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Free Fire Guide: Top 5 Tips to improve your gameplay

Playing in the classic survival maps in Free Fire can be quite challenging for players both new and experienced. Surviving in the game is essential whether it be for gaining a lot of points, completing missions, or merely reaching a certain location before more players arrive. This Free Fire Guide will give tips on how to survive for the longest and get that Booyah as a player!

How to improve your gameplay in Free Fire

1. Choose your Character wisely

The game starts with you choosing your character and weaponry. When you first start the game, you have the option of choosing between two default characters, Adam and Eve. The capabilities and skills of the other paid characters vary. Choose wisely how you spend your in-game diamonds and purchase characters based on their skills and abilities.

Free Fire Garena new Characters Cover
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2. Choosing weapons for your battle is very important

The weapon’s appearance and potency entice some players. Each weapon has its unique set of characteristics and applications. As a result, you must select three weapons and a melee item from the available options.

Choose one weapon for long-range warfare (Sniper rifle), close-range fighting (SMG or Shotgun), and extreme close-range combat (SMG or Shotgun – mp40l). As a melee weapon, you can use a knife or a pan. When purchasing long-range weaponry, you must also consider the range and damage. Close-range weapons, such as SMGs and shotguns, must prioritize damage, fire rate, and reload speed.

3. Make proper use of Gloo Wall

One of the first things you should learn to utilize is the Gloo Wall grenade. It assists you in defending yourself in the event of a large-scale attack and provides you with adequate time to react after assessing the situation. Gloo Wall, on the other hand, is merely a temporary barrier, as it can be demolished by bullets.

Free Fire Gloo Wall grenade tricks
Image via Garena

So keep in mind that its purpose is to allow you to think and act without being shot, not to protect you. The Gloo Wall can also be utilized as a distraction for your opponents, who will be concentrating on breaking down the wall while you crawl away. You can take advantage of such an opportunity if you move quickly.

4. Keep moving in a random manner to confuse the enemy

Any battle game requires a combination of intelligence, skills, and the ability to multitask. When you’re in a fight, keep your emphasis on moving forward. Many players do not move during a fight in order to focus on their target, yet standing still puts you at danger of being exploited by other players.

While killing your opponent is crucial, survival is the most important component of the game. As a result, keep moving even if it becomes impossible to target your adversary. You can develop the skill of shooting opponents with good accuracy while moving if you make it a habit and practice it.

5. Aim and Fire when the target is set on Red

During the early stages of the game, you’ll notice that your sights turn red when you’re aiming at the adversary. This occurs for a relatively brief period of time. If you shoot when the sight is glowing red, you will almost certainly hit the adversary. When you’re trying to aim at someone while moving, this is quite beneficial. All you have to do now is wait for the red signal to appear and then shoot.

Tips and Tricks for acing the End Zone battles in Free Fire

During a battle, zones can get players into a lot of difficulties. In any mode, players must have helpful items and enough ammo to last until the finish of the match. Players will have to loot from the start of the game to achieve this. They have to stay alive. Also, gamers who have already stocked up on supplies should exercise caution when using these commodities. So staying in the end zones is simple. You can follow these tips to use zones as a plus point.

  • It will be easier for the players to avoid the adversary if they have a track of where they are. It’s also a good idea to launch a surprise attack on the opponent while you’re aware of their location to boost your chances of surviving.
  • Everyone wants to take booyah in the match, therefore End Zone clashes are nonstop. While fighting, players must aim to keep their health up to avoid being eliminated. This can be accomplished with the use of the medkit, inhaler, pet skill, and character powers.
  • Players can benefit from tools such as adhesive barriers and explosives during clashes in the end zone. Glue walls can be used to create a cover, access target spots, and even block adversaries while fighting.

Also, It is critical to camp or hide beneath good cover in order to win the battle of the End Zones. Instead of participating in direct combat, the player must remain still and attempt to fire little rounds at the opponents.

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