FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects Guide

Earn some of football’s biggest up-and-coming stars!

No Sooner Champions League Event finished, EA brought a brand new event for the first time the Top Prospects Event. For the first time, EA released an exclusive event to honor the young guns from global football as they set on their journey in the footballing world. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects Event Guide where you can the game’s bright talents and bring them to your squads.

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects Event Description

  • Event Duration: September 17th – October 14th (27 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 3 Kickoff Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 7 Coin Packs weekly giving 12 Kickoff Energy for 150,000 coins
  • Energy: Kickoff Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 18 Kickoff Energy
  • Daily Login: 2 Special Slices
  • Weekly Claim: 100 Top Tokens

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects Event Flow


In the Main tab, you will be using your Kickoff Energy to play Skill Games, VSA Matches, and H2H Matches to earn Prospect Points. You will be spending 3 Energy per skill game in return for 15 Prospect Points. Additionally, the VSA or H2H matches return 20 Prospect Points on wins 15 on a draw, and 10 on losing the matches. So it is safe to stick to the Skill Games as they are the easiest.

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects

There is an additional daily bonus match on playing with 10 Normal Base energy rewards with 10-20 Prospect Points depending on the level of difficulty you choose. This is also an energy-driven event where you can hold a maximum of 18 energy. There are also 7 weekly coin packs that give 12 Kickoff Energy for 150,000 coins each and 3 daily ads giving 3 Kickoff Energy each.

Additionally, there are milestones where you can earn Daily 50 Prospect Points when you accumulate a daily total of 150 Prospect Points. Earning 1000 Prospect Points weekly rewards you with a bonus of 200 Top Tokens.

Prospect Path

This is basically the path of rewards. The same rehash with a few minor changes of what we have been seeing in almost each and every event. In the Prospect Path Tab, you will be redeeming your Prospect Points here to get Top Prospects Players.

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects

Choose between the top or bottom paths and work your way down the path. Claiming the Choice Point will unlock the next part of the path. Use your Choice Points to choose the Top Prospect Player you want. Complete both paths to unlock extra Players!

Top Token Box

Use your hard-earned Top Tokens in the Top Token Box to earn Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, and Rank Shards.100 Top Tokens for 1 Pull. Earn a guaranteed Player after 10 pulls. It’s basically the same thing, a lucky spinning wheel handing out resources and players, with the exception of you can get resources right from the start. Yes, unlike past events you are not guaranteed players on the first spin, you read that right!

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects

After opening the box 10 times, you are given 50 Common Shards. Opening the box 15 times rewards you with a 100 OVR Top Prospects Player. If you go further unboxing, you will get 100 Rare and 100 Epic Shards on opening the box 25 and 45 times respectively.

Weekly Prospect Search

Play the Bonus Matches here to earn Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Prospect Points, Players, a Hazard Key, and Rank Shards. Complete the path to unlock a grindable VSA Match!

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects

This is similar to the weekly Retro Memory chapter from the Retro Stars where you will be playing the bonus matches to earn resources and points. It will reset every nine days so we can play it three times over the course of the event. The repeatable VSA Match gives a master player for a first win reward but after that, it hands out in-game resources with chances at more players.


Moving on to the Milestones in the next tab, there’s a ton of milestones here. For earning 5000 Prospect Points, everybody is guaranteed a 90+ master also a 98+ master based on your player choices. Nobody is getting the 110 Prime Icon Geroge Best free to play.

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects

There are milestone rewards as Special Slices and Top Tokens on completing Special chapters. Everybody is gonna get the 99 LW Mcneil as long as you complete the Prospect Search all three of it. Complete different objectives throughout the entire Top Prospect program to unlock exciting milestone rewards!

Custom Bundles

There is no reason to mention this as these are FIFA Point Offers. So free to play this is just out of reach. Select your own combination of 3 rewards, depending on what resources or items you need most.

Although it looks like you can get them re, well looks can be deceptive. You don’t get anything that is just a checkmark and later you will have to buy the thing for FIFA Points. Custom Bundles offer Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Rank Shards, and Players. It’s just not worth it. Skip it, that’s all we have to say regarding this.


Similarly, as the Champions League event, there are four different weekly SBCs, in the main tab which exchanges for Rank Shards, which you will use for ranking up.

You should be completing the SBCs but the longer you wait, the cheaper the players will become. It’s not that tough, each requires only 5 players, all of them being 86+ OVR, while one of them being Top Prospects players. While the other SBC asks the same requirement only the OVR being lifted to 90 OVR. Given the rewards, you are gonna wanna complete them for sure.

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects Event Currencies

Prospect Points

  • Earn them from VS Attack, Skill Games, and Matches.
  • Spend them along the Prospect Path.

