of 600 Shards every 3 days.

Cookie Run Kingdom Radiant Shards Arena Medal Shop
Image via Devsisters

Note that you’ll have to play arena regularly to buy the Shards since they can be expensive. 100 Radiant Shards cost 300 Medals, which would take around 20 Arena Battles to earn. In certain cases, you might have to buy ticket refills just to buy all the Shards you can get from the shop.

Did you find our guide on how to find and get Radiant Shards in Cookie Run: Kingdom useful? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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