T3 Arena 5v5 Mode Guide: Top 10 best tips and tricks

Dominate in the all-new 5x5 mode!

T3 Arena, the action-packed multiplayer shooter game has launched an all-new 5×5 challenge in the game with cool features and game modes. The new features have changed the overall gameplay dynamics shifting the focus from kill efficiency and constrained hero usage to a more diverse experience. In this T3 Arena guide, we will provide you with the top ten tips and tricks to follow while taking challenges in the new 5v5 mode. 

Top 10 tips and tricks for 5v5 mode in T3 Arena

1. Choosing a Balanced team

T3 Arena 5v5 mode
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If you have been accustomed to the 3×3 mode, playing the 5×5 mode can be tricky to start with. The flashes, gun fires, protective shields, and health bots can be a bit too overwhelming now that the players’ count has increased in the arena. So, you must have a tank, a healer, two damage, and a flank hero in the team. Each hero must fulfill their role to win in objective-based gameplay modes. 

2. Change the Heroes as and when needed

T3 Arena 5v5 mode
Image via XD Inc.

T3 Arena has introduced an amazing feature whereby players have the option to change heroes after getting knocked down in the game. As the 5×5 mode requires you to strategize before you can take an effective hit on the opponents, you must be thoughtful in choosing and flexible in changing heroes. After the latest test season update, Gatlyn is the meta character. And you or any other members of your team must switch to heroes like Sindri or Gatlyn to counter her.

3. Focus on the objectives

Game modes like Payload Escort and Control mandate teams to fulfill the objective assigned to win any game. Now players familiar with action shooter games might perform better in Team Deathmatch mode. However, your inclination towards using only your gun or urge to bag more kills might ruin the purpose of the objective-based gameplay and lead to defeat. Our suggestion would be, don’t go after the kills rather focus on the goal. 

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Suppose you have selected heroes like Gloria, Sniper, or Mark and generally hide around corners or occupy high ground to kill targets. Meanwhile, tankers like Jabali and damage heroes like Sindri who were sticking to the objectives get knocked down, you shouldn’t leave the payload alone for the enemies to contest. Rather, take a fight near the objective buying time for the vanguard hero to continue with his role. 

4. Cooperate and coordinate with teammates

In most cases, you might be losing a game simply because you didn’t stick together and take advantage of each other’s ability to bag the win. In ‘Control’ mode, being a lone wolf even if you have the skills to secure the objective won’t do any good.

Image via XD Inc.

After getting killed look for red outlines around your teammate’s hero icons and wait for them to respawn to push when your team is ready. Moreover, support heroes must understand that they won’t be enough to capture the control or secure the payload. 

5. Lookout for Flank Heroes

While it might be easy to spot a vanguard hero like Jabali or Ford, flank heroes like Diggy, Jonny Jet, and Aleta might be the tricky ones. Tracking and attacking them becomes even more difficult for 5 members’ opponents.

T3 Arena 5v5 mode
Image via XD Inc.

Look out for Diggy who usually sneaks up on you with the floating shark miniature, Aleta with her ‘Just Kiding’ clone, and Shell escaping the spot. The one who gets away unnoticed in Jonny Jet. To attack him look for any circular pinkish spot on the ground, fire at it to unveil his original character, and shoot it down immediately. 

6. Don’t shy away from using Second Active Abilities of Heroes

The latest update in the game has made a new second ability available to all heroes. You might be new to it, but keep in mind to use them to level up the 5×5 gaming experience. For example, most players who prefer playing with Sindri might find it interesting to use her healing power, sticking near tank heroes to pump up their health bar when needed. Skadi can now dash forward giving her the ability to escape the fight in a messy situation. Explore the second abilities of all 26 heroes, making the experience more rewarding.

7. Know when to Fight or Flee (check where the attack is coming from)

As we have stressed multiple times, game modes in the 5×5 challenge are not about bagging more kills. You must be aware of your enemy’s location and know the maps. When you are attacked you see a red semicircle in the center of the screen with arrows pointing in the direction of the enemy. 

T3 Arena 5v5 mode
Image via XD Inc.

Remember to follow the arrow and take a quick look at your enemy’s health bar. If you are a vanguard hero, in most cases you can take on a fight. But being a healer or long-range shooter flee if you are trapped in a messy battle. Fleeing the situation momentarily saves time and picks the heals nearby to come back stronger. 

8. Don’t rely too much on the Auto-Fire mode 

auto-fire mode
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Though turning on assistive options like auto-fire, and auto-reload mode is helpful, that may not be the case always. If you are playing with Gloria, you must manually fire to stick your bombs on payloads and by the walls for inflicting surprise damage on enemies. Jonny Jet‘s hiding can be annoying and the only effective counter is to manually fire at the circular ring to unveil him. 

9. Save your Ultimate for big Key situations 

Most ultimate abilities that heroes possess do the maximum damage in situations where your team has lost all hope of securing objectives. Don’t waste it by using it to win in a random 1v1 fight. Rather save your ultimate to change the direction of the game, pace up the momentum, and deal damage to many opponents simultaneously. 

10. Healers are the true Saviors

Having a healer on the team is a must. The hero increases the chances of taking on a fight a bit longer and sticking to the objectives without losing it after a few seconds. Healers like Chemist, and Iris support the damage and tank characters. This, however, highlights the fact that the healers must be protected against the opponents as they are the first ones to be targeted. 

T3 Arena 5v5 mode
Image via XD Inc.

The ranked mode in T3 Arena only has the 5×5 objective-based challenge game modes. So, mastering the game in a five people squad is crucial to raising the ranked ladders. Next time when you play the game, keep in mind these tips and tricks for more fun in the arena. 

Did you find our guide on 5v5 mode in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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