T3 Arena Gloria Guide: Abilities, Team Combos and Gameplay Tips

Know everything about the ultimate damage hero!

Gloria is a damage hero who specializes in the long-rage enemy takedown in T3 Arena. She best engages enemy targets while hiding and shooting them down with accuracy. She embarked on a journey to look for lost treasures following the discovery of an ancient adventure record in her family castle. This was the beginning of her adventurer career, and she later joined the T3 League to get to the bottom of this archaeological mystery. In this T3 Arena Gloria Guide, we will learn about her abilities, team combinations, and gameplay tips in detail.

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Active Ability: ZMR Assault Rifle

The active ability of Gloria enables you to switch from a shotgun to a ZMR Assault Rifle. It is a large-caliber assault rifle aiding in long-range takedowns. With Gloria’s active ability, you can aim for the opponent hiding away from their sight in corners or high grounds.

T3 Arena Gloria Guide
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Also, you have a high chance of striking the opponent down with fewer bullets if you go for headshots. With such an active ability, you, especially have an advantage in control mode. 

Ultimate Ability

Two Ultimate abilities can be used alternatively by Gloria. 

Quicksand Bomb

T3 Arena Gloria Guide
Image via XD Inc.

As the name suggests, it’s a ticking time bomb that initially slows opponents down close to where the bomb is thrown. At the same time, it inflicts damage on enemies with its initial blast. The follow-up blast deals significant damage, draining enemies’ health, in case you missed finishing them off.

Amplifier Module

Amplifier Module
Image via XD Inc.

This creates an energy-amplifying force field that increases the damage to Gloria’s weapon. Her weapon is buffed by 50% with this ability in use. Whenever an enemy is inside the field, they face swelling damage per bullet. This ability may appear in the rumble box after reaching level 7.

Passive Ability: Dashing

The passive ability works as a speed booster, increasing movement speed after 2 seconds of disengagement. With this passive ability up your sleeve, you can defend yourself, when engaging in a fight becomes risky. The passive ability unlocks after it is found in Rumble Boxes once you have reached level 9.

Best Weapon for Gloria to use in T3 Arena

Gloria’s only and primary weapon is an MD-2 double-barreled automatic shotgun used in close-range combat. It can deal high burst damage in melee fights. This makes her weapon unsuitable for mid-range and long-range takedowns. 

T3 Arena Gloria Guide
Image via XD Inc.

Her weapon is useful in team death matches as this mode is comparatively unsuited for taking long-range fights. However, players need not switch to ZMR Assault Rifle in Control and Payload mode.

Tips and Tricks to use Gloria in T3 Arena

  • While using the ZMR Assault Rifle, Gloria’s movement speed and sight are restricted, so caution must be taken to fire from covers and occupy a high ground or safer ground.
  • Gloria must be quick enough to switch between her short gun and active ability, as the short gun is useful in melee range.
  • In Payload escort or Control mode, she must play strategically occupying a high ground and dealing damage to many opponents as they will be nearby eyeing their objectives.

Best Team Combinations to use with Gloria in T3 Arena

Gloria, a long-range damage hero, is best utilized when combined with heroes who can play in the frontline. In this section of the guide, we will look at a few compositions suiting the style of Gloria in T3 Arena.

  • Gloria/Iris/Sindri: This team combination is balanced only when the heroes are positioned strategically to wipe out the opponents. Gloria should be occupying a higher ground and aiming for a headshot. Meanwhile, Iris could be providing health to both Gloria and Sindri, who will be playing in the frontline. Gloria’s ultimate can lock opponents while Sindri and her bot could use this opportunity to easily wipe out enemies.
  • Gloria/Kazama/Jabali: Kazama can assist Gloria with his active ‘Flight Mode’ ability. He can look for enemies targeting Gloria covering up for her restricted speed and sight. Meanwhile, Jabali can fight in the frontline as well as provide shields when Gloria is engaged in close-quarter combats. 
Heroes that can counter GloriaHeroes that Gloria can counter
Aleta (dash and flank) Ruby
Ossas (snipe)Jabali
Shell (teleport)Iris
Victor (Stun)Skadi

Final Thoughts

Gloria is a damage hero who can take a fight in any situation or from any position. This makes her a highly flexible hero, making her a character of top-tier. She can be easily unlocked via the Hall of Fame upon reaching 12 trophies.

Did you find our guide on Gloria in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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