T3 Arena Iris Guide: Abilities, Team Combos and Gameplay Tips

Heal your teammates and win the battle!

Among the wide range of heroes that players can choose from in T3 Arena, Iris comes as a support hero. She is an expert in medical technology and the guardian angel of the arena. By continuously healing her allies, she increases the survivability of her team. In this T3 Arena Iris Guide, we will learn about her abilities, team combinations, and gameplay tips in detail.

We have previously also discussed how to master playing with other heroes like Vincent, Zero-Kelvin, Gatlyn, and Sindri. Make sure to check the past character guides as well. Now, let’s dive into Iris.


Active Ability: Pie-Bot

T3 Arena Iris Guide
Image via XD Inc.

Pie-Bot is Iris’s active ability, which attaches a healing drone to provide a steady inflow of HP to nearby allies. The drone can be attached to both her or any one of her teammates and others in the team need to stay close to heal themselves during the fight. It can be summoned by her right at the beginning of any fight or in situations that demand constant healing.

Ultimate Ability: Healing Field

Being a support hero, Iris can provide short but enhanced healing for her allies by deploying her Ultimate ability- Healing Field. By summoning a large pie-bot, it creates waves of a green healing field within a large range. Her allies gain a constant boost in hp only if they are inside the circular range of active heal. This ultimate ability is particularly useful in Control mode, as it increases the chances of a team holding on to the target area for a long.

Passive Ability: Med Sampling

 Iris’s passive ability is Med Sampling, which drops a small health kit when she knocks down an opponent. It can only be used by her allies, which provides them with extra health. The passive ability unlocks after it is found in Rumble Boxes once you have reached level 9.

Best Weapons for Iris to use in T3 Arena

T3 Arena Iris Guide
Image via XD Inc.

Iris’s primary weapon is Energy Repeater, suitable for mid-range and melee fights. Though the weapon has a rapid firing energy, its slow reloading speed makes her an easy target in the middle of a fight. But this shouldn’t discourage her from dealing damage to opponents by taking cover. 

Tips and Tricks to use Iris in T3 Arena

  • As a support hero, you must always be near your teammates. This will ensure continuous healing even in heated battles.
  • You must fight taking covers and maintaining a safe distance from your enemies, to square up for the poor reloading speed of the gun.
  • While deploying Iris’s ultimate, you must always do so near your teammates, as this ultimate is of little use if called in for personal benefit.

Best Team Combinations to use with Iris in T3 Arena

  • Iris/Jabali/Kazama: Kazama can enable his active ability to fly and target enemies from overhead for dealing maximum damage. Meanwhile, Iris can transfer her ‘Pie-Bot’ to Kazama as enemies will be lurking around to shoot him down. And, that gives the vanguard hero Jabali an opportunity to protect Iris with his energy barrier, because a support hero needs to stick long in the battle.
  • Iris/Sindri/Gloria: Pairing up a support hero with any damage hero always provides an advantageous position in any fight. While Sindri and Gloria are busy wreaking havoc with their gun power and active abilities, Iris can account for supplying them with healing to last longer in the fight. And when the chances of sticking through a fight become grim, Iris can deploy her ultimate ability to deal with the worst of situations. 
Heroes that can counter IrisHeroes that Iris can counter
Yaa (dash and flank) Jabali
Gloria (sticky bombs attack)Diggy
Sindri (Rage Ball Deploy)Jonny Jet
Ossas (headshot)Labula

Final Thoughts

Besides Iris, there’s only one more support hero Chemist in the game, which is why her pick rate is high. Her healing abilities provide the needed support to her allies to knock enemies down in any heated battle. At the right moment, her active healing ability can completely change the game.

Did you find our guide on Iris in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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