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Dungeon Hunter 6: The Complete Gear Guide and Tips

Gear Up to Annihilate the Enemies!

Dungeon Hunter 6 by Gameloft is an action role-playing game that continues the tradition of sending players on epic fantasy journeys to protect the realm from various threats. You must face significant challenges as the protagonist in an engaging environment. In this article, we’ll present you with our Dungeon Hunter 6 Gears Guide to help you better understand the game’s Gearing system.

If you’re new to the game make sure to check out our beginners guide to get a better grasp of the game., You can also know the best ways to get diamonds in Dungeon Hunter 6. Don’t forget to check out the available redeem codes for rewards. And if you are serious about getting your progress up in the game, you must know the details about the Team Compositions as they play a vital role in dealing more damage. Also, check out our class tier list and lieutenant tier list to get insights about the best class and lieutenant in the game. If you encounter any issues, just reach out the customer support for help.

How to Farm Gears in Dungeon Hunter 6

One of the most crucial components of making your character stronger in Dungeon Hunter 6 is Gearing them with various powerful Gears. As a result, understanding where to obtain these Gears is critical. So, in this area of our Dungeon Hunter 6 Gear Guide and Tips, we will show you the various game modes where you can obtain powerful gear for your character.

1. Evil Invasion

In Dungeon Hunter 6, the Treasure Hunt Mode includes Evil Invasion. Look no further if you’re seeking some fantastic high-tier equipment for your character to use since Evil Invasion is the game mode where you may grind such fantastic items for them. In Evil Invasion, there are several stages that are organized into many levels and have a wide variety of monster bosses. Excellent gear and other rewards are dropped at every stage.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Beginners Guide
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As you advance further in Dungeon Hunter 6 and gain strength, you can take on the higher level Evil Invasion levels, which will drop better equipment or even legendary equipment because the higher stages are more difficult and provide greater rewards. To battle monsters in Evil Invasion, you’ll require Energy, limiting your playtime as it depletes after a set number of sessions. But you can use Energy Potions for extra playtime.

2. The Frozen Throne

The Frozen Throne is a part of Dungeon Hunter 6’s Treasure Hunt Mode. The Frozen Throne offers you rare equipment for your character, just like Evil Invasion did. The Frozen Throne has several various levels that are classified into difficulty tiers and become available once you reach the necessary level threshold. You must battle several monster bosses on each level to receive the rewards.

Dungeon Hunter 6
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There is a daily limit of two plays on the Frozen Throne stages. Therefore, I advise using both The Frozen Throne and Evil Invasion mode daily until you reach the daily quota for these modes to obtain the greatest equipment quickly.

3. Legendary Hunting

In Dungeon Hunter 6, Legendary Hunting is also an element of Treasure Hunt Mode. However, unlike other modes such as Frozen Throne and Evil Invasion, Legendary Hunting is unlocked after reaching a particular level. Legendary Hunting is also an important mode for farming Rare Gears, and the drop rates of Legendary Gears are very high in the higher levels of Legendary Hunting, however, this mode is very competitive in the higher levels.

Legendary Hunting
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Taking part in the Legendary Hunt will deplete challenge attempts. However, attempts are only deducted when Bosses are killed, and Legendary Hunting refreshes daily with new attempts. The initial kill in Legendary Hunting does not deplete challenge attempts, while higher-level Bosses provide more substantial rewards. In this mode, after killing the Boss, you will receive additional awards according to your damage rating.

For slaying Bosses lower than Lv. 45, all participants receive rewards. The top five players receive rewards for defeating Lv. 48 Bosses. The top three players receive rewards for defeating Lv. 50 bosses. Finally, only the champion receives rewards for killing Lv. 60 and higher Bosses. The extra rewards are mainly Trinkets, and the kill rewards are mainly Gears.

How to upgrade your Gears in Dungeon Hunter 6

1. Enhancing Gears

Gear enhancement in Dungeon Hunter 6 is a necessary task to raise your gear rating and thus make your character stronger. To Enhance Gears, two currencies are required: Enhancement Stones and Gold Coin, both of which are fairly common in Dungeon Hunter 6 and may be gained in a variety of methods.

Gear Enhancing
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The most significant aspect of Gear enhancing is that it enhances the fundamental stats of your gears while also providing additional stats after a set number of enhancements. But bear in mind that not every time you enhance, the Gears will be enhanced because the improvement of Gears has various success rates for every single Gear, thus it may fail at times. So, to get the most out of Gears, enhance every piece of Gear your character has to raise your character’s total power rating.

2. Reforging Gears

After you’ve completed the fundamental Gear-enhancing tasks, the next vital work for you to complete with your Gears is Gear Reforging, which is the ultimate secret to making your Gears shine in battles and decimate your enemies. Gear Reforge Stones, which can be collected from places such as The Frozen Throne, Legendary Hunting, Evil Invasion, and others, are required to reforge your gears in Dungeon Hunter 6.

Gear Reforging
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Random gears come with random sub-stats, with a random amount of sub-stats ranging from 2-4 each gear, and occasionally the gear you get is good but the sub-stats are awful. Gear Reforging comes into play in this circumstance. You can reforge your gears and adjust their sub-stats with the help of Gear Reforging.

You can Reforge Gears as many times as you want until you have the desired sub-stat, at which point you can proceed to lock that particular sub-stat. But keep in mind that reforging costs Gear Reforge Stones, so as long as you have them, you can keep reforging.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Gears Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Modes such as Evil InvasionThe Frozen Throne, and Legendary Hunting are great places to look for rare and powerful equipment.
  • Make sure to take part in time-limited events because rare gear can occasionally be dropped during certain of these events.
  • The most straightforward way to strengthen your character is to enhance your gears, so make use of this feature.
  • Start putting your grind towards Gear Reforging if you want to take your game experience to the next level, as it is the major way of attaining the perfect gear.
  • If you obtain a Gear from a character class other than your own, do not keep it in your inventory since you can sell it in the Trading Post for Hunter’s Token, which is a very valuable currency.
  • When you reach higher levels, Gear Crafting will be unlocked, allowing you to use the other gears as fodder to construct new and stronger gears. Make use of this function after it has been unlocked.

Final Thoughts

Dungeon Hunter 6 features action-packed combat, character advancement, and exploration, all set in a graphically stunning game world. Whether you choose solo adventures or cooperative multiplayer challenges, this game provides something for both novice and veteran action RPG players. As a result, read our Dungeon Hunter 6: The Complete Gear Guide and Tips to get a better understanding of the game Gear mechanics and proceed faster into the game.

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That’s all from us for the Dungeon Hunter 6: The Complete Gear Guide and Tips! Did you find our Dungeon Hunter 6 Gear Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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Amador Fowler

Reforging: What color sub stats ( Purple, Red, Orange ) do I lock to keep the desired attributes ( ATK, Pen, Resilience etc ). I have not found on YouTube or any sites that explain what stats I should lock. It’s frustrating when there’s no detail info on what the best quality color designates the best Stats. Is red the best sub stat and then is orange the the next best stat etc


Thank you so very much. The Gods has answered. Yes, it can be overwhelming when the game doesn’t have some support site on giving explanations on what stats, gear to improve. There’s just too much going on on the screen for the eyes to see. Thanks again


The thing i noticed is that im getting only 1 star red items from these bosses am i doing something wrong. 1 star cant be fused to 2 star so whats the use?

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