T3 Arena Jabali Guide: Abilities, Team Combos and Gameplay Tips

Know everything about Jabali in T3 Arena!

Jabali is an ordinary employee turned strange being of a research facility who was an expert at handling heavy and high-voltage machinery. In a mysterious yet dangerous experiment, Jabali lost his human form only to join T3 League to find answers about his transformed form in T3 Arena. He is a vanguard hero specializing in dealing close–range damage to opponents. His primary ability lies in protecting his allies behind his powerful energy barrier. In this T3 Arena Jabali Guide, we will learn about his abilities, team combinations, and gameplay tips in detail.

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Active Ability: Energy Barrier

Energy Barrier
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Jabali’s active ability is called the ‘Energy Barrier’. This shield-like protection raises an energy barrier that absorbs incoming fire and prevents his allies from damage if they are behind the shield. While this is activated, Jabali won’t be able to use his weapon which is why his allies must take advantage of the protection to gun down enemies. Once destroyed it takes 10s to recharge.

Ultimate Ability

Two Ultimate abilities can be used alternatively by Jabali:

Arc Storm

T3 Arena Jabali Guide
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While Jabali’s energy barrier is activated, it comprises his movement speed. His speed slows down which results in opponents often catching him off-guard from behind. His ultimate ability- Arc Storm deals increased damage to surrounding opponents. Jabali’s movement speed increases resulting in a swirling motion inflicting damage on opponents in his path. Also, take note to activate this ultimate ability when the health bar looks good.

Pulsar Response

T3 Arena Jabali Guide
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This second ultimate ability raises a repulsive barrier that hurts back at the opponents. So when many of the opponents try to shoot Jabali down, this is an effective counter when all of them will receive damage simultaneously. 

Passive Ability: Electro-Feedback

Upon receiving this passive ability called Electro-feedback after reaching level 9, it primarily Increases nearby allies’ weapon damage. This gives Jabali more power whereby he enhances the team’s overall damage capacity.

Best Weapon for Jabali to use in T3 Arena

T3 Arena Jabali Guide
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Jabali’s weapon is Super-Shocker. This is an energy weapon that deals damage to opponents in a cone-shaped area. Because it is a short-range weapon it must only be used when enemies are close. Before closing in the distance with the opponents, the energy barrier shield must be activated. In this way, Jabali would be effective in both long-range takedowns by his allies and short-range ones by him.

Tips and Tricks to use Jabali in T3 Arena

T3 Arena Jabali Guide
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  • Team members, especially healers and damage heroes, must play close to Jabali and shoot from behind his shield.
  • While playing any objective-based modes like Payload escort or Payload race, Jabali being a tank character must stick close to the payload and help in completing the objective.
  • Players must note to use Jabali’s ultimate ability when the health bar is full. Using it on low health will not only render it useless but put the team members in tricky situations.

Best Team Combinations to use with Jabali in T3 Arena

 In this section of the guide, we will look at a few compositions suiting the style of Jabali in T3 Arena.


Gatlyn’s power lies in being able to shoot down enemies from a distance. This however restricts her movement and makes her vulnerable to the opponent’s attack. This is an ideal situation for a vanguard hero like Jabali to step in, providing a shield and utilizing Gatlyn’s power efficiently. Also, Sindri’s bot can be placed behind the shield which will enhance the damage power of the team.


Jabali can use his weapon only when his active ability is not in use. The back-and-forth switch between his weapon and active ability can be used strategically. Chemist can provide healing to Jabali as soon as his shield breaks in close range. Meanwhile, Aleta can launch surprise attacks and overall improve the chances of taking down all the opponents. 

Heroes that can counter JabaliHeroes that Jabali can counter
Aleta (dash and flank) Mark
                  Sindri (rage ball)Hunter
Shell (teleport)Iris
Victor (Stun)Gloria

Final Thoughts

Jabali is a tank character best suited for sticking to missions in objective-based gameplay. This increases his pick rate in the game, making him a top-tier character. He can be easily unlocked by opening rumble boxes.

Did you find our guide on Jabali in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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