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Skyler vs Chrono in Free Fire: Who is the best choice in the game

Who is the best for you?

Skyler is the latest character to set foot in the vast and virtual lands of an ever-expanding Free Fire universe! He’s both a CEO and a music artist, popular enough to be called a superstar! He looks quite a gentleman as his signature attire consists of a white tuxedo and shoes indicate. This article on Skyler vs Chrono in Free Fire analyzes and compares all of their abilities to help you decide, who can be your best choice in the game.

With the addition of Skyler, the meta for survival would surely change again. But for a good, this time. For context, the character of Chrono has been accused of causing a very disastrous imbalance in the already imbalanced game lately. With this article, we will find out whether Skyler can successfully negate the imbalance caused by Chrono in a few different aspects of the game. You can therefore decide, which character of Chrono vs Skyler could be the best choice in-game.

Assessing the skills and abilities of Skyler and Chrono in Free Fire

Both the characters are fairly new, and as such we can first look into a detailed analysis of their character skills before making a comparison. Once done with the analysis, we can lay out a verdict regarding which character is better.


Chrono is a very overpowered character that serves to bolster the defense as well as can be used offensively as well. The character is based on Cristiano Ronaldo, the global sensation in the world of football!

Skyler vs Chrono Free Fire
Chrono is based on Cristiano Ronaldo

The character skill of Chrono is called Time-Turner. It’s an active skill that creates a force field capable of blocking 600 DMG points. He also gets a movement buff when that skill is activated, a 30% increment in a sprint, and movement speed. Allies get a 15% movement buff when present inside his force field during skill activation. All of the effects last for a time of 9s. The cooldown for this skill is around 40s.

Skyler vs Chrono Free Fire
Character Skill: Chrono

How to get Chrono?

Chrono is now available in the in-game store and can be bought for 599 diamonds on the Indian server.


Skyler is totally the polar opposite of Chrono, in terms of character skills. While Chrono boosts the defense primarily, Skyler specializes in offensive plays. Though, he does offer a bit on the defense with HP recovery. We will read more about his skill soon!

Skyler vs Chrono Free Fire
Skyler is totally opposite to Chrono in terms of skills

The character is inspired by Sơn Tùng M-TP, a Vietnamese Singer who recently collaborated with Free Fire. This character is also a part of the set of Free Fire collaborations in 2021.

Character Skill: Riptide Rhythm

His skill is called Riptide Rhythm. A highly offensive active skill that also does possess a passive ability. With the help of this skill, Skyler can unleash a sonic wave, which can destroy 5 Gloo Walls within 100m, simultaneously. The skill also recovers 9 HP every time a gloo wall is deployed at max level. The cooldown is the 40s.

How to get Skyler?

Players can now claim Skyler for free after a Top-up of 200 diamonds.

Skyler vs Chrono: Who is the better Free Fire character for you?

Once you have a clear idea of both the character skills after reading the above, it’ll become rather easy to compare both the skills in various scenarios. Therefore, we will be weighing the risk involved in having to use the character skill to your advantage.

Suppose a head-to-head fight is on the cards, Chrono can wait till the correct moment to create the shield, while Skyler will have to make sure to hit the shield perfectly. If you think about it, Skyler will be exposed to more risk in this situation. After all, his sonic wave is pretty powerful, but not powerful enough to take down the Chrono shield at once. You’ll still need to damage it a bit more, to break it open. Skyler can’t do all of this without exposing himself to the enemy. Hence, it’s clear that Chrono is more likely to win on 1v1 battles.

Skyler vs Chrono Free Fire
Skill Analysis of Skyler vs Chrono

Now let’s assume a different squad-fight scenario, two Chrono users are already engaged in a battle. Now, without Skyler, you wouldn’t probably want to get close to intervene in the fight. But with Skyler, you may plan it out to intervene and break open the enemy Chrono Shield. With his only defence now obliterated, it’ll become pretty easier for your team to take control of the battle. Hence, it can be now well understood that Skyler should be rather kept with the fake rusher, while the main rusher should equip Chrono. Hence, it’s clear again that Chrono is very impossible to deal with/without using a counter Chrono. Though, Skyler is the only character with the potential to interfere in those battles and change the outcome of the match.

Which character is better for revival and healing?

For revival and healing, Chrono is again the ideal character to equip. Skyler can only recover 9 HP per gloo wall employed that too, just for himself. There are no ally benefits. While Chrono doesn’t provide direct HP recovery, its shield still does a fantastic job in helping to revive a teammate and heal himself within the shield. Once the situation isn’t critical anymore, they can run towards solid cover with the extra 30% movement speed buff. Though, allies would only get a 15% movement buff, when present inside the shield during skill activation. It’s still better than, what Skyler can offer defensively.

Final Verdict

Chrono is a very overpowered character, as it offers to cover up both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game quite efficiently. On the other hand, Skyler is a highly offensive character with little defensive abilities. It’s more like Skyler doesn’t seem to be a team player, the risks involved in using Skyler are also very high. He might serve to be a very good player for a highly skilled rusher but the general player base, it’s gonna take a lot of time to master using this character. His recovery of 9 HP is helpful but only if you have enough Gloo Walls i.e. even employing 10 Gloo Walls will only give you 90 HP. Chrono can successfully heal himself inside his shield with little to no worries, about having to use Gloo Walls.

Free Fire, in the end, is a game that tests your defence. Offensive Gameplay might win you matches but defensive gameplay can win you titles and Championships. Despite being a matter of personal perspective, every character in this game is best for a specific situation. It all depends on the situation and your playing style. If you can handle the defence all by yourself, you surely would love using Skyler to defeat players who use Chrono, just for the fact that it is overpowered. If not, then Chrono remains the strongest character in the game as of now.

What are your thoughts about this article on Skyler vs Chrono in Free Fire? Drop your opinions in the comment section below!

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