T3 Arena Chemist Guide: Abilities, Team Combos and Gameplay Tips

Know everything about the offensive healer!

Chemist is the best offensive healer in all ways you can hope for in T3 Arena. Growing up in a lab, the bio-chem researcher made a really handy tool for herself that not only heals allies in the arena but also deals heavy damage to those who fall in her impact range. While she is specifically designed to function as a backline healer, she can do well on her own as well if you know how to use her most efficiently behind enemy lines. In this T3 Arena Chemist Guide, we will learn about her abilities, team combinations, and gameplay tips in detail.

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Active Ability: Rapid Shot

T3 Arena Chemist abilities
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This ability allows Chemist to fire a burst of Bio Grenades which travel instantly to heal or deal damage to enemies. It is most useful in critical situations where you don’t have enough time to heal or defend using normal bio grenades which are slower.

Ultimate Ability: Potent Trigger

Chemist’s ultimate ability can be applied to both herself or her allies which increases their damage dealing to 40 percent and mitigate damage taken by 40 percent. This also greatly boosts their HP, making the player quite invincible for a while.

Passive: Increased compound

Once you unlock her passive, the heal you provide to teammates will last for a longer duration. 

Best Weapons for Chemist to use in T3 Arena

Chemist’s primary weapon, Bio Grenade, fires grenades that can heal allies on impact as well as deal major damage to rivals within the effective range. One shell can boost a teammate’s HP to more than 1000 and deal around 1500 damage to enemies at the same time.

Chemist can heal or damage multiple allies or enemies at the same time. The grenades naturally travel slower than bullets, so it’s tougher to heal allies like Yaa or Aleta who have overwhelming movement speed. However, do note that the amount of heal will be reduced to half when she throws the nades to herself. So it’s much better to let your allies play the frontline where the Bio Grenades can be of maximum effectiveness.

Tips and Tricks to use Chemist in T3 Arena

The one rule to best utilize Chemists is to be most efficient. Focus on positions where you can deal damage and heal allies at the same time. So ask your teammates to close the distance with enemies as much as possible so both parties are in the effective range of Bio Grenades.

Vanguard characters like Victor or Jabali are much easier for Chemist to heal for the size and slower movement speed. Chemist’s heal is not automated like Iris so one needs to have a good idea of distance, bullet drop, and velocity to be most efficient with her.

T3 Arena Chemist gameplay tips
Image via XD Inc

Also, if you like to go all-out, always try to close the distance with your rivals as much as possible to heal and deal damage simultaneously. She is pretty strong in 1v1s where she can use hard covers to kill time as she heals herself.

However, it is definitely not recommended to charge in with Chemist against multiple enemies. Chemist is also dangerous while operating from high grounds. Like Cristina, her grenade’s trajectory allows her to deal damage to enemies who are behind cover or in blind spots.

Best Team Combinations to use with Chemist in T3 Arena

Any combination with Chemist works best if there’s a Vanguard hero who can play the front line. DPS heroes like Cristina or Hunter can jump into risky fights when there’s Chemist giving them huge doses of HP from the back.

Heroes that can counter ChemistHeroes that Chemist can counter
Aleta (dash and flank) Johnny Jet
Yaa (dash and flank)Shell
Victor (Stun)Zero Kelvin
Kazama (going airborne)Gatlyn

Final Thoughts

When it comes to offensive healing, there’s no alternative to Chemist in T3 Arena. She is even more effective in objective-based modes like Payload or Control. Here, her Bio Grenades can deal constant areal damage to enemies in the objective while she can stay in cover. So if you need a healer on your team without sacrificing damage, Chemist is definitely your best shot at victory.

Did you find our guide on Chemist in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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