Top Tokens

  • Earn them from matches in the Prospect Search
  • Spend them in the Top Token Box.

Choice Points

  • Earn them from completing a section of the Prospect Path.
  • Use them to claim Top Prospect Players in the Prospect Path.

Special Slices

  • Earn them from Milestones and Matches
  • Use them to open the Special Prospect Pack for a variety of rewards.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Energy18 InitialTotal
Hourly Refresh1 per Hour647
Weekly Coin Pack84 per Week420
Daily Ads9 per Day 243

Total 1328 Kickoff Energy and 908 without the Coin Packs

These 1328 Kickoff Energy, when used in playing Skill Games and completing the milestones, translates to

Prospect PointsTotal
Skill GamesWith Coin Packs6630
Easy Matches10 Points Daily270
Hard Matches20 Points Daily540
Milestone50 Points Daily1350
Prospect Search300 Points Weekly900

Total 9690 Prospect Points and 7590 without the Coin Packs

Note: You can also earn additional Prospect Points from Special Slices.

Top TokensTotal
Weekly Claim400
Weekly Milestones800
Special Milestone200
Prospect Path700

Total 2100 Top Tokens

Note: You can earn more Top Tokens by luck in trading in the Special Slices as discussed above.

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects Event Tips and Tricks

After a delightful Champions League, Prospect Stars is really an event to play out for. With grinding and playing for four weeks, so here is our suggestion guide for the FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects Event.

First and foremost as usual this is an event energy-based event. So never ever let your energy get filled out. Don’t let your energy refresh out. Never! If you have a high OVR Team, you might want to try the VSA Matches, or if you are really strong at H2H, don’t mind spending all the time, but skill games are the easiest, it’s up to you.

Prospect Path

From the calculation above, this is where we spend the 9690 Prospect Points possible free to play. Here you have two paths to choose from an upper and lower one. You have to able to complete both paths to unlock the next round of both paths.

Prospect Path PlayersProspect PointsPossible Free to Play
95 OVR Choice325
99 OVR1150
100 OVR Choice2700
104 OVR (If you don’t claim 106)6400
106 OVR Choice7750With Coin Packs
108 OVR17000Not Possible without 95,000 Gems

From the above table, we can see it takes 325 Points to get either of the 95 rated players. If you do want to grab one of the 99 rated masters, it’s an additional 500 after you have claimed both top and bottom.

You can move on to Path 2 without claiming the 99 rated player

Prospect Points

Thus this means on grabbing both the 95s and the 99, you will be out 1150 points, now Path two is another 2375 to get to the end of the top or bottom path. Then another 100 to claim one of the 104s. It will cost you 6400 Points to get one of the 104s and two 100 rated and 6900 to get the entire set of two 95, two 100 one 99 rated, and one 104 rated.

Now, Path three is where it starts getting really expensive. It is another 5050 to get all the way to the end of either of the top or bottom for a 106 rated player. It’s another 1500 if you do both paths and if you want to grab a 108. But if you skip the 99 in path 1 and 104 in path 2, you still will be short of 15500 points to grab two 106s and another 1500 to grab the 108, now that is way out of range for free to play. It’s just not doable

Strategy Path 1

The highest-rated player you can grab free to play is a 106. That means you are gonna grab both 95s, a 99 getting the bonus a single 100 rated and the 106 if you just stick to the top or bottom path once you get through the first path. That being said you can play out the entire top path grabbing the masters and the 100 rated player all the way to one of the three 106s but you have to stop with the bottom path once you get there.

You can claim a 106 rated player assured free to play, if you choose not to claim the second 100 rated player and the 104

Strategy Path 2

That’s one way to do it. On the other hand now if you choose top and bottom, grab both 95s, and the 99, then go on claiming both the 100 rated players and a 104 here. then you can go either top or bottom in path three to get to all the way up to 500 Top Tokens offer. That takes you 8650 Prsopect Points to get you there which five more draws on the wheel.

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects Event Players

FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects
only some of the highest rated players; image source- FIFARenderZ

In conclusion, that’s the Top Prospects event, in a nutshell. We have broken down everything we can. Lots of players, lots of resources, lots of AI matches, and lots of shards. Lots of SBCs and grindable versus matches. There are variations in the event which is a good thing so that instead of a linear path there are choices, so the market won’t be flooded with masters with everyone going for the same players.

And this late in the season, it may be necessary to gather the resources to be able to hit those big OVRs and rank ups and there are a ton of resources in this event. There are actually more in-game resources in this event than we have seen in months, plus with the grinding element, this is bound to be a fun one.

Want to build your team with the best players? Check our suggestions below!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 Top Prospects Event Guide useful.

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