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Free Fire Santino Guide: Abilities, Character combination, and more

Trick and teleport to cause mayhem in the battleground!

With every new update that rolls in the popular battle royale title Free Fire, new features, events, characters, and pets are introduced. An all-new character Santino made his way into the game for players to try their hands at teleporting and outsmarting opponents with the decoy. Before putting his skills to test with your squad on the battlefield it’s wise to have an in-depth understanding of his abilities. This Free Fire guide will provide details about the ability and tips to master Santino.

About Santino in Free Fire

Skilled in the ability of “Shape Splliting”, Santino Valentine is a fashion designer by profession. He had an ordinary childhood born into poverty. His aptitude and likeness towards art helped him to get into a renowned art school where he graduated from. His hard work and creative designs led him to rise the ladder in the world of fashion by creating his fashion brand called ‘Angelic’.

Free Fire Santino Guide
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Santino’s keen eye for fashion design is reflected in his ability to shape split. This ability provides him with an edge on the battlefield as he deploys a decoy to trick his opponents. 

Abilities of Santino in Free Fire

The newly added character in Free Fire Santino has a special survival ability called “Shape Splliter”. This is an active ability that has a cooldown period of 80 s. At level 6, Santino can generate a 200 HP decoy that moves ahead of you for 12 seconds. 

This decoy can be used to teleport back to its position. This ability can be strategically used to trick the enemy about your location. In the meantime, you can surprise your enemies by launching a flanking attack. A distance of more than 60 meters prevents him from teleporting, though. 

Best character skill combination with Santino you should try in Free Fire

 In this section of the guide, we will look at a few team compositions suiting the gameplay style of Santino in Free Fire.

1. Santino with Kenta, Dimitri, and Wukong

With Kenta in the team, his special Swordsman’s Wrath forms a shield that protects his teammates from incoming weapon damage. Meanwhile, Santino can take on the enemies aggressively and remain protected by using Dimitri’s healing zone which recovers HP. Wukong on the other hand launch attacks without being detected as he has a special ability to camouflage and move around as a bush. 

2. Santino with Homer, Luna, and Skyler

Santino’s gameplay is fast-paced and with Luna’s ‘Fight or Flight’ ability both can coordinate to carry out an aggressive attack on opponents. Having Homer in the team slows down enemies’ movement speed and firing ability with his drone, buying time for Santino to launch a surprise attack. The team can stay alive till the end of the battle owing to Skyler‘s healing abilities and sonic wave power.

Tips and Tricks for using Santino in Free Fire

  • Santino with his active ability is very useful in close combats. His skills offer him the power to escape from the heat of the scenes and reappear to tear apart enemy defenses. Also, he can move around specific locations and confuse enemies with his teleportation ability. 
  • The decoy can also be spawned before taking on a fight and must be placed in a safe place away from enemies’ reach. This is best used to evade attacks. But one must note to place it within a range of 60 meters to be able to use the skill. 
Free Fire OB38 Update
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Santino is a versatile character who can teleport and place decoys in enemies’ way of attack. Players can unlock Santino for free by playing ranked matches or by purchasing him with 15,000 gold or 749 diamonds. 

Did you find our Free Fire Santino guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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