Honor of Kings: The Complete Arcana Guide and Tips

Everything you need to know about arcana

Arcana are elements that help the players enhance their hero’s attributes in Honor of Kings, developed by Level Infinite. These buffs can significantly impact the outcome of the game as they can provide several buffs like increasing attack, defense, healing, and other attributes of the heroes. This guide will go through everything that players need to know about the Arcana archive in Honor of Kings and give all the valuable tips that will help them improve their gameplay.

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What is Arcana in Honor of Kings

In Honor of Kings, the Arcana is a mechanic that helps the players boost their hero’s attributes during the game. The players can select up to 30 unique Arcana for each hero from the Arcana selection screen. There are mainly three types of Arcana present in the game, Red, Purple, and Blue.

honor of kings arcana guide
Image via Level Infinite

The red arcana helps to boost the attack abilities of the heroes, the purple Arcana helps to boost the health restoration abilities, and the blue arcana boosts the defense abilities. In the 30 slots of Arcana, the players can have ten Arcana from the three types.

Understanding how Arcana works

Each of the three types of Arcana mentioned above has eight different sub-types for boosting their abilities. The sub-types are as follows:

  • Attack
  • Life
  • Defense
  • Function
  • Lifesteal
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Damage
  • Piercing

The players can upgrade all eight sub-types of arcana in the game. Higher-level Arcana grants a bigger boost to the hero’s abilities during the game. However, the overall performance buff depends on the combination of Arcana the player has chosen for that particular hero. For example, if a player has chosen more attack, piercing, and critical damage Arcana in the Arcana archive, the hero will get a higher buff in the attack attributes.

honor of kings gameplay
Image via Level Infinite

The choice of Arcana can have a massive impact on the player’s early match strategy and gameplay, as it can compensate for the low primary attributes of the hero at the beginning of the game. However, the arcana selection depends solely on the playstyle of each player. However, using Arcana does not disrupt the game’s balance between the hero’s abilities but only provides an advantage over the enemies if it is used wisely.

How to unlock and upgrade Arcana in Honor of Kings

The only way to unlock Arcana slots in Honor of Kings is by leveling up in the game. When starting the game, each player will be given nine arcana slots, and they must unlock the other 21 slots gradually while leveling up. However, unlike unlocking Arcana slots, the players can unlock Arcana in several different ways. Arcana can be purchased from the shop using gold, diamond, or Arcana fragments and can also be earned through achievements, events, and missions.

honor of kings arcana upgrade
Image via Level Infinite

After unlocking the arcana, the players will have to upgrade the arcana to increase its level and, eventually, the buff it provides to the heroes. The players can upgrade the arcana from the arcana archive. Here is how to find the Arcana archive:

  1. Enter the main lobby of the game.
  2. Go to the Prep menu in the bottom left corner.
  3. Switch to your preferred hero, and from the preset, go to Arcana Archive.
  4. From here, you can view all the unlocked Arcana slots and arcana you have unlocked. You can click on each Arcana and then click on the upgrade button to upgrade the Arcana. You can also upgrade all the Arcana at once using the Upgrade All button in the Arcana Archive.

Honor of Kings Arcana Guide: Best build and tips

There is no literal best Arcana build in Honor of Kings, the perfect build can vary from player to player depending on what type of hero they are playing and their preferred playstyle. You must select the most suitable Arcana to create the perfect build for your preferred hero. Some effective Arcana builds for heroes in different lanes:

  • Mid-lane heroes: Nightmare. Hunt, Mind’s Eye.
  • Farm lane heroes: Calamity, Hunt, Eagle Eye.
  • Clash lane heroes: Mutation, Hunt, Eagle Eye.
honor of kings arcana build
Image via Level Infinite

However, discovering the best-suited Arcana for your hero requires trial and error. To find the best-suited Arcana build for your playstyle, you will have to try several Arcana builds and test which one provides the best result for you. Most pro players prefer a different Arcana build for each hero, but it is a difficult task to accomplish. To maximize your advantage over your enemies, select the hero you want to master, build the best Arcana combination, and test it in the game.

This brings us to the end of the Arcana archive guide of Honor of Kings!

What are your thoughts on our Honor of Kings Arcana Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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