Golden Joystick Awards 2020: Among Us wins the Breakthrough Award

The rising popularity of the social deduction game has hit new levels!

Among Us developer Innersloth has been seeing newly found interest and praise in their game this year. Among their accolades for the year they can now proudly claim the 2020 Breakthrough Award from this year’s Golden Joystick Awards.

About the Breakthrough Award

This year the Breakthrough Award is one of the “Critically-chosen” categories where the Golden Joystick Awards decides on the winner not by viewer’s choice but due to their judging panel. The members of the panel come from many different media outlets such as GamesRadar, PC Gamer, Edge Magazine, The Official PlayStation Magazine and, Retrogamer.  

The Breakthrough Award is for games that, as its name suggests, break-through into the cultural zeitgeist and manage to carve its own niche. Rightfully so, a game that has increased gamer’s vocabulary by adding “sus” into our vernacular is worthy of such an award.

The rise of Among Us in 2020

Even though Among Us was released on mobile and PC back in 2018 it never managed to garner any critical appeal. That is until this year, maybe it was a combination of twitch streams and forced quarantine that created a perfect storm for the explosion of popularity for Among Us. Whatever the reason, the simple and intuitive gameplay, coupled with the low spec requirement to run on multiple devices allows the game to flourish.

among us

The Global Pandemic seemingly set up the world’s gaze to be entirely on Among Us and due to this, it managed to become one of the most downloaded games of 2020. Innersloth had been working on a sequel before the game’s explosion into the forefront of gaming and due to that popularity, they decided to just continue working on the current game. Among us is one of the few bright sides of 2020, bringing us all months of hilarity with friends and on Twitch. Congratulations to the four-man team at Innersloth for their Golden Joystick Award for Breakthrough Game of the Year!

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