eFootball PES 2021: How to identify online match cheaters and report them

Every cheater deserves to be reported!

Online Player vs Player matches yields the highest and of course the better rewards in PES 2021 compared to the regular Tour and Campaign. Without a doubt, many players choose to play this mode for the same reason, and some to test their skills against other players. However, online matches have been considered to be the worst experience for many players. This is sad because some players using anti-gaming methods to create intentional delay, or even to render matches null. While there are no direct ways to report cheaters in online matches, you can use the Support menu to send a form to KONAMI in PES 2021 after a match.

How to identify online match cheaters in PES?

This shouldn’t be a question of the doubt to many players, but still, an explanation is given to clear doubts if any. The first case is the inspection of the opponent while you play a PvP match. Within minutes you can find out whether the opponent is playing a fair game or not. These hints are enough that a player is using anti-gaming elements to cheat/manipulate the results of a match:

PES 2021 report online match cheaters
  • Deliberately creating lag whenever you/your players are on the ball.
  • Sudden experience of lag when you approach close the opponent’s penalty box.
  • Continuously clicking the pause button whenever a match is going on and thus creating an input delay.
  • Using inappropriate methods like delaying the game and further using spamming methods to score goals.
  • Disconnect the match when you are winning/drawing the game and result in the match being rendered null/deemed void/calculated as a loss for you.
  • Makes your game timer (match clock) run faster than its actual pace.

If you experience any of the above-mentioned hints, then most of the time you are playing against a cheater.

How to report cheaters in PES 2021?

While the steps are a bit of a complication itself and do not give a guarantee that 100% action will be taken against a particular player that you have reported, it is better to report as soon as the match gets over.

Before reporting, it is advisable to take a screenshot of the cheating player’s username and model team, along with the time of the match. You can easily convert local time to UTC by using Chrome or any browser.

Steps to report

This is the important part. Read the steps and then follow the same to report the player:

  1. In the main UI menu, go to the Extras submenu and then click on Support.
  2. In Support, you get an option called Contact & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which allows you to contact the PES Contact Team. Click on that.
  3. There you will find the Inquiry Form option in the menu, click that. It allows you to fill a form depending upon your need.
  4. Under the Inquiry form, check on the Report Malicious Behavior option. Write down the necessary details of your team, opponent’s team, time, and add a short summary of what type of incident/cheating you encountered in the match.
  5. Submit the form.

However, note that you will not receive any confirmation mail or a response mail to your report from KONAMI. In simple words, you will not be able to find out whether action has been taken against the player or not.

Why should an online match cheater be reported?

Many players ask why cheaters should be reported in the game. Many players, including veterans of the game, avoid reporting such players even if they encounter them numerous times. While we think of neglecting such cheaters, many more of these types will grow and that will deal more damage to the already existing hazardous online match environment. Spare some time from the game, follow the above steps and do the needful.

PES 2021 report online match cheaters

Getting them banned or not, reporting these players should be consistent, and right now this is the only way we can do it. Slowly, when these players drop low, we get a good matchmaking environment and expect a good online match experience. Until then, you might encounter them once it 3-5 matches atleast.

We hope that this PES 2021 guide to identify online match cheaters and also to report them was helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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good tips


I just bought the game and played some online games…Pathetic… Almost everyone doing what u said…

Ankit Roy

Konami never give me a iconic so I need Beckham pls give me Beckham pls konami


My game suddently crash…then i was declare as lost…


Pes always unfair…never get any legend or iconic when using the free GP & Coins that i get from event…but i get 1 iconic moment dew to tup up coins…this is tottaly anoying…not fair

Jonah Ayuba

The Pes don’t have value anymore infact is not interesting anymore because of cheaters

Jonah Ayuba

I think Pes should do something about those cheaters they are making the game not interesting anymore and it will lose value, people will not be playing it anymore


My pes can’t open it’s saying error try later and am playing it on iOS


Hy my name is manuel and my username is daekphonix I’ve lost my account. I’ve linked with both Google and Konami but still I can’t get in please take an immediate action

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