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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Kaveh and Tips

Team compositions for Kaveh in Genshin Impact!

“Empyrean Reflection” Kaveh is a 4* Dendro claymore character who gets a Dendro infusion with his burst. Because of this, he can be used in any team that needs an on-field Dendro character. One important thing to note: Kaveh’s self-healing ability only works if he takes Bloom DMG. This includes regular Blooms and Nilou’s Bountiful Cores but excludes Hyperblooms and Burgeons. This guide is about the best team compositions for Kaveh in Genshin Impact.

Best Team Compositions for Kaveh in Genshin Impact


Kaveh Xinqiu/YelanNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro TravellerKokomi/Barbara/any Dendro or Hydro
Bloom unitBloom enablerAdditional Dendro and healing (Yaoyao only)Additional Dendro or Hydro 

This team is pretty straightforward. Kaveh should be built with full EM for him to do maximum Bloom DMG. Having an additional Dendro unit will battery him and make sure that Blooms are being generated even during Kaveh’s downtime.

Image via HoYoverse
KavehXinqiu/YelanNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro TravellerRosaria
Bloom unitBloom enablerAdditional Dendro and healing (Yaoyao only)Freeze enabler

Including Rosaria in a Bloom team will turn it into a “Fridge” team. Enemies must be frozen while having a Dendro aura to achieve this. 

KavehXinqiu/YelanNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro TravellerAlbedo
Bloom unitBloom enablerAdditional Dendro and healing (Yaoyao only)EM buff/additional DMG

Albedo is a rather unique character since he offers additional DMG through his skill without interrupting Bloom reactions. He can also provide a sizable EM buff through his burst which will benefit Bloom DMG.

KavehXinqiu/YelanNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro TravellerKazuha/Sucrose/Venti
Bloom unitBloom enablerAdditional Dendro and healing (Yaoyao only)Grouping

This team benefits from the grouping offered by Anemo units. They can also infuse their bursts with Hydro to enable more Bloom generation.

Nilou Bloom

KavehNilouNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro TravellerXinqiu/Yelan/Kokomi/Barbara
Bloom unitBountiful Core enablerAdditional Dendro and healing (Yaoyao only)Additional Hydro

Kaveh can be a great choice for the on-field Bloom unit in a Nilou team. His self-healing ability will keep him alive, although it is not enough, and bringing a healer is strongly recommended. 


KavehXinqiu/YelanRaiden Shogun/Kuki ShinobuNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro Traveller
Bloom unitBloom enablerHyperbloom unit and healing (Kuki Shinobu only)Additional Dendro and healing (Yaoyao only)

Kaveh can easily slot into a Hyperbloom team due to his Dendro infusion. He will require a Dendro battery to maintain the infusion though. 

Genshin Impact Kaveh
Image via HoYoverse


KavehXinqiu/YelanThomaNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro Traveller
Bloom unitBloom enablerBurgeon unitAdditional Dendro and healing (Yaoyao only)

Currently, Thoma is the only viable Burgeon unit. Getting his burst ready is extremely important so he will need a lot of ER and it is advisable to equip the teammates with Favonius weapons. Kaveh will be the on-field Dendro unit as usual.


KavehFischl/Yae MikoRaiden Shogun/Kuki Shinobu/LisaNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro Traveller
Spread DPSSpread enablerAdditional electro and healing (Kuki Shinobu only)Additional Dendro and healing (Yaoyao only)

Even though Alhaitham is the best Spread DPS, Kaveh is a pretty decent 4* option if players are interested in this reaction.

What are your thoughts about our guide on Best Team Compositions of Kaveh in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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