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Apex Legends Mobile Loba Guide: Abilities, Perks and Gameplay Tips

Ways to play the newest Legend in Apex Legends Mobile!

The new season of Apex Legends Mobile, Cold Snap is out with a new Battle Pass, lots of challenges with exciting rewards, and the release of the fan-favorite legend, Loba. Loba is a support Legend and she is someone to look out for, as she brings a lot (of loot) for a team. Her real name is Loba Andrade, with 34 years of age with an unspecified Home World. In this Apex Legends Mobile guide, players shall specifically focus more on Loba and learn about her abilities and perks. They shall also list down a few tips to use the new legend rightly, along with recommended teammates that can bring the most of her.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Apex Legends characters like LifelineBloodhound, Octane, WraithMiragePathfinder, Gibraltar, Bangalore, Caustic, and Fade. Therefore, players must make sure to check the past character guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Loba.

About Loba in Apex Legends Mobile

When Loba was nine, she looked on as a hitman Revenant killed her family. Left with nothing, Loba survived by picking pockets. Everything changed when she broke into a supposedly impenetrable facility and got her hands on the Jump Drive tech inside. With her new teleportation bracelet, the most secure and unattainable items were within her reach, which was her dream of living a high life.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2
Image via EA

She was almost able to put her past behind her, but when Revenant joined the Apex Games, her past catapulted into her future. Desperate to find a way to kill him, she sabotaged a facility full of Revenant bodies, bringing Skull Town and Thunderdome crashing down in the process.  

Loba Abilities

Every Legend consists of three unique abilities, Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. Loba’s abilities are focused more on winning games by virtue of having better loot. Let us now learn about her abilities.

Passive Ability – Eye for Quality

This ability of Loba allows players to locate any Purple (Epic) or Gold (Legendary) loot through walls, in a large radius around them. This way, players can easily gear themselves up way quicker than usual and have an edge while facing opponents during the early stages of a game.  

Tactical Ability – Burglar’s Best Friend

Did we forget to mention that Loba can teleport as well? You heard it right. Loba throws a bracelet high in the air and she instantly teleports to wherever the bracelet lands. This allows players to make faster rotations, or even to get away from enemies. The bracelet can travel up to 72 meters and up to 79 meters if the player stands on a high surface.

Ultimate Ability – Black Market Boutique

Loba’s Ultimate Ability is very interesting and unique. On activation, Loba places a Black Market (aka Diamond) device, which allows any player (even enemies) to reach in and select 2 items of their choice from all loot in a large radius, around its location. This includes everything except what players already hold. The loot from the Black Market changes every time, where it is being used since it collects the loot from what is present from the nearby ground loot.

Perks and Finishers of Loba in Apex Legends Mobile

Perks are additional traits that modify the Legend’s default abilities and strengths. They are broken into three categories, General Perks, Finisher Perks, and Exclusive Perks

General Perks

  • Heiress– See Death Boxes containing high-tier loot through walls.
  • Secret Compartment– Gain two additional items from Blue Supply Bins.
  • Burglar’s Intuition– See enemies within 70 meters who have picked up high-tier loot. Comes with a 20-second cooldown.
Image via EA

Finisher Perks

  • Battle Adaptation– Using the Finisher adds 100 damage to one’s Evo Shield level.
  • Deadly Momentum– Using the Finisher reduces one’s Ultimate cooldown by 30%.
  • Victor’s Spoils– Gain a better hop-up for one of the weapons in hand after using a Finisher.

Exclusive Perks

  • Illegal Trade– Players can loot their teammates’ banners from the Black Market.
  • Quick Getaway– Jump Drive can be thrown faster, but cannot be activated early.
  • Expensive Taste– Weapons do not take up a slot when looted from the Black Market. 

Recommended Teammates for Loba in Apex Legends Mobile

Loba, a support Legend who herself requires some support, needs to have Legends to defend her. In this Apex Legends Mobile guide, we have listed down two combinations with Loba included, that can be tried by players to have the perfect team to grind their games.

  • Loba, Gibraltar, Caustic: In this team setup, Loba can get the team geared up for any fights. Gibraltar can protect Loba when she uses her abilities, and Caustic can cover any ground in their favor with the help of his toxic gases. Although this setup lacks in the offensive department, they do well when played passively.
  • Loba, Bloodhound, Octane: In the above team composition, players can use Loba to find high-tier loot, and Bloodhound to find the nearby enemies. With Loba having the ability to escape from enemies using her Bracelet, Bloodhound may face a problem there. Hence, the inclusion of Octane can help both the Legends to be ever-ready for escape plans.

Apex Legends Mobile Loba Gameplay Tips

In this section of the guide, we will look at some tips and tricks to play with Loba in Apex Legends Mobile. Loba requires accurate use of abilities, which would be helpful for the team.

  • On activating Loba’s Tactical ability, it restricts players from shooting, and also creates a very loud sound, thereby, exposing one’s location to nearby enemies. Players can use it, either, in areas far away from enemies or with teammates nearby to cover.
  • The Diamond device that comes from activating the Ultimate Ability has 100 HP. It means that it can be destroyed. Whenever players activate the Ultimate Ability, they must make sure that the Diamond device is destroyed after use, so that, enemies cannot use it later on.
  • Land in a hotspot, in order to make full use of Loba. Since she can bring players the best loot, it only makes sense to land in a place filled with loot. Thus, players playing with Loba should drop in hot spots and utilize her abilities. This makes them sure, that she has sufficient cover from her teammates while doing so.

Final Thoughts

Loba is the much-awaited Legend to be released on the mobile platform of Apex Legends. With her different approach as a Legend and unique abilities, she can fit in a number of playstyles, and comfortably suit the players who have a mindset of having the best loot at the earliest as well.

That’s all for today’s Loba guide in Apex Legends Mobile. Do you prefer to use Loba in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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