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Genshin Impact Graven Innocence Event Guide and Tips

Get your hands on Collei in Genshin Impact!

Graven Innocence is an event based on exploring the new Sumeru region, which got released in Version 3.0 of Genshin Impact. In this guide, we will discuss the Graven Innocence event and how to get the free Collei.

Genshin Impact Graven Innocence Event: Requirements to unlock

  • Adventurer rank 20 or above
  • In completion of the “trial of the God of wisdom“, players may also use the Quick-start option if they didn’t complete the quest yet.

How to get a free Collei

To get Collei, players first need to complete the event quest first, which is the “Unappreciated Carving”.

Genshin Impact Collei Guide Cover, Genshin Impact Graven Innocence Event
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  • Talk to the troubled artisan at Port Ormos.
  • After interacting with the artisans go to Ghandharva Ville to find Tanger.
  • Talk to Razi and finish the cutscene to obtain Collei.
  • Follow the Aranara trails then talk to Tanger
  • Go to the encampment at night (00:00-04:00) the next day and find Collei
Genshin Impact Graven Innocence Event
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Event Quest: Completion rewards

  • Collei x 1
  • Primogem x 80
  • Mora x 20,000
  • Hero’s wit x 2
  • Exquisite Kamara x 1

How to use Exquisite Kamara

Exquisite Kamara
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While using the Exquisite Kamara, if the player has an object worth keeping a record of in view, the Kamara will display information related to them. Adjust the photo-taking distance and camera zoom to easily spot these designated photo targets. Players must keep in mind that Exquisite Kamara can only be used in Sumeru.

Whimsical Draft

A quick sketch of inspirations for Aranara Carving was made during the adventure. Can be exchanged for precious treasures during the Graven Innocence event. Players can obtain these from the Snapshots event.

Genshin Impact Graven Innocence Event: Parts

After much discussion with their companions during the adventure, players will have summed up thoughtful suggestions on how Aranara Carvings can become more popular. It can be exchanged during the Graven Innocence event. The Graven Innocence event is mainly divided into 3 parts which have their sub-parts as well

Metamorphosis of wood

Metamorphosis of wood
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Players need to assemble the carving components to craft an Aranara Carving for various rewards, such as primogems, enhancement ores, creative note, and a woodland stand. Players need Whimsical Draft to purchase the carving components from the event shop, which they may collect from the Snapshots event.

Roaming the Jungle

This part of the event is further subdivided into 4 parts.


In this part of the event, players need to use their Exquisite Kamara to take various Snapshots of creatures and vegetation found in Sumeru. Players can get rewards like mora, talent books, and Whimsical Draft which they may use in the Metamorphosis of wood.

Behemoth Observation

Behemoth Observation
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This event is based around the new world bosses in the Sumeru region. Players need to fulfill certain criteria and defeat the Electro Regisvine and Jadeplume Terrorshroom to get rewards like primogems, creative notes, enhancement ores, and mora.

Grove Dash

The time elapsed while clearing the Grove Dash challenge and the number of adventure coins collected along the way will determine a Player’s score at the end of the challenge. The number of points scored will also determine the reward a player gets from the challenge. Get rewards like primogems, mora, and creative notes which can be exchanged for items in the event shop

Braving the elements

This part of the event is based on the new dendro reactions introduced in this version of 3.0 Update when a character on the field triggers Quicken, Aggravate, Bloom, Hyperbloom, Burgeon, or Burning reaction to unleash a Shockwave at the point where the reaction takes place dealing true damage, this effect can be triggered every 2s. Players should get rewards like Creative notes, Mora, and Hero’s wit.

Meticulous Craftmanship

Meticulous craftsmanship is another event-based quest in the Graven Innocence event.

Genshin Impact Graven Innocence Event Meticulous Craftmanship
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Players must talk to the craftsman in Port Ormos, Sumeru after finishing the cutscene players will Meticulous Craftmanship event quest, after completing the quest players will get :

  • Primogems x 60
  • Hero’s wit x 2
  • Mora x 20,000

Event shop

The event shop will be available during the entire time of the event (till the end of version 3.0) players can exchange their creative notes for tons of goodies such as primogems, hero’s wit etc.

What are your thoughts on the Graven Innocence Event Guide in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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