Honor of Kings Lady Sun Guide: Best Arcana, Build and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play Lady Sun in Honor of Kings!

Honor of KingsLady Sun is one of the most traditional and easiest-to-learn heroes that are currently available in the game. She is the most regular marksman in the game and a recommended first marksman to take up, when players are planning to main the role of a marksman, as learning her would mean that players would need to understand the depth of becoming a marksman in Honor of Kings. She is a late-game specialist that would need a lot of babysitting to make use of. In this guide below, we will look at how to win games with Lady Sun effectively in Honor of Kings.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Honor of Kings heroes like Diaochan, Private Ear, and Solarus. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Lady Sun.

She has a kiting skill that basically makes it easier for the players to evade getting attacked by the enemy team which is in most times the most difficult problem for marksmen to overcome. Additionally, her skill set allows her to become even a shredder against the enemy high defensive tanks and fighters.

Skill Analysis

In this Lady Sun guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Honor of Kings, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her.

Passive – Energy Burst (Enhance)

Energy Burst is the passive skill of Lady Sun, it is a pretty straightforward skill where Lady Sun’s basic attacks reduce the cooldowns of her first skill by 0.5 seconds upon hitting. This is an extremely useful passive that will help Lady Sun not just do more damage, but also be able to kite more effectively against enemies, as her first skill is what mainly enables her to do so.

Skill 1 – Rolling Raid (Shift, Enhance, Haste)

CD – 5 seconds
Mana – 25

This is the most important skill of Lady Sun and the one being enhanced by her passive, this is the main kiting option available for her. In this ability, Lady Sun rolls in the target direction and then enhances her basic attack, which deals 605 physical damage to enemies that are along its path.

Using the said enhanced basic attack will reset the following, Basic Attack and increase in range. Additionally, if there is an enemy hero nearby after Lady Sun rolls, her movement speed will increase by 80%. This effect diminishes over two seconds.

Skill 2 – Lotus Bomb (Imperil, Slow, Damage)

CD – 8 seconds
Mana – 50

This skill may be the best poking skill available for Lady Sun, as it is a ranged skill that is also AOE which can be used for clearing waves, and it also gives slow to help in kiting, especially against melee enemies.

In this skill, Lady Sun throws a grenade at the target location, which deals a total of 465 physical damage to enemies within an area, and also reduces their movement speed by 90% for 1 second, reduces their physical defense by 10%, while also marking enemy heroes and minions for 5 seconds. Lady Sun’s basic attacks deal additional physical damage to marked heroes and more additional extra physical damage to marked minions.

Skill 3 Ultimate Bolt ( Damage)

CD – 25 seconds
Mana: 100

This is Lady Sun’s ultimate skill, which is best used as an execution skill for low HP enemies, or even a huge damaging skill when going into a team fight and enemies are all clumped up together. In this ability, Lady Sun will fire a powerful shot in the target direction, dealing huge physical damage to the first enemy that it hits. Then, or if it has reached its maximum range, it detonates into the air, dealing 757% of the damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area beyond the point of explosion.

Best Arcana build and Spells for Lady Sun in Honor of Kings

Arcana Build

The best Arcana Build for Lady Sun as a marksman would be:

Hunter, Eagle Eye, and Calamity

Hunter helps Lady Sun to kite enemies that are trying to get close to you and even chase down running low-health enemies that need to be finished off. Next up is Eagle Eye which is a staple for any physical damage dealers, especially marksmen, with its physical attack additional bonus and physical pierce capabilities.

Honor of Kings Lady Sun Guide arcana build
Image via Level Infinite

Lastly is the Calamity that gives a critical rate to the character, which is always important as dealing a crit, which may be the deciding factor if one would be able to kill the enemy, or to duel in the jungle.

Battle Spells

Being a very traditional marksman, Lady Sun is always in need of more safety. The safest thing for marksmen to have would be their kiting skills and options and even escape options. This is why her first skill is very important, or may even be Lady Sun’s most important skill in the game.

With this, the battle spell most compatible with Lady Sun would be the skill that also gives her this kiting or escape potential which would be flash. This gives an additional available skill for Lady Sun to get out of trouble when enemies close in on her.

Best Builds for Lady Sun in Honor of Kings

Although, this build order is not set in stone as one can build around the enemy team compositions. This guide is an overview of what build Lady Sun has in Honor of Kings, for at her best possible build order without considering the enemy team composition and/or laning phase match-up.

