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Genshin Impact Guide: Tips to beat the Setekh Wenut Boss

Defeat the newest boss in Version 3.4!

The Setekh Wenut is a new boss in Genshin Impact that has been released in the new Version 3.4. The boss is located in the new Desert update expansion of the Sumeru map. Currently, as of now, Alhaitham is the only playable character currently released that uses Setekh Wenut’s ascension materials. In this guide, we will be discussing and giving tips on how to defeat the Setekh Wenut in Genshin Impact, along with recommending what characters one should use in the boss fight.

How to Find and Unlock the Setekh Wenut Boss in Genshin Impact

The Wenut Boss is located in the Sumeru Desert, particularly around the Desert of Hadramaveth. In order to access the boss, players need to unlock the Sumeru region, specifically the Hadramaveth Desert region. Unlocking the Sumeru region will easily let the Adventurer’s Handbook locate the Setekh Wenut for the player. There are nearby teleport waypoints where players can get close as possible to the boss’s location.

Genshin Impact Setekh Wenut Boss location
Image via HoYoverse

Unfortunately, there is no direct teleport waypoint to the Setekh Wenut boss, but there are 2 different ways to locate the boss’s cave. In the first method, players can teleport here on the top of a cliff and then jump down. Then, players will see a series of paths extending to different locations, go take the path where 2 Pyro Whopperflowers are present near a cave. Follow this path, till it leads players to the Setekh Wenut boss. It is recommended that players teleport to this path as it is a lot easier and less time-consuming.

There is another method to reach the boss albeit a slower method than the first one. In this path, players have to teleport to the teleport waypoint that is almost close to the boss’s location on the map. Players will then see a cave to your right. The path to this cave is a lengthy one that far exceeds the first path and is filled with many types of enemies.

Genshin Impact Setekh Wenut Boss: Quick Overview


An eyeless predator from deep within the Great Red Sand uses sound and vibrations to seek out its prey. Legend has it that in the ancient past, before even the concept of time was created, these creatures thrived with their progenitors and offspring in a land of verdant grass and colossal trees, traversing through slick soil like fishes diving through the wet.

Genshin Impact Setekh Wenut Boss
Image via HoYoverse

With the passage of eons, the gifts of heaven have long reduced the soils to sand, rendering a great many creatures extinct. This branch of their genus was able to survive by adapting more toward earth-based living, and became known as the “Wenut.” Some desert folk still mistakenly believe that sandworms are the final point of a quicksand eel’s life cycle, likely due to superficial similarities between the species’ behaviors.

Legend has it that in the distant past, the scorching desert was once home to fragrant flowers and giant trees, and was inhabited by countless birds and beasts. Legend also has it that the only ones who remember it are the blind predators respectfully and fearfully referred to as “Wenut.”

Materials and Items dropped by the Setekh Wenut Boss

  • Character Ascension Material: Pseudo-Stamens
  • Artifact Sets: Berserker, Instructor, Adventurer, Gladiator’s Finale, and Wanderer’s Troupe
  • Ascension Gems: Vayuda Turquoise Sliver, Vayuda Turquoise Fragment, Vayuda Turquoise Chunk, Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone

How to defeat the Setekh Wenut Boss in Genshin Impact

The Wenut Boss will be conducting a series of attacks when it is on the ground. After some attacks later, it will go into aerial mode and fly over. It is advised for players to learn its attack patterns and abilities in order to avoid any damage. Some of Wenut’s attacks are similar to many of the Regisvines that were fought before.

Attack Patterns and Abilities

Setekh Wenut Boss attack patterns
Image via HoYoverse
  • Sweep: The Wenut does a 90-degree angle sweep on the sandy ground in front of it with its body which deals 100% ATK as Physical DMG. Dodge and use i-frames to avoid the attack.
  • Thrust: When the boss is in the ground below, it drills out of the ground from below the player, dealing 100% ATK as Physical DMG. Before it drills out, there will be an indication of it coming out by forming a circle around the player.
  • Spit: Shoots 3 projectiles onto the player with each dealing 50% ATK as Anemo DMG. As said before, dodging at the right time or i-framing can help.
  • Stream of Gales: The Wenut comes out of the ground and surfaces at the center of the area, firing countless amounts of projectiles in every direction with each dealing 50% ATK as Anemo DMG.
  • Stormbreath: Just like a Regisvine, the boss sweeps the area around at a 360-degree angle and blasts a massive surge of Anemo energy, dealing 100% ATK as Anemo DMG.
  • Pressurized Beam: The boss fires a beam in the ground which has Anemo energy that deals 100% ATK as Anemo DMG on hit.

Vulnerable State: Area of Attacks

Floating State

The Setekh Wenut boss suspends itself in midair and summons 6 Windbite Bullets. After some time, if the Bullets are not shot, then they will be absorbed then the bullets will fire 3 rounds of projectiles each covering expanding circular areas of the arena. Each projectile deals 100% ATK as AoE Anemo DMG in the ground.

Genshin Impact Setekh Wenut Boss floating statea
Image via HoYoverse

The Windbite Bullets can be destroyed which let the boss be in a paralyzed state for a few minutes. Players should quickly shoot 2 Windbite Bullets with either Cryo/Pyro/Hydro/Electro. When the boss is successfully shot by the bullets, it will be paralyzed for some time. Use this window of opportunity to deal damage to the enemy as it loses 45% Resistance to the element that has been hit with the bullet.

  • Dig: The boss digs out of the ground and back in, exposing itself to attacks.
  • Arc: It digs out of the ground, travels an arcing trajectory midair, and reenters the ground, exposing itself to attacks.

Achievements completed from the Electro Regisvine Boss Fight

  • He Who Controls the Spice: Players can destroy 2 Windbite Bullets in succession and use them to perform Swirl reactions and bring the SetekhWenut in its floating form down.          
  • I hate ‘Em Myself: Be attacked by a Wenut for the first time.

For this specific boss, it is highly required that players bring a Bow character in the party in order to fire the Windbite Bullets, especially with characters that have the following element, namely Cryo, Pyro, Hydro, and Electro. Characters like Fischl, Yelanetc are good candidates in this team comp.

Additionally, bringing a Ranged DPS character can be useful, since it would be much easier to deal damage to the Wenut, due to its constant habit of hiding inside the grounds. If players are having a hard time dodging the attacks, it is recommended to bring a Shield character to the party. Here are some recommended characters to bring to the Boss fight:

That’s all for the guide on how to beat the Setekh Wenut Boss in Genshin Impact.

Did you find this guide to defeating the Setekh Wenut Boss in Genshin Impact useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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