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Alchemy Stars “Farewell, My Wonderland” event brings new Aurorians and rewards

Get ready for Wonderland Tales!

Alchemy Stars Farewell, My Wonderland event introduces Navigators to Pollux and Casta, two new Aurorians, and demonstrates that even tragedy may bring about light, hope, and fresh life. You’ll be able to recruit new and returning Aurorians, complete two-stage event quests for wonderful rewards, and take part in a variety of other thrilling updates that will transport you to the brand-new Into the Abyss region and back to earlier occasions like Cloud Blossom Destiny.

Experience Wonderland Tales to Journey to No Man’s Land

In “Farewell, My Wonderland: Wonderland Tales” and “No Man’s Land,” players can engage in fighting their way through stages. Players will receive useful goodies, such as Lumamber and Special Star Flare, after completing these event stages.

The Main Story and Resource stages must be completed in order for navigators to receive Empty Shell Casings. These Empty Shell Casings can be used to purchase rewards such as a 5-Star Aurorian United Kit 4, Special Star Flares, the Cluster of Floating Balloons event furnishings, and various Aurorian upgrade components. The occasion lasts from September 22 through October 17, 2022, and the event store, Supply Depot, is open until October 20.

Explore the new Undercity in Alchemy Stars by Heading into the Abyss

Undercity is the most recent location players can visit as they travel deeper into the Abyss. This dangerous place requires entering a more harmful atmosphere. Each voyage requires beginning on Floor 1 and frantically searching for ventilators in order to move on and survive the hazardous vapors. If they do go though, they will be able to collect prizes like Lumamber, Solamber Druse Order boxes, titles, medallions, and more.

Login Daily to Receive Amazing Rewards during the Farewell, My Wonderland event

The Daily Prayer login event is here! For eight days starting September 22 and running through October 17, people can sign into Alchemy Stars to earn Lumamber and other helpful rewards, including:

  • Empty Shell Casing ×500 General Jasper II ×5 (Log in for one day)
  • Lumamber ×100, Nightium ×5,000 (Log in for two days)
  • Empty Shell Casing ×1,000, Recharger Pack ×1 (Log in for three days)
  • Lumamber ×200, Anonymous Gift I ×3 (Log in for four days)
  • Empty Shell Casing ×1,000, Nightium ×10,000 (Log in for five days)
  • Panacea ×5, Recharger Pack ×2 (Log in for six days)
  • Empty Shell Casing ×2,000, Anonymous Gift I ×4 (Log in for seven days)
  • Lumamber ×500, Avatar: Post-Battle Pollux (Log in for eight days)

In order to help people finish “Farewell, My Wonderland,” there is also a gift. Between September 22 and September 26, Navigators have access to 120 Prisms and 2 Carriers per day.

Meet the New Aurorians in Alchemy Stars

Welcome to the Alchemy Stars, two new Aurorians! The 6-Star Pollux and 5-Star Casta are now available. Between September 22 and October 20, both will serve as focus troops under the Crimson Raven flag. There is a 50% chance that Pollux will join your team if you hire a 6-Star Aurorian. 25% of the time when you hire a 5-Star Aurorian, Casta is likely to show up.

Alchemy Stars Pollux Casta
Image via Tencent

Following the event, both will join the Mainstay Recruitment. The 6-Star Aurorian Fia from Starry Trails and the 6-Star Aurorian Jeno from Sleight of Hand will also make their team debuts for those who missed them. The banner for the Crimson Raven will include both.

Finally, a Class Targeted Recruitment period is also on the way. Stock up on Converters, Detonators, Snipers, and Supports each week, starting on September 29. The full schedule can be found below:

  • September 29 – October 6: Converters
  • October 6 – October 13: Snipers
  • October 13 – October 20: Detonators
  • October 20 –  October 27: Supports

Alchemy Stars gets more exciting with lots of new updates

To give Navigators more to do, many features are being introduced and improved. The new Medal System serves as the opening salvo. You can earn medals for your Navigator profile or the new Cloud Gardens Stand By Me Commemorative Wall whenever you accomplish objectives like reaching Navigator levels, finishing Main Story stages, or taking part in events. The Navigator Name Card is even more effective now. By entering the Abyss, players can alter their background or switch to titles they’ve earned to showcase their abilities.

Those who were unable to attend Cloud Blossom Destiny, don’t worry; you can now do it whenever you like. It is a component of Travel Memories, which gives users the ability to view the narrative, receive gifts like Lumamber, and improve their resources.  Phase 2 of Special Event Book 10 has arrived at last! To get fantastic rewards, complete brand-new tasks.

Farewell, My Wonderland event brings lots of new items to the store in Alchemy Stars

The shop has a tonne of fresh merchandise. Azure’s costume and 10 Special Star Flares are included in the Warm Night Air Special Pack. Over 60% more money would be spent if Navigators purchased the products separately from the set.

Alchemy Stars Azure warm night air
Image via Tencent

After the special period expires on September 29, the clothing will be offered for the regular price in the Skin Store.  The attire worn by Taki and Jona is returned! Players can purchase Desert Dragon for Taki and Righteous Judge for Jona. They will be available for 1,588 Lumocrystals each ($12.99) through October 20.

There are also a number of new discount packs available between September 22 and October 20:

  • Wonderland Special Pack: Lumamber x120, Special Star Flare x1, Prism x120
  • Wonderland Recruitment Pack: Lumamber x3,000
  • Wonderland Ascension Kit: Yellow: Yellow Order Box IV ×10, Yellow Order Box III ×30, Yellow Order Box II ×50, Yellow Order Box I ×30, and Nightium ×300,000
  • Petrowood Store Special Pack: Petrowood ×1,000
  • Seeker’s Special Enhance Pack: Lumamber ×3,000, General Jasper III ×30, Selection Order Box III ×30, and Selection Order Box IV ×10
  • Seeker’s Special Endurance Pack: Nightium ×200,000, Prism ×300, and Carrier ×5

During the promotion duration, everyone is also eligible to receive one Free Recharger Pack with 100 Lumamber and 3 Recharger Packs. Finally, a new Seeker’s Special Recruit Pack with 3,000 Lumamber and 10 Star Flares is now available for 50% off the standard price. A total of two can be purchased between September 29 and October 20.

Are you excited about the Alchemy Stars Farewell My Wonderland event? Let us know in the comments below!

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