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Activision hints Terminal map inclusion in COD Mobile

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Ever since the launch of Call of Duty Mobile, the game has created hype all over the world. The player base of the game has been increasing ever since the release of the game in October. The game delivers great Multiplayer as well as the Battle Royale mode gameplay. Currently, the game has a large player base. COD Mobile delivers a great Multiplayer experience to players. Here they can use various scorestreaks as well as some other useful items in the game. Today we bring to you the latest news coming from Activision in which they have hinted at the inclusion of COD Mobile Terminal map which will be coming in the next season of the game.

Terminal map is coming to Call of Duty Mobile

In the month of July, we reported about the Terminal map leaked to be coming in the game soon. And now, Activision has hinted at the inclusion of this map in the game, through an official tweet today.

The tweet does not clarify much on the details of the Terminal map and has thus left the players in a dilemma. But, we tell you that it’s none other than iconic Terminal Map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

About Terminal map

COD Mobile Terminal Map,  Terminal map Call of Duty Mobile

The Terminal is a medium-sized multiplayer map that was there in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, based on the campaign mission No Russian.

This map, which is basically an airport terminal, is full of luggage, bars, and small shops. The outside area of the map, where planes and cargo are stationed, has many tiny areas that are accessible as well. Players are allowed to go into a plane, which has realistic seats inside it, with the exception of the cockpit. 

Security checkpoints and barricades make the map very maze-like. This and the indoor areas can provide some cover from enemy killstreaks. But there are many overhead windows that should be avoided indoors. So the plane is the safest place to be as it is well protected from any airborne threat.

The Plane is the safest place to go

The main hallway overlooking the outside part of the map should be avoided the most. This is because anybody below on the ground can easily shoot through the windows and kill the player, as well as enemy players in the cockpit of the plane, and the fact that there is almost no cover, and several entrances add to the woes.

COD Mobile Terminal Map, Terminal map Call of Duty Mobile
Terminal Map layout

The store in the center of the map is an excellent place to go. It has views outside the airport as well as the area adjacent to the hallway. This usually goes on as massive killstreaks if they are set up correctly. Along with this, some players get on top of the plane and follow camping gameplay. They can be extremely hard to be removed from there. Here is a gameplay video that we experienced during the pre-season 9 Public test build.

When Terminal map will arrive in COD Mobile?

The final question that arises is the arrival date of the Terminal Map in COD Mobile. Developers have not stated the exact date of release, but we guess that it will arrive in Season 10 of the game. The map is also expected to be playable in the upcoming Public Test Build of Call of Duty Mobile.

Are you excited to play in this iconic Terminal map in COD Mobile next season? Drop in your opinions in the comments section below!

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