FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars Guide

A Blast from the Past is here!

With the ongoing Weekend Tournament and after a long but boring Treasure Hunt, FIFA Mobile is back with a new event. EA brought back the long and one of the most anticipated events to the game in the form of FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars. As the players get the chance to revisit some of the best players this throwback-themed event, Retro Stars promises to bring a blast from the past.

FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars Event Description

  • Event Duration: August 6th – August 27th (21 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 3 Neon Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 7 Coin Packs weekly giving 12 Neon Energy for 150,000 coins
  • Energy: Neon Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 15 Neon Energy

FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars Event Flow

Retro Stars

In the Retro Stars Chapter, you will be spending your Neon Energy to play Skill Games, VSA Matches, and H2H Matches to get Retro Points. You will be spending 3 Energy per skill game in return for 10 Retro Points. Additionally, the VSA or H2H matches return 15 Retro Points on wins 10 on a draw and 5 on losing the matches. So it is safe to stick to the Skill Games.

FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars

On playing a Skill Game or Match Type 15 times to unlock a Bonus Match that rewards with 100 Arcade Tokens. Additionally, there are milestones where you can earn Daily Retro Points when you use 20 Neon Energy. The amount of Retro Points you receive depends on the total amount of Neon Energy you’ve used to date thus earning you further additional milestones.

There are also 7 weekly coin packs that give 12 Neon Energy for 150,000 coins each and 3 daily ads giving 3 Neon Energy each.

Retro Room

This is basically the path of rewards. The same rehash of what we have been seeing in almost each and every event. You will move across the path of rewards and redeem your Retro Points here to earn Retro Stars Players.

FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars Retro Room

Claim 4 Path Players to earn a 99 OVR End of an Era CDM Bruno Soriano. Earn 6000 Retro Points to earn a 100 OVR Player. Claim both 104 OVR Path Players to earn 106 OVR Prime Icon Robert Pires, Hello P2P whales!

Arcade Claw

You will be using your Retro Tokens in the Arcade Claw Chapter to earn Players, Coins, and Skill Boosts. The more times you play, the more milestones you unlock!

FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars Arcade Claw

This is similar to the Bubble Chapter from the Treasure Hunt Atlantis. Player rewards can only be redeemed once, but resource rewards can be redeemed multiple times. There are additional milestones that reward you for “playing” the Arcade Claw a certain number of times.

Retro Memory

Play the Bonus Matches here to earn Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Retro Points, Players, Hazard Keys, and Logos. Complete an SBC with 11 Master Players to earn extra Coins. Earn all the available Hazard Keys to earn a 99 OVR End of an Era ST Mario Gomez!

FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars Retro Memory

This is similar to the Hidden Gold chapter from the Treasure Hunt El Dorado where you will be playing the bonus matches to earn resources and points.

Retro Memory (Week 2)

Play all the Skill Games for random rewards, including a Hazard Key. Complete all 9 Skill Games for an extra 100 Retro Points. This chapter further counts towards the EOE Mario Gomez milestone.

Note: Retro Memory Week 1 and 3 are similar in rewards and matches, Week 2 is a little different in both the format and the rewards.


Similarly, as the Treasure Hunt El Dorado event, there are two different weekly SBCs, in the main tab which exchanges for Rank Shards, which you will use for ranking up.

You should be completing the SBCs but the longer you wait, the cheaper the players will become. It’s not that tough, each requires only 5 players, all of them being 86+ OVR, while two of them being Retro Stars players. While the other SBC asks the same requirement only the OVR being lifted to 90 OVR.

FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars Event Currencies

Retro Points

  • Earn them from VS Attack, Skill Games, and Matches.
  • Spend them in the Retro Room Path.

Retro Tokens

  • Earn them from matches in the Special Chapters or the Bonus Match. 
  • Spend them in the Arcade Claw Chapter.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Energy15 InitiallyTotal
Hourly Refresh1 per Hour503
Weekly Coin pack84 per Week252
Daily Ads9 per Day189

Total 959 Neon Energy and 707 without the Coin Packs

These 959 Neon Energy if used to play only Skill Games to earn Retro Points. Playing the Bonus Match for Arcade Retro Tokens would decrease your energy by 95 with the Coin Packs and 70 without.

Thus a total of 864 Neon Energy and 637 without the Coin Packs

EventsRetro PointsTotal
3 Energy per Skill Game10 Retro Points2880 Retro Points
Retro Milestones25-200 Retro Points2975 Retro Points
Retro Memory Chapter100-150 Retro Points400 Retro Points

Total 6255 Retro Points and 4820 without the Coin Packs

Note: You can ignore playing the Bonus Match for Retro Tokens, but playing it would only decrease your Retro Points by a mere value of 300 Retro Points thus still allowing you to claim all your desired players.

Retro TokensTotal
Main Chapter Bonus Match2100
Retro Room200

Total 2300 Retro Tokens for the Arcade Claw Chapter

Note: Later EA offered compensation of 15 energy taking the total tally to 879 Neon Energy with now a total available shot at 6305 Retro Points with coin packs.

FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars Tips and Tricks

After a half-decent Treasure Hunt El Dorado, this Retro Stars is really an event to play out for. Being said all that, this event still acts like sort of a deja vu, with the same exact event designs and layouts to play for. With some usual skill games grinding and playing for three weeks, so here is our suggestion guide for the FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars.

Retro Room

Thus from the math, it is seen that 6255 Retro Points are possible mathematically if you play the skill games daily without missing any reset. You will want to buy the coin packs to play out your skill games as only buying the coin packs gives you a better chance of rewards.

Don’t let your energy refresh out. Never! When you unlock the Arcade Bonus Match, you are gonna want to play these matches. They give out Arcade Points and players including a chance at 106 Prime Icon Pires! Yes for the first time, EA is giving a shot at a free prime icon although the odds are really very very less.

Player NameMain PathSide PathTotal PathAdditional Gems Required
91 OVR GK Blake100580680
91 OVR CB Raul Albiol225580805
94 OVR ST Hennings40014201820
94 OVR LB Alex Sandro62514202045
96 OVR RW Skov95021003050
96 OVR LM Bouanga132521003425
99 OVR GK Neuer172525004225
102 OVR CB Lindelof220028505050
102 OVR CM Rooney275028505650
104 OVR LW Son36006000960037500
104 OVR LM Ribery465060001065052500
100 OVR ST Quagliarella6000
99 OVR RW Pepe52505250
99 OVR CDM Bruno Soriano62540004625
106 OVR LM Robert Pires46501200016650127500

Therefore, from the table, it is clearly visible that 102 CM Rooney is Free to Play obtainable. Without obtaining any of the gem packs you can get Rooney and close to a 91 rated player even.

If you opt for Lindelof though, the 102 CB sitting right before Rooney, you will have a shot at a 94 rated and two 91 rated players. Everyone will get Quagliarella available just for collecting 6000 Retro Points.

Daily Point Bonus

This work a bit differently than we have seen in other events. If you spend 20 Neon Energy on any given day, you earn additional Retro points based off the total Neon Energy you have used till date. EA has a little bit of a chart to explain it.

Like if you have under Tier 1, 149 Energy spent you will get 25 Bonus Retro points all the way up till Tier 4 where on spending 500 Energy you will get 200 Bonus Retro Points daily bonus. To get them you have to stay on your energy and have to open all of the coin packs right away, don’t wait on anything, just stay on top it. Cause it does come down pretty quickly.

Bonus Day Schedule: Courtsey FinallyheSleeps

Thus from the image, we can see on taking the coin packs on both the 1st and 8th day we can get the edge above others in the Daily Point Bonus Packs.

Arcade Claw

Another Random player Wheel thing, giving the free boost, XP, and Coins. You can play the Arcade wheel 23 times at max thus being able to unlock 99 rated OVR End of Era Baines.

Retro Memory

There are matches in this path but wait for it! There is an SBC! It requires 11 Masters all in position. If you have been investing masters last couple of weeks and through treasure hunt, you will be fine. If not you might be utterly screwed in spending ass-bank load of coins just to complete the SBCs.

The path will reset three times thus making it complete at least two-three times. If you want the shards you are gonna have to do it. If you want the Epic Shards which will make a difference, you need to go all the way down. So SBCs are important.

Because the Masters‘s requirement for the SBCs this time, expect the masters to hold the values in the market over the three weeks’ time. Especially the position-specific ones, the Goalkeeper, Left-Right, and Center mids. You can wait till the mid-week to complete the SBCs while people rushing in to do it right now.

You can get the End of Era Gomez just by collecting the Three Hazard Keys available one per week in this chapter.

FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars Players

Credits : FIFARenderz

Some of the other Top Players from FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars

In conclusion, that’s the Retro Stars event, in a nutshell. We have broken down everything we can. 102 OVR is possible to free to play. Along with that a 100 OVR Player and two-three 99 OVR End of Era players. Additionally, you will be getting tons of resources, shards, some masters, and even three Hazard Keys. Remember it’s all about Shards and Boosts, Boosts and Shards with a heavy dose of the Arcade!

Want to build your team with the best players? Check our suggestions below!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 Retro Stars Event Guide useful.

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Sayan Dutta

How many coin packs is needed to claim 102ovr lindelof? Pls help!


Can I get Lindelof if I play the arcade claw to get 99 ovr eoe player.Reply please.


What is the requirements for retro memory match vsa match


Will I be able to claim Rooney if I play all 21 bonus matches to get baines


Thank you so much bro, your reply means a lot for me, thank you sooo much


Please reply me bro


Guys, I never got even a player above 94 and I have played 10 bonus matches of retro event and not got a single player, will I get a high rated player in future????


Maybe, thanks for reply bro

Anirudh L N

Hello Bro. I need a team with at least 100 OVR Bro. And the best way to attain at least 140M bro. How to make this possible. I currently have a Real Madrid squad of Base Players with Team OVR of 85. Anticipating your response bro. Thanking you in advance.


hey mate! what do u think the price of Rooney and Lindelof will drop to, at the end of the event?
As I am going to buy the cheaper one(MY BUDGET 15,000,000) and the other one I will pack from the event.

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