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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Tips to complete the Howler Claw Rituals

Get the strength of a werewolf by acquiring the mythic claws!

Fortnite continues to add new content and challenges for its massive player base. The battle royale game by Epic Games never disappoints players by keeping things new. As of now, the Fortnitemares event is life in Fortnite and a lot of new items and challenges have been added to the game. DJ Lyka has joined the game and the musical artist is tempting players to claim the wolf weapons and claws. During the event, players are tempted by DJ Lyka to take on the and head off into the night. To complete the Howler Claw rituals players will have to visit Alteration Altars in Fortnite. Here is everything you need to know about the Alteration Altars and how to find them in Chapter 3 Season 4.

How to complete the Howler Claw ritual in Fortnite

The Howler Claw ritual can be completed by doing a ceremonial dance by standing on the altar. Before doing so players will have to find an altar though. Once the altar is found, players can dance by standing over it and pressing the requested button in the game. After a player finishes the dance they will be given the Howler Claws, helmet along with the Wolfscent ability. Once this ability is gained, players will be able to hunt their opponents within a certain radius and defeat them.

Alteration Altar locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Alteration Altar locations on the island:

Fortnite Howler Claw Rituals
Image via Epic Games
  • Three at The Nothing Tree where DJ Lyka is performing
  • One at Rocky Reels
  • One at The Herald’s Sanctum
  • One near Cloudy Condos
  • One at Lustrous Lagoon
  • One at Shiny Sound
  • One at Chromejam Junction

If you are someone who wants to reach the Alteration Altar quickly then go to The Nothing Tree because this is where the Altars are most concentrated.

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