Specimen Zero – Multiplayer horror Beginners Guide and Tips

You must discover the way to escape, because here, you will only find death

Experience the scary adventure escape with the game Specimen Zero – Multiplayer horror. It is developed and published by Cafe Studio and released in late 2020. In the game, players get to explore a big dark area: secret buildings, a horror hospital, mysterious labs, and creepy rooms, solve puzzles and search, collect and use items to escape from that scary place and a scary monster. In this article, players will learn the basic tips and tricks to get better at the game. So let’s start with the Specimen Zero Multiplayer horror Beginners Guide.

1. First, find a way to escape

Specimen Zero Camera view

In the game, players get kidnapped and brought into a creepy building. To survive, players have to do everything they can to find signs, tools, and weapons like screwdrivers, flashlights, guns, medicine, batteries to protect themselves. In the game, players have to find a safe place. The creepy building is dark with multiple rooms, so be careful with the monsters. Additionally, the enemy in the game doesn’t have eyes, but they have excellent hearing power, so be careful and don’t make any noise.

2. Use the multiplayer feature efficiently

Multiplayer feature of Specimen Zero

Specimen zero is a multiplayer online game. Players can invite their friends to enjoy the multiplayer feature and fight together with the monster. Additionally, the more team members end up escaping, the higher the score. Playing with friends has its advantages, as it will help the player to continue the game for a longer time.

3. Follow the Specimen Zero map guide

Specimen zero game is about survival. To escape the building, players have to keep an eye on the building map.

Areas located on the 1st floor

Specimen Zero-1st-floor
Areas located on the 1st floor

The first floor starts from the basement key area, where players can find all the keys to unlocking the room located on the 2nd floor.

Areas located on the 2nd floor

Areas located on the 2nd floor

The second floor is where players can find most of the rooms. It will start from the spawn room, followed by the orange key card room, key 2 room, cable roll room 1, cable roll room 2, key stairs room, and stairs. Remember, players have to spend the majority of the time on this floor, as they need to unlock the different rooms to proceed in the game. The player should follow the below steps in order to have a safe passage.

Unlock the door to collect the key

First, the player needs to unlock the spawn room. To do that, players need to get the tools like a flashlight and then unlocking it by finding the key, as the key is the important part of the game. To find the key, players have to look around and search for it in the sink.

After that, the player has to proceed forward to get the second key, which will be in the third room near the cupboard, drawer, tables, cabinets, or shelves. Once a player gets the key, they have to run towards the blue rooms to collect the cable roll items, which will help the player at the end of the game.

To get access to the basement, the player has to search for a purple room. Remember, players have to be very careful in the areas like the first floor and the basement, as these are the area where players can find many monsters. After unlocking the stairs, go to the bottom-most floor of the basement to collect the orange key card to unlock the first door to get the key.

Specimen Zero gameplay
Specimen Zero gameplay

Don’t forget to collect the other equipment along the way. Now, players have to search for the red key card, which will be in the fourth room.


After collecting, players have to move towards the laboratory, where they need four items to end the game, such as a crowbar, screwdriver, yellow card, and pills. To find the items, players have to check every corner. Additionally, there is one locked room inside the lab, where players can get one of those four key components.

Bonus point: There is a high chance to get killed as players progress in the game. Try to avoid the monsters or stick together in a team.

Final steps after unlocking all the doors

Unlocking the doors

Now, every door is unlocked, and players have every five items required to end the game. So now players have to move back to the basement and gather every item to find the exit.

Players have to fix and remove the material available in the basement, such as fixing the fuse bulbs using a screwdriver or removing the clips from the electrical room using the crowbar. After this, players can go to the elevator and use the yellow key card to escape.

Now, players have escaped from the building. After this, players can check out the scores displayed according to the time taken and the difficulty level a player has gone through.

4. Maintain the ammunition

Specimen Zero is a survival-based horror concept, where monsters will be all around, and the focus will be on surviving. In the game, one thing players have to use wisely is their ammo. It should be used only in an emergency, as players have limited ammo to fight with so many monsters. In the game, while escaping player has to be very careful. Any noise can cause the player big trouble.

Specimen Zero beginners guide
Specimen Zero: Survive or die

Bonus point: Monsters can be very powerful, so try aiming at the head, fire the bullet carefully and remember to run as soon as someone fires the gun.

5. The higher the difficulty, the higher the score

The map is the same for every difficulty, so try not to quit and experience everything the game has to offer by beating the monsters.

Specimen Zero

As players progress in the level, more dangerous monsters will be coming in the way to kill. With playing the game at harder difficulties players get punished much harder for any mistakes that they make. So be competitive and try to avoid monsters as much as possible to win the game and complete a level.

Specimen Zero Beginners Guide: Additional Tips

Specimen Zero will give a horror experience, so if a player wants to explore and experience the game, on the audio, wear the headphone, as it will help to hear the footsteps or any voice coming from the building. Another advantage is if a player is playing in a team, communicating will be much easier.

To sum up everything, Specimen Zero – Multiplayer horror is a survival horror game with an added twist. This game gives a player the experience to fight with the zombies and the monsters, plus it has a multiplayer feature that makes it a fun game to play on a team. That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Specimen Zero Multiplayer horror beginners guide for tips!

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