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Diablo Immortal Helliquary Guide: How to unlock and upgrade the Raid System

Gain and earn more rewards easily!

Being a vast ARPG among the lot, Diablo Immortal comes with a lot of exciting features for its players. One such exciting feature that the game consists of is The Helliquary. In this Diablo Immortal guide, we will find out ways and whereabouts to earn more rewards in the Helliquary Raid System.

The Helliquary is a raid system in Diablo Immortal that gets unlocked at level 36 by completing the main quest in Bilefen. After completing this quest, the character will be sent to Westmarch, where he needs to visit Deckard Cain’s workshop and then look for Rayek near the Einfrinn tree within the city of Westmarch. Afterward, the players can head up to the portal of Helliquary.

Diablo Immortal Helliquary Guide: Tips and tricks to earn more rewards

In the Helliquary Raid system, players can either choose to play solo or team up with seven other players to participate in this PvP mode. Playing all by yourself is a difficult job to do, as the boss inside the Helliquary Raid system is much more powerful and it will be pretty difficult to defeat that monster all alone.

Diablo Immortal Helliquary Guide
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It is recommended to form a team of 8 and proceed to fight the main boss because combined attacks and strengths with perfect teamwork will work much better. Earlier, this raid system team-up was limited to four players only. But, seeing the yearning of the players, Blizzard Entertainment later decided to increase the number of players in the system.

In the helliquary raid system, every month a new boss appears in Diablo Immortal, which doesn’t mean that you can’t fight the older bosses. There are also massive and permanent buffs that you can earn by fighting inside the Helliquary raid. Players get to receive Demonic Remains with a buff to their combat rating after they defeat each big boss in the event. These Demonic remains once collected, will return to the workshop and get sealed in Helliquary. The combat ratings, though, vary from boss to boss.

How to upgrade the Helliquary Raid System in Diablo Immortal

The Helliquary can be upgraded with Hellfire Scoria which can be acquired using certain methods. Players need to have Scoria, which is rewarded in the daily battle pass every day. There is also an alternative way to obtain 10 Scoria, which is to complete the Helliquary raid and by defeating the main boss.

Diablo Immortal Helliquary Guide
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

To convert the normal Scoria to Hellfire scoria, players need to head to the blacksmith for the cost of 100 gold. While players upgrade the Helliquary, one can open more storage slots for placing demonic remains in those slots and further increase the combat rating.

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