Tips to play J League Matchdays in PES 2020: How to get 2 Base Legends

Matchday mode has been a successful addition in eFootball PES 2020. It is a great source of My Club coins and other in-game rewards including Scouts, and GPs. Since its inclusion, J League Matchdays in PES have been a little mysterious, due to its low match-making rate and exclusive availability in Japan.

Now, as we all know, Konami is a company based out of Japan and these Matchdays are exclusively available in Japan only. There may be various reasons due to which a lot of PES players are missing out on the rewards from J-League Matchdays, per week. But you don’t need to worry anymore as we are here to guide you through J League Matchdays in PES 2020.

A chance to get 2 Base Legends

Getting Legends cards for free is a rare thing in PES, but Konami are now giving away 2 Base Japanese Legends, J.INAMOTO and S.ONO if you play the currently live J-League Matchdays in PES. You have to earn 500 Matchday points for Inamoto and another 500 for Ono. Other than that, you can get a total of 50, 75 and 100 coins (for Beginner, Intermediate and Expert level respectively) if you get to 5,500 Matchday Points.

S.ONO and J.INAMOTO are the two legends available currently

How to Play J League Matchdays

First things first, you need a VPN connection to Japan to play J-League Matchdays, as they are exclusive to Japan only. We’ve tried different VPN apps, and got different results. You need to download the UFO VPN Basic from Play Store and connect to Japan and then select the Tokyo-2 Server.

J League Matchdays in PES
Select the Tokyo 2 from the list of servers

This setting seems to work fine for us, so we are sure it’ll work for you too.

J League Matchdays in PES
Once you connect to the network it will show as Connected

Additionally, if it doesn’t work, you may try out other VPN apps like OpenVPN Connect or TunnelBear: VPN & Wifi Proxy. We have got matches through these apps too.

Then you need to open your eFootball PES 2020 app as usual, and when you go to the Matchday section under eFootball, bingo! You can now see the J League Matchdays there.

J League Matchdays in PES
You get this J League Matchday under Matchday section in the PES Mobile app

It might take a little longer than usual to connect to the matches, but it works. You just have to make sure your internet connection is stable enough. And you are ready to face off your opponent!

You’ll get matches after connecting through those VPN apps mentioned above

J League Matchdays in PES: Tips and Tricks

Now that you’re done with the connection part, the next step is to select a team. Then you can jump into the matches straight away.

We suggest you select Vissel Kobe for J-League Matchdays in PES, like most other users. Vissel Kobe has been one of the most renowned Japanese sides since Andres Iniesta’s arrival in summer 2018.

We all are accustomed to playing Matchdays with great squads like Juve, Barca, Bayern, etc. So it’s somewhat difficult to adjust to a team like Kobe, where maximum players are of Bronze rarity. But we are here to help you build the perfect Vissel Kobe team for participating in J League Matchdays in PES 2020 and earning the rewards successfully.

Starting XI

Our preferred Vissel Kobe Starting XI is like this:

J League Matchdays in PES
Vissel Kobe Starting XI of our choice

We’ve tried out different players at different positions, but this team seems to work best for us. 

Vissel Kobe Tactical Analysis

You should follow try to build-up centrally using short passes.


Iniesta(Left CMF) and Douglas(SS) can operate as two main forces of the team, so use them to distribute the ball and providing final passes to Fujimoto(CF) for scoring goals. Fujimoto really worked wonders with his awesome game-play in the attacking area, so you should definitely try him out.

He is a very reliable Goal Poacher and has a very high conversion rate. He can also hold the ball well and provide for Furuhashi(LWF) or Douglas(SS). But, Furuhashi has poor shooting, so try to feed the ball back to Fujimoto or Douglas if there’s a chance. Douglas operates as a Target Man. He can hold the ball really well and provide the final pass to Fujimoto or score himself. He attracts the opposition defenders and can create space for others to score.


Iniesta is, of course, the main force in the midfield, he distributes the ball really well and can provide accurate through balls and lofted balls. He doesn’t really move much due to his Classic No. 10 play-style, but he has a good ball-winning ability and combines well with players around him with quick One-touch passing. The Barca legend is also useful from free-kicks.

Yamaguchi partners him in the midfield. He is a Destroyer by play-style, so he can push forward at times. He is very useful for winning the ball back in the middle of the pitch. Sergi Samper, another former Barca player like Iniesta, plays at DMF. He is an Anchor Man, so he has a good defensive work rate and works well as the link between the midfield and defense. He can win the ball back and immediately start a counter by quick one-touch passing.


Talking about the defense, the LB Hatsuse can work as an Offensive Full-back. He has got useful traits like Pinpoint Crossing and Early Cross. Though he is right-footed, he can still cross the ball well from the left due to his high weak foot rating. If you can cross the ball perfectly to the likes of Fujimoto and Douglas, you have got a decent chance of scoring from them.

Both CBs Vermaelen, and Dankler are Build Up players, so they like to sit back and close in the gaps. Dankler has a useful long-ball expert trait to feed good long balls to forwards directly. The RB, Sakai is a Defensive Full-back, so he is more comfortable to defend and stop opposition wingers from progressing in wide areas. He can also come inside for supporting the CBs whenever necessary. Try to stick your defenders together and close the gaps, that should be enough for you.

The GK H. Iikura is an Offensive GK, so in case there’s a 1v1 situation, you should try to tighten the angle by taking him forward.

Now, you are ready to go all guns blazing and earn the rewards in the J-League Matchday. Good luck!

Want to improve your understanding of playing styles and improve your online gameplay? Check our suggestions below!

Did you find this article helpful? Which VPN do you use for playing J League Matchdays? Or do you use any other team? Let us know in the comment section below!

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