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Free Fire Rafael Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Utilise Rafael to his full potential!

Free Fire has a massive list of characters with passive and active skills. All the abilities are unique and can be paired with pets and these pets have skills that help the players get better results. One of the powerful characters in Free Fire is Rafael, the deadly assassin. This Free Fire guide will help you with the best character combinations to use with Rafael and tips to master him.

About Rafael in Free Fire

Rafael is a deadly killer. His goal is to bring justice to the world. There are a lot of theories regarding his past life where he was a professional soldier and he had a wife who he killed and later decided to go on a rampaging quest for revenge and to deal with his enemies once and for all. The character can be unlocked with 499 diamonds.

Rafael abilities in Free Fire

Rafael’s ability is called Dead Silent. With the activation of this ability, the opponents can’t see him on the mini-map while he is shooting for 8 seconds. The cool downtime for the ability is 90 seconds so players should be knowing exactly when to activate this skill. Moreover, enemies hit and downed suffer 20% faster HP loss. Rafael should be used in ideal situations like when he is facing a single opponent or two not many. His ability can confuse the opponents and help Rafael to get an upper hand over the match.

Image via Garena

His ability works at high intensity only in the long and medium-range, particularly helpful when the opponents haven’t detected the player yet. This character is perfect for lonely assassins and can be utilized effectively in solo modes. His abilities enhance as you level up:

  • Level 1: You will not be revealed on the mini-map for 8s, CD 90s
  • Level 2: You will not be revealed on the mini-map for 8s, CD 80s
  • Level 3: You will not be revealed on the mini-map for 8s, CD 70s
  • Level 4: You will not be revealed on the mini-map for 8s, CD 60s
  • Level 5: Unlock Gunman Jacket.
  • Level 6: You will not be revealed on the mini-map for 8s, CD 50s
  • Level 7: Unlock Deadly Killer Banner
  • Level 8: You will not be revealed on the mini-map for 8s, CD 40s

Best character skill combination with Rafael you should try in Free Fire

1. Rafael/Dimitri /Laura/Maro

Dimitri‘s Healing Heartbeat creates a 3.5m diameter healing zone. Within this, players regain three health points per second and if they are knocked down, they can self recover. The cool downtime is 85 seconds which lasts for 10 seconds. Laura’s ability increases accuracy by 10% while players are scoped in. Maro’s Falcon Fervor increases the damage with distance, up to a total of 5%, and damage to marked enemies increases by 1%.

2. Rafael/Wukong/Shiro/Kapella

Wukong‘s ability is called Camouflage which enables players to get transformed into a bush for a while. Shirou has a passive skill called Damage Delivered. At the base level, when the player is hit by an enemy within a 50m radius, the attacker is marked for 3 seconds (only visible to the player). Kapella increases the effects of healing items and healing skills by 20% and 10% respectively. This skill combination can be used by Rafael the Dead silent. 

Tips and Tricks for using Rafael in Free Fire

Free Fire Rafael Guide
Image via Garena
  • The best way to use Rafael is by not attacking too soon. You need to let the enemy make the first move, and then at the right time, you can shock the enemy with Rafael’s ability. They won’t get time to determine his position, so this will give you time to get an upper hand.
  • In squad mode, you can let your teammates take charge and then with the help of Rafael take the enemies by surprise.
  • This character shouldn’t be used by the players who are rushers. Because not only the ability is passive it also has a high amount of cool-down time.

Rafael has one of the best passive abilities. He can lay low and yet take down all the enemies effectively. Practically the best choice for campers.

Did you find our Free Fire Rafael guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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