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Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenant Tier List for June 2024

Forge the ultimate alliance, make the best lieutenant team!

Dungeon Hunter 6 by Gameloft is an action role-playing game that continues the tradition of sending players on epic fantasy journeys to protect the realm from various threats. You must face significant challenges as the protagonist in an engaging environment. In this article, we’ll give you our Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenant Tier List to help you better understand the finest Lieutenants to add to your team to help you win the most battles in Dungeon Hunter 6.

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Dungeon Hunter 6 Tier List for May 2024: Best Lieutenant Ranked

To make things easier to understand, I’ve sorted the lieutenants into three tiers: Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B). This helps in grasping each lieutenant’s abilities and assists in forming a powerful team. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on my experiences, so feel free to customize your choices to suit your preferences.

Strong (S)Rime Lady,
Demonic Wolf,
Death Knight
Archmage Herbert,
Agony Interrogator,
Winged Terror,
Ruins Guardian,
Good (A)Ser Charlie,
Frost Colossus,
Valen Sentinel
Red Protoceratop,
Haliburt Alemead,
Wilhelm Ironarm,
Infernal Cerberus,
Ritualist of Agony,
Big Mouth Huron

Mountain Giant,
Stonewing Gargoyle
Average (B)Valen Solider,
Skeleton Archer,
Skeleton Warrior,
Rime Wolf,
Bubbling Ooze
Fiend of Rage,
Cabal Hellcaller,
Cabal Headsman,
Fiend of Rage,
Winged Fiend,
Blistering Ooze,
Tainted Bat,
Fire Wyrmling
Venomous pterosaur,
Goblin Miner,
Goblin Warrior,
Lupine Master,
Toxic Ooze,
Demonic Spider

Best Meta Lieutenant in Dungeon Hunter 6

Best Water Lieutenants – Rime Lady

Dungeon Hunter 6 Rime Lady
Image Via GOAT Games

In my experience, Rime Lady is one of the best because she excels at dealing with massive damage and offers powerful crowd control. Her abilities, like Frozen Verdict and Blizzard, reduce enemy defenses and stun them, while Divine Verdict deals significant damage and dispels invulnerability. She is a must-have for DPS-oriented teams due to her high damage output and ability to weaken and control enemies.

Best Water Lieutenants – Karetta

Dungeon Hunter 6 Karetta
Image Via GOAT Games

From what I’ve seen, Karetta is one of the best water element Lieutenants in Dungeon Hunter VI due to her exceptional damage boost (DMG Boost) and control skills. As an aggressive and strong-willed archmage, she uses ice magic to attack enemies and has a powerful passive talent, Eternal Ice Jail, which can freeze enemies for three seconds. Her talent, Crystal Blast, increases critical strike chances, and her ultimate skill, Power of Frost, boosts both Crit Chance and Crit DMG for her and your characters.

Best Fire Lieutenants – Delphyne

Dungeon Hunter 6 Delphyne
Image Via GOAT Games

In my experience, Delphyne is one of the best Lieutenants because she is a top-tier healer who can also deal damage. Her skills, Enchanting Torture, and Lash, along with her ultimate, Enchanting Kiss, allow her to heal herself and her allies. Her versatility in both healing and damage makes her a valuable asset in many different scenarios, and she is highly ranked in the game.

Best Fire Lieutenants – Archmage Herbert

Dungeon Hunter 6 Archmage Herbert
Image Via GOAT Games

From what I’ve seen, Archmage Herbert is one of the best Lieutenants because he excels as a support character, offering both healing and damage boosts. His skills, including Fire Blessing, Arcane Fireball, and Giant Fireball, enhance allies’ damage and attack speed. He is regarded as the best support in the game, making him exceptionally effective, especially for archers.

Best Nature Lieutenants – Mahasti

Dungeon Hunter 6 Mahasti
Image Via GOAT Games

In my experience, Mahasti is one of the best Lieutenants due to her exceptional defensive capability and potent offensive skills. Her standout ability is the transformation into an Ancestral Soul, granting the Hero a shield equal to 50% of their Max HP and recovering HP over time, while also reflecting damage. Additionally, her Explosive Punch skill commands a golem to deal significant damage to enemies, and her Charged Punch skill can stun foes while delivering powerful blows.

Best Nature Lieutenants – Agony Interrogator

Dungeon Hunter 6 Agony Interrogator
Image Via GOAT Games

From what I have seen, Agony Interrogator is one of the best Lieutenants because of her exceptional crowd control abilities and high damage output. With skills like Chance Toy Kick, Dragon Soul Attack, and Soul Seizer, she can reduce enemy defenses, stun enemies, and deal significant damage. Her versatility in offense and crowd control makes her a valuable addition to any team.

Final Thoughts

As of right now, our Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenant Tier List is complete. However, we’ll keep updating it as more Lieutenants become available. It is important to note that, even though our decisions are greatly influenced by personal preferences, this tier list does not aim to rank characters according to their virtues or flaws. However, we intend to inform readers as to which Lieutenants are especially adept at holding different roles.

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