Honor of Kings: The Complete Ranked mode Guide

Everything to know before ranking up

Honor of Kings is one of the most famous MOBA titles for mobile. Previously only available in China, the game is now available for players all around the world. Honor of Kings includes a very similar rank mode feature to other famous MOBA titles like Mobile Legends and Wild Rift. In this guide, we will provide players with a detailed overview of the complete ranked system in Honor of Kings along with some tips and tricks to rank up faster in this mode.

Introducing the Honor of Kings ranked system

Honor of Kings ranked mode is the best place to show off your skills in the game against players of your same skill level. Ranked league battles are unlocked once players reach Level 6. Each ranked season lasts about 3 months in Honor of Kings. Ranked performance in a season is calculated and transferred to the new tier in every new ranked season.

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Players can play these ranked matches with their friends creating a full party. However, full-party teams are only matched with other full parties for airplay purposes. Also, players cannot team up with players who have a rank difference of more than two tiers.

Players can level up their ranked tier in Honor of Kings by winning matches. They need to reach their current star maximum to trigger a tier advancement match. If they win, they will be rewarded with another star and be moved to the next tier. Losing all the stars will trigger a relegation match on the other hand.

Honor of Kings ranked tiers

Honor of Kings features seven ranked tiers, each of them with a different number of sub-tiers. The lowest tier in the game is Bronze and the highest is Grandmaster. A list of all the tiers and their sub-tiers is given below.

  • Bronze I
  • Bronze II
  • Bronze II
  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Gold I
  • Gold II
  • Gold III
  • Gold IV
  • Platinum I
  • Platinum II
  • Platinum III
  • Platinum IV
  • Diamond I
  • Diamond II
  • Diamond III
  • Diamond IV
  • Diamond V
  • Master I
  • Master II
  • Master III
  • Master IV
  • Master V
  • Grandmaster
honor of kings server leaderboard
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The ranking order changes once the players reach Grandmaster. All players who reach the Grandmaster level will be given a server-wide ranking, based on the number of stars that they have. The Grandmaster tier players who reach 25 stars will be upgraded to Mythic, followed by Epic at 50 stars, and Legend at 1000 stars.

Ranked System: Bravery Points and Star protection mechanism

After each match, players will earn bravery points, regardless of the outcome. Bravery points will be given following the below equation:

Bravery Points= Player reward for not going AFK+ Victory streak reward+ Gold Medal reward

Bravery Points can also add stars. When a player reaches the Bravery Points limit, their extra points are accumulated and the players will gain an additional star. The number of Bravery Points consumed will be equal to their current tier’s Star Protection points.

When a player reaches a certain number of Bravery Points, Star Protection will be activated. When they have a Star Protection and lose a ranked match, a corresponding number of Bravery Points will be consumed and they won’t lose a star. Bravery Points consumed by Star Protection will increase as their tier increases.

Honor of Kings Ranked Mode: Ban/Pick feature

The Ban/Pick feature in Honor of Kings is unlocked after a player reaches the Diamond tier in a ranked league. In this feature, both sides take turns banning and picking heroes, and the heroes which have already been picked cannot be picked again.

In Ban/Pick, only heroes who have reached Senior or higher proficiency level can be picked. Players can also vote for restarting a match in case of unbalanced lineups in ranked matches. The match will restart even if a single teammate chooses to do so. An unbalanced team will be judged following the criteria:

  • All 5 heroes have the same class.
  • 4 heroes have the same class.

How to rank up faster in Honor of Kings

1. Take the role of Jungler

Jungler is one of the most important roles in Honor of Kings. Junglers can roam around the jungle to receive buffs and level up faster. They can also contribute to the attack with their team whenever needed. Junglers basically can control the tempo of the game with their play style. So if you want to win more matches, taking up the role of jungle will be the most suitable.

2. Master one hero at a time

Knowing everything about your hero is very important in order to win matches in Honor of Kings. In order to win more matches, each player should select a hero to start with and keep playing with that hero only. This might decrease your versatility at times, but will certainly help you to win more matches because of the expertise and ease you gain after every match.

3. Increase your game knowledge

Honor of Kings features a lot of things for the players to understand. This includes map knowledge, hero ability knowledge, how to farm gold or EXPs, build knowledge, certain techniques, and many more. In order to win more matches and rank up faster, each player should learn these things. Learning the basics of everything will greatly help you to defeat the enemies on the battlefield more proficiently and grant you chances to win more matches.

4. Find the most suitable items and builds for yourself

Items and builds are one of the most important factors behind winning matches in Honor of Kings. Learn about every item available in the game in order to build the most suitable build for yourself. Remember that builds can vary from person to person, so it is best to make your own build according to your own play style. Making a suitable build for yourselves will increase your win rate drastically as well.

5. Keep practising more and more

Getting good and starting a winning streak in Honor of Kings might be a difficult job to do in the beginning. Players often struggle to win consecutive matches and that is completely normal. Grind more and keep playing more matches in order to learn and play the game more efficiently. This will also increase your chances to win matches very significantly.

That’s all for the ranked mode in Honor of Kings!

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