Honor of Kings: The complete Laning System Guide and Tips

Complete in-depth laning system guide!

Honor of Kings is a very famous multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. In this article, we dive deep into Honor of Kings’ unique Laning system and how to effectively play it with which different roles to choose from in the game.

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Laning System in Honor of Kings

Traditional Lane System

Honor of Kings is MOBA game that follows the same tried and tested map and laning format as most other famous MOBA games such as Wild Rift and Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The game’s map has three lanes. Each lane has three towers that protect the players’ bases where friendly creeps will spawn to attack the enemy towers and bases. And a jungle where neutral monsters come out that can be hunted for gold and experience points.

Traditional lane
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As with MOBA games, each lane in Honor of Kings Moba has its unique features and roles. The game has a total of a 5 versus 5 match. There are five different positions that players can choose from when playing. These are; the Farm Laner, Support/Roam, Clash Laner, Mid Core, and Jungle. Each position has its specific role to play to help the team win. Each lane/role is designated to a particular position. Every player has to perform their role effectively to maintain team dynamics.


In Honor of Kings or most other MOBA games, the Midlane is a very popular lane among players due to its strategic importance in the game. The Midlane is typically where the most skilled player on the team is positioned. It involves a 1v1 battle against the enemy’s secondary carry.

Honor of Kings Laning System
Image via Level Infinite

Another thing to note is that the Midlane is situated closest to all other lanes and close to the jungle objectives. This gives an additional responsibility to the midlaner as they would need to have a decent map awareness to be able to respond to threats to the teammates and turn enemy ganks into counter ganks.

Clash Lane

The Clash Lane can be considered the most isolated lane in Honor of Kings or most MOBA games. This is the lane where players face off against the enemy Clash laner with little to no help from teammates. This lane is usually the easiest lane to play in.

Clash Lane
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It’s easier to go against players on a 1 on 1 basis when losing you can just sit back and farm. Players who choose to play in this lane usually take on the role of the Tank, Bruiser, or anyone who has survivability. This lane even has a flower that when destroyed gives the ability, the clash laner to teleport near the bottom side river in front of the objects. It can be used to respond to team fights.

Farm Lane

The Farmlane or the lane facing the immediate objective. The farm lane is primarily the lane that houses the role of both the primary marksman carry of the team along with the support. This is their usual lane, as the name suggests, the farmlane is the lane where players can safely farm for gold and experience, especially with the presence of support, the chances of the main carry getting ganked successfully lowers considerably.

Honor of Kings Laning System
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The farmlane also is situated closer to the immediate epic monster. It means that whenever the jungle decides to get objectives the support can easily help. It maybe even get help from the marksman carry and the midlaner.

Support (Farmlane/Roam)

Support is oftentimes the most overlooked role of the game. However, it is very important to know that having good support is comparable to giving oil to an engine. The team will move more smoothly and everybody can perform their roles better.

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Supports in Honor of Kings are usually on the Farmlane in the earlier stages of the game. This is to make sure that the main carry will not get ganked by the enemy team. After the early game, the support then may start roaming to help out other lanes. Most especially helps Jungler in securing more objectives.


One other option that the players have is to play the Jungle or Roam. While not technically playing in a lane, the Junglers play a vital role in ensuring the three other lanes win especially in the early game. Those who choose to jungle are usually heroes that have either survivability, burst damage, or crowd control potential.

Honor of Kings Laning System
Image via Level Infinite

As they are the ones that gank other lanes, burst damage and crowd control are essential to securing the kill. Lastly, junglers are also the ones responsible for making sure the team is getting the objectives, not just by taking it themselves but by trying to take control of the river to make it easier to take objectives against the enemies.

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