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Genshin Impact 3.3 Update Spiral Abyss: Overview, How to clear 36 stars

Clear out the most challenging part of the game!

Genshin Impact of Version 3.3 Update has reset both Floor 11 and Floor 12 in the Spiral Abyss. In this guide, we will explain the new changes in the current Spiral Abyss, how to clear them in the current Genshin Impact 3.3 Patch Update, and the most optimal teams that can be used.

Genshin Impact 3.3 Update Spiral Abyss Guide: How to clear Floor 11

Ley Line Disorder: Anemo DMG increased by 75%.

How to clear Floor 11 Genshin Impact 3.3 Update Spiral Abyss guide
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Chamber 1

  • Chamber 1 is a Ley Line Monolith challenge where players need to protect the Monolith from enemies by defeating them all. Players need to save it at least before it hits below 60% for a 3-star clear run.
  • As said previously, bringing an Anemo CC unit can help to gather the Slimes and Specters together to quickly deal damage and partially stun them. When stunned, they can prevent the mobs from damaging the Monolith as a result. In the first wave of mobs, they all target the monolith while in the later wave of mobs only the fire mobs target it. Another thing to note is to kill the specters away from the monolith as it may damage the monolith when they explode.
  • In the second half of Chamber 1, there are about 4 Primal Constructs that will spawn at the same, targeting the Monolith immediately with their beams. Primal Constructs turn invisible after some time and are resistant to any damage taken except Electro. It is important that players bring an Electro character into the party to break the primal constructs out of invisibility. Additionally, bringing a Dendro character to apply Quicken breaks the invisibility without the long process of destroying the parts.

Chamber 2

  • In the first half, the first wave of mobs is Pyro and Cryo Abyss Mages. Use Swirl to break the respective shields with the Anemo unit. Afterward, two Hydro Abyss Mages and a Pyro Abyss Lector will spawn. It is highly recommended that Players bring a Hydro Character to break the Pyro Lector’s shield. Swirling the Abyss Mages can also break the Pyro Lector’s shield but it may prove to be a long and tedious process to keep them alive till the Shield pops up. For the Abyss Mages’ shields, you can use Dendro or Cryo to remove them.
  • The second half of the Chamber is quite easy to finish since all four enemies spawn at the same time. The Ruin Destroyers and Ruin Drakes will follow your character and as a result, the enemies will be grouped together. Any Elemental DPS character can defeat the bosses, although it is advised to bring a DPS unit with good AoE damage to finish them all off quickly.

Chamber 3

  • The first half of the Chamber has 2 waves of enemies spawning. In the first wave, you should focus on killing the Fatui Cryogunner first to remove the Ice Cage Aura. The enemy can constantly apply Cryo to the character, coupled with the Mirror Maiden it can freeze your current on-field character and take damage as a result. In the second wave of mobs, 4 Shroom enemies will spawn. Defeat the Geoshroom first as it has Rumbling Stone enabled which can constantly deal damage to your active character.
  • The second half of Chamber 3 is a bit tricky and relies purely on dishing out high damage to the enemies. 4 Ruin Drake: Skywatch will spawn at the same time. All of them will be in flying mode and may be difficult to deal damage to all of them at the same time. DPS with strong AoE is recommended although not required.

Optimal Team Comps to use on Floor 11

Optimal Team Comps to use on Floor 11
Image via HoYoverse

As the Ley Line Disorder grants a 75% Anemo DMG, having an Anemo-centric damage dealer team comp can help to clear Floor 11. It is recommended to bring an Anemo crowd-control character in the first half of the Floor since the mobs and enemies can be swirled and weakened due to crowd control.

Genshin Impact 3.3 Update Spiral Abyss Guide: How to clear Floor 12

Ley Line Disorder: For this floor only, the Ley Line flow will be normal.

How to clear Floor 12 Genshin Impact 3.3 Update Spiral Abyss guide
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Chamber 1

  • The first half has the Perpetual Mechanical Array which players can refer to the guide to fully understand the boss. To summarize, at a certain time the boss will take on a defensive pose and summon 4 Sentinels. Defeat the Sentinel that has the glowing ring around it to weaken the Boss and reduce all Elemental Resistances. Take advantage of this vulnerable state to deal massive damage to the boss.
  • For this group of enemies, aim for the Geochanter since the other two Eremites will follow you regardless. Make sure you defeat the Geochanter quickly before it effectively raises its shield. Deal AoE DMG to dispose of them simultaneously as quickly as possible. The last Eremite is the Stone Enchanter. When its HP is low enough, the enemy summons a Drake. You can either kill the Stone Drake to make the Geochanter vulnerable or just focus on the enemy instead. The Rumbling Stone does immense damage so make sure you have a shielder or a strong healer in the party.

Chamber 2

  • In the first wave, 3 Primal Constructs will spawn. Use an Anemo CC unit to help group the enemies. The Primal Constructs go invisible after some time, rendering them free from any damage taken. Use an Electro character to turn them visible again or choose to wait for 10 seconds instead. You can also bring a Dendro unit to trigger Quicken, enabling them to be visible faster. After all the Constructs are killed, a Galehunter will spawn and will summon a Wind Glede. With the additional 50% resistance, players can either kill the Wind Glede to reduce the resistance again or simply inflict damage on the Galehunter if they have a strong enough DPS.
  • The Golden Wolflord is the enemy in the second half of Chamber 2. Refer to our guide for an in-depth tutorial on how to defeat the Golden Wolflord effectively. To summarize, players are required to bring a Geo character in order to break the pillars it will spawn when its shield is up at 70% HP. It is highly recommended that players bring a ranged DPS to the party to quickly finish off the boss without waiting.

Chamber 3

  • The first half of Chamber 3 has the Jadeplume Terrorshroom. Refer to our guide for an in-depth analysis of how to defeat the Jadeplume Terrorshroom. To summarize, Electro DPS units are highly recommended to bring in the fight as they can trigger quickened reactions causing the enemy to be enraged and exhausted. When it is exhausted it would be in a vulnerable state. Use that time to quickly finish off the boss with your team. Do not bring a Pyro unit to the party as it can trigger Burning and hurt your own characters on-field.
  • The second half of the Chamber is quite a difficult run where the enemies are all Rifthounds. There are 3 waves of enemies that will spawn. In the first wave, 6 Rifthound Whelps will spawn and another 6 will show up in the second wave after defeating them all in the first wave. Use an Anemo CC to gather them and make sure you bring a strong healer with consistent healing. Freeze teams can work well in these situations. The last wave will have 3 Rifthounds. Since they cannot be gathered around using an Anemo unit, simply stand at a corner to have the 3 follow you. You can then use a frozen team to quickly finish the Rifthounds off.

Optimal Team Comps to Use on Floor 12

Image via HoYoverse

For the first half of the Floor, bringing a Quicken team will be effective against the Primal Constructs and the Jadeplume Terrorshroom. Although it is not necessarily players who just need to bring a generally high DPS team. The second half requires a Geo unit for the Wolford and a strong healer against the Rifthounds Corrosion effect. Generally, you will be needing a team that performs well in both single-target and multi-target (AoE) scenarios.

What are your thoughts on the guide to clear the floors in the Spiral Abyss for the Genshin Impact 3.3 Update? Let us know in the comments below.

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