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Apex Legends Mobile announces legends Perks can now be activated in Ranked mode

Use Wraith’s void while being knocked and lot more!

In a recent release by Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends Mobile confirmed that the legends perks are soon to be implemented in the ranked mode of the game. Previously, the perks were only limited to an unranked mode where players could use their legends’ abilities in enhanced ways, creating a much more diverse gameplay experience.

Apex Legends Mobile ranked mode perks
Image via Electronic Arts

While fans of the original battle royale experience may consider it as a disruption of the game’s competitive element, it is indeed a lot more fun for casual players who will get more options aiding their survival. For those who are unaware, Perks are certain options that you can unlock by completing legend mastery. Players can equip the perks by accessing the legend mastery tab and enhance their legend’s Passive, Tactical or Ultimate abilities.

Apex Legends Mobile ranked mode perks
Image via Electronic Arts

Currently, perks are broken down into General, Finisher, and Ability perks. By selecting a Legend from the Legends category in the main menu and tapping on Details, you can view the advantages each legend has to offer. This will bring up the legend’s current loadout menu and display the perks you have equipped.

How the Perks have affected the competitive meta in the game

Perks were limited to the non-ranked mode for a reason, and there’s no doubt that the enhanced abilities can break the game. Such as Wraith can now use her tactical – Into the Void even after getting knocked, making her untouchable for a brief period while she manages to find cover.

Apex Legends Mobile ranked mode perks
Image via Electronic Arts

However, her speed will remain limited to being in the knocked state. That is why it is nothing compared to Fade’s tactical enhancement. By equipping the perk Renewed Purpose, Fade can flashback in time in the knocked state, without losing speed. And if you think that is all, there are far more dangerous enhancements waiting for you.

Currently, the most dangerous one is indeed Rhapsody‘s Interrogator Perk. If she manages to use a finisher with this perk equipped, the location of the enemy’s teammates is revealed on the mini-map for an extended period, making it impossible for the opponent to evade Rhapsody. This scanning ability makes her even more dangerous than Bloodhound.

What are your thoughts about Ranked Mode perks in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comment section below!

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