  • Boots of Dexterity: The boots are commonly referred to as “attack speed boots“, which are mainly known for granting players a 60-movement speed bonus, which is standard for all other types of boots. However, these boots also provide an extra 25% attack speed, which is crucial for Lady Sun to quickly trigger her first skill and prevent enemies from escaping before the mark is activated.
  • Sparkforged Dagger: This item infuses the basic attack of the hero using it with lightning that deals 40-82 extra magical damage and after every third auto attack with a chain lightning effect that deals damage with a total of 140-420 magical damage. The item also gives the user 35% attack speed which is very compatible with Lady Sun and the passive of the item and an additional 8% movement speed for kiting enemies.
  • Shadow Ripper: This item is the bread and butter for marksmen that needs critical strike, attack speed, and movement speed to deal more damage which is essential to what Lady Sun is. This item gives 35% attack speed, 25% critical hit rate, 5% movement speed, and a passive Storm Strike which increases basic attack damage by 40, after a critical hit, it also increases the attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 5% for 3 seconds.
Honor of Kings Lady Sun Guide builds
Image via Level Infinite
  • Sage’s Sanctuary is an item that gives the user stats that are +140 Physical Defense, +140 Magical Defense, and a Unique Passive which is Resurrection. When dying, one must resurrect on the spot of dying after 2 seconds with 2000+Hero Level*100 Health. This passive can only trigger 2 times per game, after the second time when the item turns into Bead of Origin and becomes unavailable for purchase. Cooldown is 150 seconds. This item helps the overall safety of lady sun especially when enemy assassins are fed and you need to have the protection that you can have.
  • Eternity Blade: This item is an important item to lady sun with its high crit damage capability. The item gives 110 physical attacks and a 20% critical hit rate and has a passive which is Relentless, gaining 20% critical damage and every 2% critical chance increasing the critical damage by 1% up to 50%.
  • Bloodweeper: Having a life-steal item is important in marksmen as they can get poked by mages and other carries where they would need to heal back to not get one shotted more easily by other players. This item gives 100 Physical attacks, 25% Physical Lifesteal, and 500 Max health. This also gives the passive of revive: Recovers 400-610 health within 5 seconds when the health of the character drops to below 30%, with a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Honor of Kings Lady Sun Gameplay Tips

Lady Sun may be one of the easiest marksmen to use that is currently available in the game as her abilities are straightforward to learn how to use and control. However, she is a very squishy hero that would need lots of protection to pop off, especially when the player using her is not an expert when it comes to kiting and being self-sufficient in terms of protecting herself.

Additionally, Lady Sun requires a lot of farming. In the early and mid-game, one should try to avoid frequent conflicts and focus on farming and holding your position. Once you’re fully equipped, organize the team and you can end the enemy and the game. Our Honor of Kings Lady Sun guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late games of the game. However, a player must have a good understanding of the map to get the most out of any hero.

Early Game

At level 1, the skill that should be taken first would be the first skill of Lady Sun. This is due to it having not just the kiting and dash capabilities to ward off early ganks, but also, its ability to enhance the auto attacks of Lady Sun which is pretty useful against trades and dealing damage to enemies in the earlier stages of the game.

Honor of Kings Lady Sun Guide early game
Image via Level Infinite

In this phase of the game, the players must do their best to avoid engagements that are head-on against enemy laners and most especially against junglers of the enemy team. This is because Lady Sun is extremely weak in the early game especially, when not having any core items that she needs to be built yet.

Mid Game

The mid-game is where Lady Sun starts to be more useful in team fights, although it still depends on whether or not the player was able to farm efficiently in the earlier stage of the game. It would be important to be significantly ahead in the build order against your enemy to be able to win in the mid-game with Lady Sun, as her damage unlike other marksmen like Solarus and Private Ear is purely based on her itemization and builds.

Honor of Kings Lady Sun Guide mid game
Image via Level Infinite

Although players can win team fights with her at this stage of the game, it would still be wise to avoid team fights, if possible, and only participate in teamfights that would be important in winning secondary objectives such as buffs, towers, and the such.

It is also important to never forget that one would need to farm more until you reach the final item to be build as this will make you very unstoppable against enemies, especially when you are being protected by your supports and tanks while you are hitting the enemies for free.

Late Game

In the late game is where Lady Sun really really shines the most. She is basically the most late game type of character that is currently available in the game. Once she is able to build all her items she suddenly becomes an unstoppable damage dealer that can quickly take care of enemies may it be the tanky front line of the other team, the assassins that are trying to take out lady sun herself or even the enemy carries that are trying to deal damage to the team fight that is happening.

This is the stage of the game where, as long as you do not die in the team fights and your team is protecting you at every team fight, you will be sure to win. This is a testament to how no one can out scale a Lady Sun in the game,  especially when paired with protective tank supports that can peel out assassins that try to execute lady sun before destroying the entire enemy team.

Heroes that counter Lady SunHeroes Lady Sun can counter
Monkey KingPeace Keeper
LamLu Bu
Sun CeArthur
MulanLian Po

Lady Sun is a traditional marksman that can deal tons and tons of damage in exchange for her defenses being really low, as when caught by any high-burst potential heroes she can get one shot and be destroyed in less than a second. However, her strength is dealing with more straightforward tanky enemies that can be kited easier such as Tanks and Fighters.

Final Thoughts

Lady Sun is a very easy hero to learn the mechanics of the skill and the way how her kit works and interacts against enemies, she can be considered one of the most normal and traditional marksmen that are currently available in the game. Learning how to play Lady Sun is basically learning on how to play the role of a marksman in the farm lane.

Using Lady Sun would be highly dependent on the patience and playstyle of the player. The better playstyle of players that would like to use her would be a very patient and calm player that knows when and when not to attack the enemies, when they would need to fall back into which locations in the team fight, all the while being targetted by assassins that have the potential to easily kill lady sun in a blink of an eye and then go back to their teammates as if they did nothing.

An excellent pick for rank games, Lady Sun is definitely a good pick for the current meta. These tips will surely help you to guide easy wins with Lady Sun in Honor of Kings. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s Honor of Kings Lady Sun Guide. Do you prefer to use Lady Sun in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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