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Genshin Impact 3.6: “A Parade of Providence” Event Guide and Tips

Complete the event to win amazing rewards!

A Parade of Providence” is the flagship event of Genshin Impact version 3.6. The event began on April 27th, 2023, and will last till May 15th, 2023. One new act of the event story quest will unlock every other day starting from April 27th, for a total of 3 acts. One new gameplay phase will unlock every other day starting from April 27th, for a total of 4 phases. All of them share the same end date of May 15th. 

Genshin Impact 3.6: “A Parade of Providence” event: Requirements

Players absolutely need to meet these requirements: 

  • Adventure Rank 30 or above
  • Complete Archon Quest Chapter 1 Act 3: “A New Star Approaches”

For a better experience, players should have completed these Quests:

  • Complete Archon Quest Interlude Chapter Act 3: “Inversion of Genesis”
  • Complete Alhaitham’s Story Quest “Vultur Volans Chapter: Act I”

It is possible to use the “Quick Start” option from the event page which removes the need to complete these two Quests.

Genshin Impact 3.6: “A Parade of Providence” event: Story walkthrough 

If the requirements are met, the event quest will appear in the quest list. Navigate the quest and go to Akademiya’s main hall. Here, you will learn about the “Akademiya Extravaganza” that is about to take place.

Genshin Impact 3.6 A Parade of Providence story walkthrough
Image via HoYoverse

Follow the quest marker to visit the main venue of the event. Here, you will meet the main players (Darshan representatives) of the Interdarshan Championship: Tighnari, Cyno, Layla, Faruzan, Kaveh, and… Hat Guy (Scaramouche/Wanderer). Alhaitham and Nilou are also a part of it as commentators. The Traveller will act as a guest commentator. Once the introductions are done, go and talk to all of the Darshan representatives to find out about their reason to participate.

When you are done talking to them, go talk to Kareena. Here, you will meet Dehya and Candace too. Afterward, go listen to Alhaitham and Nilou explaining the rules for the upcoming game. Then, talk to the Darshan representatives to learn about their approach to the game. 

Once the game has begun, go find Cyno by following the quest marker. He is standing on a tree branch, by the way. You will soon be joined by Kaveh and Faruzan. Once the conversation is over, you will have to follow the two of them for a while and find Tighnari. He is giving a lecture about butterflies to the public while being surrounded by them. 

Genshin Impact 3.6 A Parade of Providence walkthrough
Image via HoYoverse

At this point, you will be asked to visit the other participants. They are all in Sumeru City and their locations are marked on the map. Visit Layla and follow her following a butterfly. You will stumble upon Dehya and Candace, who will help you catch it. 

Return to the main venue, and talk to Alhaitham and Nilou. This is the end of the first round of games. Follow the quest marker and visit Dori. Talking to her will end the quest. Talk to her immediately after the quest ends to get the quest “That Incident From Twenty Years Ago.” Navigate the quest and follow the marker to talk to an NPC to complete it.

Gala Booths (challenges) from the Six Darshans

Completing the event quest will reveal 6 challenges. They will appear as quests, navigate them, talk to the NPCs, and unlock the Gala Booths. You will have to come to the NPC at the Gala Booth to start the individual challenges.

Genshin Impact Gala Booths (challenges) from the Six Darshans
Image via HoYoverse

Gathering of Stars

  • Select which section you want to rotate
  • Rotate it left or right to keep it within the blue circle
  • Wait for the stars to light up
  • Once all stars are lit up, the challenge is completed 

Project Connectivity

  • Use the building materials to create a path so that you can reach every checkpoint
  • When you click “go to challenge” you will exit editing mode and your character will have to traverse the path you created to reach the checkpoints
  • The checkpoints can be reached in any order
  • The path can be edited if you fail

Antiquity Hunt

Equip this gadget from the inventory.

  • Visit the location marked on the map
  • Place the locator to see how close you are to the Relic Replica as a percentage
  • Move and repeat the process to get as close to it as possible
  • When you are really close (~ above 90%) it will reveal itself 
  • Sometimes you will have to remove obstacles, this can be enemies or objects 

In Truth’s Steps

  • Listen to the story
  • Ask questions
  • Ask every question to pinpoint to solution
  • Click “find the truth” when you are done

Do not worry, this challenge is not that difficult and there are no serious repercussions for wrong answers. You can find the right answer simply through trial and error.

Concocted Reaction

This is a combat challenge. At the beginning of the challenge, you can:

  • Obtain two buffs
  • Remove two debuffs
  • You still receive the other two debuffs, so select wisely
  • You will not be provided any trial characters

Do not worry, the challenge is not too difficult. You only need one well-built team. Attempting the hard mode is worthwhile since it is not too hard and you can claim the rewards for the lower difficulties too. 

Mimetic Replication 

This challenge is incredibly easy. Jump or leap (basically, jump higher) to pick up the coin. 

Genshin Impact 3.6: “A Parade of Providence” event: Rewards

  • 1x Crown of Insight
  • Primogems
  • Mora 
  • Hero’s Wits
  • Boss materials (gemstones)
  • Talent materials

Free redeemable 4* character: Faruzan

Completing event challenges will reward “Gala Excitement.” Collecting 1200 will allow you to claim a free copy of Faruzan. 

Genshin Impact Free redeemable 4 character Faruzan
Image via HoYoverse

Battle Pass EXP

Players can gain BP EXP by reaching certain milestones during this event:

  • Complete “Comings and Goings” of the “Interdarshan Championship” in “A Parade of Providence”: 1,500 BP EXP
  • Reach 750 Gala Excitement in “A Parade of Providence”: 1,500 BP EXP
  • Reach 1,500 Gala Excitement in “A Parade of Providence”:  2,250 BP EXP

That was all about the “A Parade of Providence” event in Genshin Impact.

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