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Dungeon Hunter 6 Guide: Tips to obtain Diamonds easily in the game

Dazzle your gameplay, bring in the free Diamonds!

Dungeon Hunter 6 by Gameloft is an action role-playing game that continues the tradition of sending players on epic fantasy journeys to protect the realm from various threats. You must face significant challenges as the protagonist in an engaging environment. To help you understand where to obtain and grind for premium currencies like Diamond and Green Diamond, we’ll provide you our Dungeon Hunter 6: Tips to Obtain Diamonds easily in the game.

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How to get Diamonds in Dungeon Hunter 6

Premium currencies are a crucial resource in Dungeon Hunter 6 just like they are in other games. You can purchase some in-game premium items using Premium Currency like Diamond, purchase the Battle Pass, summon extra Lieutenants to add to your roster, and do many other things that will improve the quality of your gaming experience in Dungeon Hunter 6.

In Dungeon Hunter 6, there are two different forms of premium currency: Diamonds and Green Diamonds. Let’s explore the methods for obtaining these Premium Currencies.

How to get Diamond in Dungeon Hunter 6

In Dungeon Hunter 6, the Diamond is one of the Premium Currencies. It may be used to buy a range of items from the Diamond Shop, Clearance Bonus Packs from the Clearance benefits, summon more lieutenants to add to your roster so that your character’s strength increases, and more.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Premium Currency
Image Via Gameloft

Since diamonds are a valuable resource in Dungeon Hunter 6, you must be aware of where to obtain them effectively if you want to advance more quickly. Below are the sources from which we can obtain diamonds:

1. Story Dungeons

Story Dungeons are a great way to earn diamonds because they are simple to access and because you will already be playing them to advance in the story. For each stage in Story Dungeon that you successfully complete for the first time, you can earn diamonds. You can also earn diamonds as a milestone for a certain story chapter by collecting all of its available stars.

2. Guild Chest

In Dungeon Hunter 6, the Guild Chest is one of the features that can be found there. You can use the Guild Chest function to Claim chests from the guild in exchange for particular achievements that your guild members have completed, such as Legendary Hunt Last Hit, Arena 5 Winning Streak, Evil Invasion Ownership Reward, and others. You will be able to claim more chests in the guild chest and, as a result, receive more diamonds from the guild chest, the more feats you or your guild members complete.

3. Dailies

The most consistent way to obtain diamonds in Dungeon Hunter 6 is through Dailies, which reward you for completing daily tasks assigned by the game. The daily tasks refresh each day, allowing you to earn diamonds by just completing them. So be sure to finish your daily tasks each day in order to receive the free Diamond rewards.

4. Events

In Dungeon Hunter 6, several Events come and go, but they all share one thing in common they all offer Diamonds in specific ways, such as as a reward for completing an event quest, as a reward for eliminating an event Boss, as a reward for merely participating in the event, and more. To maximize your opportunity to earn diamonds, be sure to participate in Events when they are offered.

5. Achievement Overview

Diamonds are not directly awarded for completing achievements in Achievement Overview, but they are awarded as a milestone reward for achieving a predetermined amount of achievements. When compared to other methods, the quantity of Diamond earned from the Achievement Overview may appear to be lesser, but the more time you spend playing the game, the more Diamond rewards you’ll earn and be able to get from the Overview.

6. First Top-Up

This method of getting diamonds is not free-to-play. You can gain Diamonds from this feature in addition to other rewards as part of the First Top-Up reward. You only need to buy any amount of in-game Top Up to get this.

7. Monthly Pass

This method of getting diamonds is not free-to-play. When you purchase a monthly pass, you receive a bonus of 300 diamonds as well as 100 diamonds per day for 31 days along with other benefits. Only actual cash can be used to purchase a Monthly Pass.

8. Growth Fund

For each level you reach, Growth Funds will provide you with plenty of Diamonds. When you reach specific levels in Growth Funds, you can also receive 50 Diamonds for free, but if you want additional Diamonds, you must buy the premium Growth Funds.

9. Top Up

Top Up is just a premium technique of obtaining diamonds, in which you pay the game directly for diamonds.

How to get Green Diamond in Dungeon Hunter 6

Green Diamond is one of the Premium Currencies in Dungeon Hunter 6. It can be used to purchase a variety of things from the Green Diamond Shop, VIP benefits, hassle-free premium resources, and more.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Premium Currency
Image Via Gameloft

But bear in mind that, unlike Diamond in Dungeon Hunter 6, Green Diamond is exclusively premium cash and cannot be acquired from the game in any other way. The sources from where we can get Green Diamonds are listed below:

1. First Top Up

This method of getting Green Diamonds is not free to play. You can gain Green Diamonds from this feature in addition to other rewards as part of the First Top-Up reward. You only need to buy any amount of in-game Top Up to get this.

2. Monthly Pass

This method of getting Green Diamonds is not free to play. You get 300 Green Diamonds and 300 Diamonds extra when you buy a monthly pass. Along with other advantages, you will also receive 100 diamonds each day for 31 days. A Monthly Pass may only be bought with real money.

3. Weekly Pack

This method of getting Green Diamonds is not free to play. Weekly packs must be directly purchased with real money to gain access to Green Diamonds and other benefits. The weekly pack is restocked every week and is made up of several different types of packs, each of which has a weekly quota of three.

4. Top Up

Top Up is just a premium technique for obtaining Green Diamonds, in which you pay the game directly for Green Diamonds.

Final Thoughts

A variety of advantages come from using premium currency in games like Dungeon Hunter 6, including improved gameplay, individualized experiences, and continued development. You must, however, use caution and only buy premium currency when it is necessary. Making the most of your gaming money while avoiding unwanted costs requires careful spending.

You may strike a balance between taking advantage of the benefits that premium currency offers and maintaining a responsible approach to in-game purchases by exercising informed choice and knowing the worth of premium currency, which will help to create a more fun and equitable gaming environment.

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