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Free Fire Kenta Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Use Kenta to his full potential!

Free Fire offers players a plentiful of unique features and characters. The latter aid players on the virtual ground in different scenarios. You will get to choose your character to go into the battle from the lineup of almost 30 characters, every one of them with their unique skills and story in the Free Fire planet. In our Free Fire guide, we’ll go through a complete analysis of Kenta and provide tips on using him effectively.

About Kenta in Free Fire

Free Fire Kenta
Image via Garena

Kenta is the third character with a connection to the Kelly/ Hayato plot. He is a swordsmith and warrior serving the Yagami family, from which Hayato is the next head. He is also Hayato’s bodyguard. Appearance-wise, Kenta wears a purple Samurai-inspired costume, with a purple cape furnished with the Yagami clan’s symbol.

Kenta abilities in Free Fire

Swordsman’s Wrath is an active ability that creates a shield that decreases weapon damage coming from the front. The shield is a rectangular force field that moves after Kenta and always faces the viewing angle of the camera.

The aura of the shield is fairly big, which makes it useful for covering your team and protecting them from attacks. The duration of the shield is nearly long, however, it automatically stops if Kenta fires a shot. Note: Kenta does not have a unique ability, but can be equipped with an existing ability. Kenta is a recommended character for beginners, they can equip and experiment.

Best character skill combination with Kenta you should try in Free Fire

Almost all Garena Free Fire characters’ skills are self-explanatory. So, it is easy to make your team in Free Fire or skill combinations after knowing the characters and their abilities. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a list of skill combinations with Kenta for better gameplay.

1. Kenta/ Kelly/ D-Bee/ Jota

Kelly’s sprint is faster than normal, allowing us to reach enemies, grab the loot before others, or escape from danger. The new Kelly the Swift Free Fire ability is called ‘Deadly Velocity’, with which you can deal more damage with the first hit that gets the target. On the other hand, D-Bee helps with increased accuracy and movement speed when players fire while moving. The rub for accuracy is 20%, and movement speed is 5%. Jota is used for healing, as his ability replenishes 10% HP for the users after every frag. Users also gain health after serving to damage using.

2. Kenta/ Antonio/ Luqueta/ Wolfrah

Antonio’s skill will give ten extra health points at the start of each round, meaning that gamers start at 210 HP. Luqueta‘s skill called ‘Hat Trick’ increases the maximum HP of the player by 8 to 35 with each kill at the base level. At character level 8, players will be able to gain a maximum HP of 15 to 35 after each kill. Wolfrah’s ability reduces the headshot damage when enemies hit him, whereas his damage increases on the enemies’ limbs and arms.

3. Kenta/ Dasha/ Hayato/ Moco

Dasha reduces the damage and recovery time that gamers suffer from falls by 30% and 60%, respectively. She also lowers recoil buildup and increases recoil by 6%. Hayato is a legendary samurai character who has the Bushido ability where when his HP gets lower, the higher the riddling of Hayato’s armor. If he is combined with Kenta, the player’s armor will be much thicker and then it will be easy to eliminate enemies. 

Moco‘s ability is ‘Hacker’s Eye,’ which displays enemies that are hit by players for two seconds, and this info will be passed down with teammates as well. At the maximum level, users will be able to display their enemies for 5 seconds.

Tips and Tricks for using Kenta in Free Fire

Free Fire Kenta
Image via Garena
  • Use against explosives: Kenta’s ability proves very effective against grenades, launchers, and others. Using his shield power, players can tackle any combat including any explosives.
  • Purely defensive: The area of the force field is quite large, so it protects teammates very effectively. The time to use Swordsman’s Wrath is also quite long. However, it automatically disappears when Kenta takes any shot.
  • No one can attack through a force field: Swordsman’s Wrath blocks about half of enemy gun damage. That renders nearly every attack ineffective.

We have tried to give our best combinations with the given character. It completely depends on the player how it indulges with situations in the game and uses the skills likewise.

Did you find our Free Fire Kenta guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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